Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hurricane Watch

Wesley Chapel, Florida

We have been keeping very busy since we got back to Florida.  

The weather has cooled down some and we’ve actually been able to turn off the air conditioning at night.  That’s a big plus for us!

We’ve spent the past two weeks visiting doctors.  I’m the worlds worst about avoiding doctors so that’s a big thing for me   We both went to a dermatologist for a routine skin check.  After living in Florida 30 years, we both had some sun damage.  They froze 3 little pre cancer cells off my face and  took a biopsy sample from both of us.  They didn’t think either of us had a problem, it was more precautionary, but we’ll both feel better when we get the biopsy results in a few weeks. 

Our next thing is sinus surgery for Al.  He’s been having sinus problems for years and finally decided to break down and get the surgery.   That will be done tomorrow morning.  Wish him luck.  We’re hoping he won’t be out of commission too long because next week is supposed to be beautiful here with daytime temps in the 70’s!


Right now we’re keeping an eye on Hurricane Sandy.  She’s sitting down just north of Cuba and is predicted to skirt the east coast of Florida, then head north with a possible landfall in the New England states. If Sandy veers left instead of right, it could get pretty ugly somewhere along the eastern seaboard.  Although they are not predicting any issues for the Gulf coast of Florida, it’s hard to ignore that big blog that appears to be coming right at us.   I know many of our blogger friends are on the east coast of the country right now.  I hope you are all keeping an eye on this monster storm.   Stay safe!  The winds are about 105 mph right now.

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Please note that “cone of uncertainty”  looks to be far offshore, but as the storm becomes subtropical the winds will spread out further. There are tropical storm warnings right now for the east coast of Florida.

Remember hurricane season doesn’t end until November 30th.


  1. Praying for a good surgery for Al and for safety for you two from the storm.

  2. Hey Al, we're praying for you and it will be wonderful not to have any more sinus issues. I'm watching that storm carefully because so many of you are on the East Coast. Be safe and let us know how everything goes.

  3. Best wishes for Al. Hope this storm misses you guys altogether and for the sake of others, it veers off into the Atlantic Ocean.

  4. Hurricanes, biopsies and surgery. Egads!
    Good luck on all fronts. (I think there's definitely a sinus pun in there)

  5. Some of the worst hurricanes that I've been through have been right around the end of October-beginning of Novemeber. Nothing to fool with!

  6. Hope everything is as easy as pie Al. And the sinus problems are history.

  7. Wishing Al an easy and successful procedure. Judy and I both visit the dermotologist yearly now. She has had to have two surgeries to remove cancerous cells. Always better to err on the side of cation.

  8. You missed your calling as a meteorologist! I do appreciate the need to pay more attention to the weather since we live in a motorhome full-time. Sandy, or what some are calling a possible Frankenstorm, wasn't even on my radar (no pun intended) until I read your blog. We will be in Nashville today, heading toward North Carolina around the time the storm is coming, so it's something we definitely will be watching. Wishing Al a speedy recovery!

  9. Good luck to Al with his upcoming surgery; and wishes for a quick recovery.

  10. Hope Al did well with his surgery. I've heard it is a rough one. We are having lots of wind here, but probably only 35 mph so far.

  11. So sorry to read that Al is having sinus surgery. We are at Lazy Days in Tampa right now but realize after reading your post that he certainly won't be wanting any company for awhile. We will catch up with you soon. We'll be in Florida all winter.

    We wish Al a very speedy recovery.


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