Saturday, October 06, 2012

Daytrip to Fort Clinch State Park

Jacksonville, Florida (high 88, low 72)

We only have two days to explore the area, so we got an early start yesterday. We went a lot of places, but for now I’ll stick to our favorite place, which was Fort Clinch State Park.

We had been there several years ago, but didn’t really remember the campground very well.  They have a beach campground and a “river” campground.  I guess there is a river in the area but we never really saw it.

As we drove into the state park, we were immediately impressed.  The roads were wide and paved and there was plenty of clearance for rv’s.


There is camping directly on the beach, but the sand dunes are pretty high in this area, so from your rv, all you really see is sand dunes.

Right over this dune is the water.  You still got the nice ocean breezes.


We really liked this campsite.  #8   Al thought we would pull in forward, and maybe we’d be high enough to see the ocean.


I think we could fit into most all the sites and they were all easy to get into.



There was a nice new bath area with nice private showers.

A short walk over the boardwalk brought you to the Atlantic Ocean.


The beach wasn’t the prettiest I’ve ever seen.  The sand was tan, and not soft like some I’ve been to.  It was firm enough so that walking was not a chore and it was a great place to take a long walk.  I’d love to be there for sunrise.


There were some shells along the high water line.


A nice fishing pier.


The sites were $26 (plus tax) a night for  30 amp electric and water. 

This is the view coming back to the campground.


The other campground area was in a very wooded area.  It was very pretty, but you would have a difficult time with cell or satellite service.  The roads getting in were pretty good, but you’d have to be careful and watch any tail swing.

Several of the sites were huge.


I took these for Sherry and Davis because I know they’d love these sights.



We really liked Fort Clinch State Park and we hope we can stay there some day soon.  There were actually a few available sites in the beach side…made me re-think going back to Tampa.  Smile

I saw this interesting cloud formation on the way home.


We got back to Pecan Park last night to new neighbors.   Jim and Dee from Tumbleweed had parked right next door.   You can see our coach in some of their pictures.

We had sat outside and visited with Dee for a couple hours.  Jim had an important ball game so we’ll see him today.

Al pointed out one of our neighbors.  Apparently, he wasn’t happy with his new 2012 motor home.



Feel free to share these pictures.  Maybe it will all spread these pictures it will help him to get the attention he needs from Monaco.

Notice the slide topper?  Notice the lean to the left?  I don’ t know what his problems are, but evidently they haven’t been addressed.


and now…..for my cute kitty  pictures of the day.

Little Baxter is getting big and has outgrown his kitty bed don’t you think?

Here he is taking a nap in his bed on the dash.  He is the furriest thing.  Notice all that fluff on his belly?  




  1. Oh, cute photos of Baxter baby kitty! He doesn't think he's outgrown his bed.

  2. You are going to have to drop the Little from Little Baxter quite soon.

    We really enjoyed that park also. We were there last year in July. The beach was a bit more crowded then.

  3. Not so great an ad for Monaco") A dealer we visited not to long ago indicated that they may not be in business much longer. If so, that was a short revival:(

  4. I always thought Monaco was one of the "better" coaches but I guess not. Hope he gets some redress or maybe they are in such bad shape they won't care. That's why I went with Winnebago. The company seemed strong and likely to be out there for me for quite a while, they've been great.

    Thanks for the pictures of the beautiful live oak wooded campsites. They would be David's favorite no doubt but if there is a possible ocean view to be had, no way Winnona will be in the trees.

    $26+tax seems to be the going rate for most state parks in Florida unless you are lucky enough to be 1) a Florida resident and 2) 65 years old. Then what a deal - 50% off. I'd change my residence for sure if it wasn't for fear of losing the current drug coverage now that David is on so many medications. He was on none when he signed up less than a year ago.

  5. What a great campground! Love that Baxter :-). Tell Al now we know why he left North Dakota :-)

  6. Noticed those nice, FLAT beaches you hiked on, some change from the trails in NC. :c)

    Just wondering if that guy with the lemon motorhome was serving lemonade...

  7. What a nice campground. Baxter looks like he loves his spot.

  8. We *love* camping at Fort Clinch! And yes, there is a river there, the Amelia River. If you stop at some of the observation areas along the main park road you can see the river and the lighthouse on the other side. You know what else you can find there? Shark teeth on the beach. We found several when we camped last December. Can't wait to go back!


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