Sunday, October 07, 2012

New Titleholder for PDD

Jacksonville, Florida

We will be packing up and heading back to Tampa this morning.  We never get a very early start and I’m sure today will not be an exception.  We only have 200 miles to drive, so it won’t be too much of a problem.  No PDD here!

Our friends, Dean and Shirley are in the running to beat Paul and Marti for the record number of miles driven in one day.  Dean appears to have a severe case of PDD.

For those of you (Dean and Shirley) who don’t  know the story behind “PDD”,  the term was coined by Sherry.   It stands for “Paul Dahl Disorder” and it’s because Paul thinks nothing of driving from one coast to the other in just a matter of a few days, in the dead of winter, boon-docking at Wal-Mart's along the way and driving hundreds of miles a day.

He is teased that he doesn’t know that he’s retired and he can slow down now.  He’s trying to get over PDD, but I don’t think he’s succeeding.

When I read Dean and Shirley’s blog I was shocked to see they had put 583 miles on in one day.   6 fuel stops!    For us, a 583 mile trip is a 3 day trip unless we decide to stay few nights somewhere (like Jacksonville).   There would be two very bitchy people, if we made a trip like that!

Dean and Shirley are planning on arriving at the Grand Canyon today.  I’m waiting to see if they slow down while going by ???     Smile


We had some pretty good rain yesterday so our sight seeing was cut short.  We did manage to go by Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park for  a short time.  It’s a county park and we remembered it to be a nice park.   The last time we visited it, we noticed feral cats running around all over the place, and we left very quickly!    We vowed never to go back because we know how we are and one of those kittens (or 3) would have found it’s way into our home.

We decided enough time had gone by and maybe there were no more cats.  We arrived during pretty good rain and they made Al get out of the truck, walk to the office and leave his drivers license just to take a quick tour of the campground. 

The place looked very run down and in good of some good sprucing up.  The beach was okay  with huge sand dunes.

beach at Katheryn Abby Hannah Park, Jacksonville

The campground had a lot of tree branches and palm fronts sticking out in the road, making it difficult to get in without scratches.  There were vehicles parked all over the place making traveling the roads difficult.   There were too many people, lots of kids and multiple vehicles at most sites.   There were camp hosts but they didn’t appear to be doing any maintenance.  The entire place looked like it had been a nice place at one time. 

It was not particularly big rig friendly, but in all fairness, we were turned off and didn’t check very well.  We won’t be going back.   On a positive note, we didn’t see any kitties!

We came home, watched a little Tv and then went outside and visited with Jim and Dee for a while.

Jim and Dee (Tumbleweed)

We have stayed 3 nights at Pecan Park Rv Resort, and found it a great place for a quick stop in Jacksonville.  It appears to be a very popular stopover for travelers heading north or south off of I-95.   Most every site is full every night.

We got the Passport America rate, but we had to stay three nights to get the discount.  After November 1st, you can get it by staying just one night.

Here are a few pictures of the sites.    All are pull through sites with concrete pads.  Very easy for a quick stop.

That’s our coach on the right and Jim and Dee’s 5th wheel on the left.  They had room for all three of their vehicles.

site 202 at Pecan Park Rv Resort

site 202 Pecan Park

We’ll probably stay here again on all future trips up north.

And a fat kitty picture.



  1. Too bad they've let that campground go to ruin (even if they cleaned out the cats). But the too many kids would have ruined it for me. I cannot even imagine covering over 500 miles in a day. The only time we've ever come close to that is when we went back to Montana for Dad's funeral. But some people just can't figure out when to stop, can they Paul? My problem is I want to see everything in between. He's not fat he's fluffy!

  2. I'm with Jim & Sandie...kitty's not fat, he's very fluffy. Sooo adorable.

  3. With our coach 200 miles in a day is plenty far enough. We like to take our time and enjoy, we are fulltime and don't need to be anywhere in a hurry.

  4. We travel by the rule of 230. Two hundred thirty miles or two thirty in the afternoon, whichever comes first.


  5. Craig is a destination driver too. I like to have a reservation even if it was made on the way. We are almost always a bit frazzled when we arrive if the drive is long. I did pretty well on our two trips this summer and fall. By having plans he couldn't just keep driving.

  6. Hanna Park is a wonderful city park. They have removed the feral cats. The electic system has been up dated. For a full hook-up 293 space park there is space for everyone. Extra large spaces for up to 45 feet and 50 AMP service. For ocean camping the price is reasonable. You were there at a very wet time. Jacksonville has had record rains.

  7. Aw, Bax!

    My cousins took us out to Hannah Park on a day trip. We weren't in the Duck, so I didn't check out that part.

    I spent many formative years living in Jax and it still gives my heart a squeeze to read about it. Especially the beach. That's where I developed my future melanomas, soaking up the summer sun in my teeny-weeny bikini.

  8. This is a great park. I went to the flea market today, it's HUGE! I walked half the park but the heat got to me. Be safe out there.

  9. Amatures, only 500 miles? My all time record is 758 in one day.

    I guess I am a reincarnated long haul trucker... :c)

    1. You da man Paul! Al says he's going to shoot for 250!

  10. No danger of PDD here. We're happy with 150-200 miles. That header photo is great! Baxter is one fluffy kitty.

  11. When we are in the motorhome we try to do no more than 120 miles in a day. There have been a few time where we have driven a lot in one day but that is because we were in cold weather and wanted to get away from it quick. Having said that when we drive down to Mexico in the car in a few weeks we will be doing it quicker than if we were in the motorhome. Loving the pics of Baxter!

    Kevin and Ruth

  12. We drove 300 miles here to Manatee Springs from Blanton Creek Park. We plan to do the 200 mile max once we get into the full travel mode. As a side note we will be in the site next to Dee and Jim when we get to Adelaide Shores RV Park in Dec and Jan. Hope have save trip back to Tampa.


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