Thursday, July 30, 2015

We’re Back in the Mountains


Blairsville, Ga

We arrived safely back our place in the Georgia mountains.  We were tired after a stressful day, so we did a minimal set up, grabbed an adult beverage and walked down to our other site where our friends Terry and Ralph are camped.  We were happy to find Catherine, JoBeth and Grace the dog sitting there with them.  We had a nice visit. JoBeth and Catherine went home to have a healthy dinner, but Terry and Ralph decided to join us for a dinner out.

We only had about a 240 mile drive yesterday, but we had to go through Atlanta, so it wasn’t a fun drive.

We stopped for fuel at the last truck stop before Atlanta and then continued on northbound on I 75.  When we got into downtown Atlanta there was some sort of slowdown so it was very slow going. It turned out to be a good thing, because with 8 lanes of traffic, slow is better and we had plenty of chance to read our signs to make sure we were in the correct lanes. 

Once we got out of the downtown area, traffic picked up, speed picked up and the crazies came out, and we still were in 8 lanes of traffic.  We almost got sideswiped by a semi as he decided to change lanes way too soon.  I don’t know how he missed us. We were in one of the middle lanes but we were wondering if he thought we should have been in the far right lane. We were going with the flow, but he was in a hurry.  Maybe he was just a bad driver, or maybe he was punishing us.  Either way, it was very nearly a disaster.  In Atlanta, you have to be very careful which lane you are in because many times the lanes become exit only lanes  and in a big rig you can’t easily change lanes if you find yourself in the wrong lane.   You have to stay over a few lanes to avoid that.  We prefer to stay in the right lane and only have to worry about vehicles on one side, but in Atlanta you just can’t do that.  We had already had another semi almost side swipe us earlier in the day and then a large pick up changed lanes and almost clipped our front end.  It was the worst experience we’ve had in Atlanta so far.

Once we got through Atlanta, it was smooth sailing except for a short delay due to an accident.

We very happy to be back in Blairsville and things appeared to have fared pretty well over the months since we left.  When Al opened up the cabin door, he discovered a wasp nest between the screen and main door.  Apparently he upset them because they came at him with a vengeance and he was stuck in the cabin, with no wasp spray. He managed to finally escape with no stings.

We managed to get in a nice before dark golf cart ride. We didn’t see any wildlife, but it was nice anyway.  It’s definitely warmer here than usual, but it was quite nice during our evening ride.  We’re hoping the heat wave will end soon.

We went to bed pretty early  last night, tired after two travel days. I woke up at 3am this morning, extremely anxious to get up and start my day.  I haven’t felt like that since we got back from the Keys.  It’s nice to be in a place where I’m excited and eager to get out of bed.  I managed to stay in bed until 4:30.  Finally I could stay in bed no longer, so I got up and quietly turned on the coffee.  Evidently not quiet enough because soon Al was awake too.  Sorry Al.

Our plans for today are to set up the lot with our decorations, lights and furniture. The main things today are to fill the hot tub, plant some flowers in the flower boxes under the cabin windows, and go to Home Depot and see about a gasket for the refrigerator in the cabin.  The refrigerator door will no longer stay closed and the gasket appears to be shot.  It was fine when we left in November, and we can’t figure it out.  We thought the best thing to do was leave the doors open.  Maybe not?

Now all that has to happen is for the sun to come up so we can start!


  1. Driven through Atlanta twice and that was two times too many...

  2. At least you are now safely there, settle in relax and enjoy the cooler weather.

  3. Did the seal on the fridge just dry out? we always left them open when we turned them off for awhile. Even the RV fridge has a special latch to let the air in.

  4. I know how you feel about being in a new place. We have one month to go here in Montana, and want to get going! Once we're somewhere for awhile, all we can think of is leaving :)

  5. I am glad you will be getting some relief there in the Mts. I was concerned that yall were not going to get up there. ENJOY.

  6. If I never do Atlanta traffic again that will be wonderful. Glad you escaped from there without any actual problems. Enjoy your time in the mountains.

  7. Welcome home! Now charge up that golf cart and find some bear! :c)


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