Monday, August 03, 2015

Murphy Has Been Visiting


Rivers Edge Rv Park, Blairsville, GA  (high 88, low 59)

It’s been much warmer than normal this year and it’s been pretty hot during the day. So much for the cool mountain air.   Fortunately, the past few nights have cooled off very nicely.  It was 59 degrees when we got up yesterday morning and 62 this morning.  That felt wonderful, but we had to add a few layers of clothing before we went on our early morning golf cart ride/bear hunt.

We have been extremely busy trying to get our lot set up like we like it.  First on the agenda was to get some flowers planted.  Gotta have your priorities, right?


We were able to repair the fridge without spending any money.  When we got here the door wouldn’t close all the way and the gasket didn’t hold it shut even when you pushed on the door.  We think that because we left the door wide open over the winter, and it may have warped a little. The guy at Home Depot said to kind of twist it in the direction you want it to go and be sure to have the front a little higher than the back. Surprisingly, it worked and it seals now.    So problem number one resolved.

Problem #2 was the hot water heater.  We have a cabin on our lot with the fridge, water heater and washer/dryer.  The water heater has never really worked and Al decided to try to replace the element.  The crazy way it was hooked up would not allow you to put a hose on it to drain the water.  Al thought he had all the water drained before we left last fall, but quickly discovered he didn’t,  and a good bit of water ended up on the floor and soaked the carpet.   He pulled the water heater away from the wall, disconnecting the electricity and pvc connections and have about decided to get a tankless water heater.  Then we would have no worries about draining it each winter.  In the meantime,  Al hooked the washer up directly to the water supply, and we’re able to use the washer with cold water.  I don’t even care. I’m just glad to have a big washer again. 

Problem #3 was the hot tub.  It wasn’t heating at first, but for some reason, it’s heating up just fine now.  Yay.

Al in hot tub

Problem # 4 was the water connection to the coach. Al had a quick disconnect hooked up, which corroded due to the hard water in Tampa and he has been unable to get it apart.  He finally found the right parts to reconfigure it.  It seems all we have done is fix things.


Our friends Ralph and Terry left yesterday morning after a month.  We enjoyed seeing them again. Their pups loved to ride the golf cart and go “bear hunting.” 

Look at those faces.  Aren’t they adorable?  Ralph is pretty handsome too, isn’t he?


The dogs remembered the golf cart from last year and couldn’t wait to go for a ride.


This was Grace’s first time to ride the golf cart, and she appeared to enjoy it as well.  Catherine and JoBeth are leaving Tuesday. so our golf cart rides are limited.  We’ve not seen any bears yet, but other people have, so we’re hoping we will too.


There are plenty of deer though.


deer in soybean field

They are in the soybean field.

deer in soybean field

We haven’t done much except work, visit Home Depot and eat.  We’ve hit most of our favorite restaurants already.

We have found time to ride the country roads around the park.


golf cart roads

One night, there was a beautiful cloud formation glowing in the setting sun.


We had lunch at the golf course one day. It’s always a beautiful view.





the end



  1. Soon you will be all settled in again enjoying some cooler weather.

  2. vI just remember how good the ribs were at that place down the road.

  3. There is always a list of repairs to be done whether you're in a home or an RV. The advantage with the RV is you never get tired of the view.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. I sure wish our nights would cool off. 84 when we got up this morning. There always seems to be repairs that need to be done. Thank goodness both Al and Jim are good about fixing everything.

  5. That was a pile of repairs Al made, nothing like having Murphy "welcome" you home! ;c)

  6. Nice that AL can do all those repairs himself. What cute dogs!

  7. Beautiful images and Wonderful place. I loved your post and I will visit this amazing place.


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