Friday, August 07, 2015

Guinea Rescue


Blairsville, Ga (high 78, low 62) cloudy


It certainly has not been as cool this year as in years past.  In fact it’s been downright hot with temps in the upper 80’s most days since we’ve been here.  The past two days have been cloudy and we’ve gotten a little rain, so it’s cooled off.

I usually love sunny blue sky days, but here in the mountains cloudy days offer a special kind of beauty and I love watching the clouds forming over the mountains. 



We’ve been staying busy planting flowers and making things pretty.  We have people that mow the grass, trim, and edge, so all we have to do is our own planters.

hanging flower basket

Our hydrangea is always beautiful every year.

Rivers Edge lot

We splurged on some baskets.  This one fits on the deck railing.


This one hangs by the hot tub.


Despite the fact that the goldfinch love zinnias, I planted some in the three window boxes.  They are my favorites, so I just have to do battle with the birds.


We’ve also been doing a little trimming and planting at our other Rv lot.  It’s vacant for a few more days then it will be rented mostly through November 2nd.  

We have been looking for bears every night when we take our golf cart ride on the back roads around the campground.  No bears so far, but there have been some reported.  Tonight, we may take a drive by car to nearby Vogel State Park, where many have been seen.

We did see a flock of geese though.


We went to the library yesterday.  I got a few books on through hikers on the Appalachian Trail.  I’ve read a few books about through hikers and enjoyed them both, so I thought I’d check out a few more.  Today might be a good day for reading.   Nice and cool and cloudy.

We were outside working yesterday and kept hearing some sort of bird squawking.  It kept getting louder and louder and finally it started to sound like it was in distress.

We got a little concerned, so we jumped in the golf cart to look for it.  We quickly found the bird sitting on a roof on one of the cabins behind us.

At a distance, it looked like a bald turkey, but when I zoomed the camera in, this is what I saw.


Then I remembered Al telling me one of our neighbors lost a Guinea chicken.

Yep, that is what it was.


We ran over to tell Chris we found his Guinea and he rode back with us.  We chased it around and finally herded the bird back towards his property, but not before it stopped on our Rivers Edge Rv Park sign.


He tried to use feed to entice it back into it’s pen, but with no luck.  It was safe on his property sitting high in one of his trees.  We heard later it found it’s way back to the pen.  So it was a happy ending.  At least I hope so.  Hopefully he has them for eggs and not meat. 

It looks like it’s going to be a lazy day in the Blue Ridge Mountains.


  1. Too funny! I can just picture ya'll trying to herd that bird back to its pen. I guess you never know what kind of fun you'll be having next. :cD

  2. I too love the clouds and mist on the mountains. Your flowers look lovely but I'd be happy to have the goldfinches at my window boxes. Do they destroy the flowers? I've read tons of AT Thru hiker books on their hikes and would love a list of the ones you've read to see if there are any I should get. I always dreamed of doing it and still think I'd like to only in two section hikes so I have time to stop and photograph the fungi. LOL!

  3. Glad you found the guinea. We are really missing those cool morning temps.

  4. Love your flowers! The site looks just as beautiful as it did last year- maybe better! I too can see you and Al herding a chicken! Still laughing! Enjoy! Hope you see a bear soon- from afar!


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