Sunday, July 26, 2015

Flooding and Shootings on I-75


The entire state of Florida has been getting heavy rainfall the past few days.

Somewhere in the picture below is the state of Florida. This is pretty much what the state looked like for the past few days.



One band of rain would come through and we’d think it was finished, but then a new area would form in the Gulf.  This is the problem of being between  two warm bodies of water in the summer time.  Fortunately, we didn’t get much lightning and we were high and dry in our Rv park.

Saturday night the frogs were singing and of course that freaks me out.   The frog that had been in the bathroom vent that Al covered, is apparently still there.  We heard him loud and clear. 


Saturday morning, I 75 northbound was closed due to an armed man who shot at a State Trooper who had stopped to check on a disabled vehicle.

The Trooper was not injured.  They immediately closed the interstate down resulting in a horrible back-up for at least three hours.



Can you imagine being in your car stopped in traffic for that long?   You wouldn’t be able to run your AC that long and it was hot and muggy, and what about a bathroom break?   If you were in your motorhome you would have a bathroom, food and air conditioning.  :)

The first Trooper called for back up, they located the man.  Apparently he fired at the police and was then shot dead.  Good riddance.  That’s a scary thing to think of someone shooting at you as you’re driving on the interstate.  There was speculation he was an ISIS sympathizer, but there is nothing in the newspaper today.    Go figure.


HERE is a link about the story if anyone is interested.

We’re glad it is over and the suspect is no longer going to be a problem. 


  1. Thats what enjoy travelling in our motorhome we have all the facilities right here.

  2. I'm always happy when these people are shot, or kill themselves at the scene. I agree, good riddance! I don't want my tax dollars spent to defend, feed and house them for years and years. Unless it's a terrorist - then I want them alive for questioning and a life spent behind bars, or at least until someone kills them while incarcerated. :)

  3. Good thing you fixed that water leak! Too bad that little frog friend of yours is still hanging out somewhere inside your rig. Don't be too afraid of him, he prefers bugs to humans for meals... ;c)

    These shootings sure are scary, I have to give the police a well done. We don't need people like this around.

  4. Quick! Trade in the whole RV, frog and all! Just make sure the dealer is willing to include a "no frogs"clause in the purchase contract...

  5. Sorry you still have your frog friend. Wish he would hop on off into the sunset. All these random shootings are really scary. But it would be nice to have the RV with you if you were stuck on a highway.

  6. But in some lore an open mouth frog brings good luck to your home... but that isn't really meant for live ones I think

  7. We had those frogs in Tampa kept Catherine up all the time.

  8. I'm glad the officers are OK. They never seem to get credit for the job they do.

  9. What is up with all the violence in the world today. I'm always glad to hear when the shooter gets shot or commits suicide, as it saves a lengthy trial.

  10. Sure hope he doesn't turn out to be an ISIS sympathizer. Seems anyone who does anything outrageous is linked to ISIS these days. Very frightening to think that at any time, in any place, someone might well just shoot you. How did we get to this point from those days when kids played outside until after dark and people didn't even lock their doors.

  11. Big sigh. Frustrating that our world is so crazy messed up. Ah yes, backed up in traffic. Either it is hot and flooding or it is snowing and icy. My daughter commuted 25 miles from Grants Pass to Medford and last winter, without any real snow to speak of, there was a problem on Interstate 5 and she was stuck in that mess for 4 hours. Just trying to get home from work. Traveling the interstates is nice sometimes and a pain in the patootie other times


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