Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Stranded and a Major Water Leak


Wesley Chapel, Florida (high 90, low 75)

We are still in Florida.  We had hoped to be in the mountains of north Georgia by now, but there have been complications.

(The pictures today are from me wishing I was back in Blairsville)



My  Mom woke up the other day extremely confused and confusing dreams or delusions for reality.   We  thought she may have gotten dehydrated so we made her drink more water.  She just doesn’t want to drink anything.  The next morning when it happened again we decided to take her to the doctor.  The doctor ordered a CT Scan and a Doppler scan of her carotid artery.  He suspected a stroke.  She got wind of that and went into panic mode.

It turned out she had a mini stroke or a TIA.  The doctor increased her Plavix and suggested she see neurologist.  So, that is where we are now.  She seems to be doing fine at the moment.  No more delusions and she seems to be feeling pretty well.  (Well at least as well as she ever feels)  :)    

We are trying to keep her from hearing the “S” word(stroke). She is a bit of a hypochondriac so we see no good reason for her to hear that word.  It would only make her worry more.  We aren’t sure how we’ll manage the “S” word when she sees the neurologist. 


We’re not sure if we’ll be able to get up to Blairsville this summer or not.  Our friends Tampa, Ralph and Terry are there for the month and our blogger friends Catherine and JoBeth just arrived for a month as well.  Sure wish we could be there to visit them.



Yesterday, we came home to a flood inside the motorhome.   We had water dripping out from the front of the overhead cabinets on the living room slide.  There was a flood of water on the kitchen counter, some of which had drained into the stove opening.  The couch was pretty wet on one corner, but not much water on the floor.  We were baffled because we’ve never seen this type of leak.   It looked like a bottle of water exploded into the air.  Normally when you have a leak, it’s around the slide seal and the water runs down to the floor.  There was some water on the floor but the majority was on the kitchen counter.

We think we had the “perfect storm” and the wind blew just the right way to blow water from the slide topper onto the slide and into the coach.  We’re wondering if there was a little microburst or something.  We weren’t home so we just don’t know.  There were no trees or branches down to indicate strong winds and the neighbors didn’t notice anything severe.

The seals are good, but have never sealed as tight as they should.  There is a lip on the top of the slide that should keep water from running inside, but we’re thinking the wind blew the water accumulation over the lip, under the cabinet and down the front of the cabinet.     (if that makes sense).    I’m sure we’ll have another rain today, so we’ll see what happens.

So, we’re sitting here sweltering in the Tampa heat and humidity wishing we were up in the mountains.  Our other friends are on a 11 day Smithsonian trip in Iceland!    We’re not too jealous!

Anna Ruby Falls


  1. It is so hard when our parents get old and have so many issues. My Mom had several of those S word and it really is sad. I also know what you mean about being stuck when you want to be north. We're still hoping we can get out of here for a couple of months but it all depends on Jim and his doctors.

  2. That's too bad about your mom. I hope things improve enough so you can chill out in Georgia.

  3. Oh my you have a lot of bad news. My dad is the same as your mom. He doesn't drink anything no matter how many times you tell him and fill his refrigerator with water. He too had a small stroke not too long ago. He's 95 and is so tired of living. It's very sad. Your water leak sounds like just what you didn't need to come home to. I sure hope you figure it out. Such a shame you have such a great summer place and can't get there. You had a hard time getting to your winter place too. I sure hope these problems get taken care of and you can use your lovely lots in the way you intended.

  4. I have a 95 year Dad who lately has had problems with his memory. I think he's also just getting tired of living.

  5. Aging parents is not a lot of fun. Right now we have both our mothers in very bad stages of dementia is very stressful for sure.
    Good luck.

  6. So sorry that you are having trouble getting back to your lovely, cool, delightful mountain home. As hard as it must be, you have been so diligent in caring for your mom, adjust your lives and your plans to be sure that she is as good as she can be. Those little mini strokes are sneaky. I know my grandmother had them. And the leak...omigosh....that just sounds awful! Hope it was just a weird anomaly and doesn't repeat itself. Take care, Karen

  7. I can't get my 93 year old dad to drink more than a half glass of liquid at any meal. It's like leading a horse to water but you can't make him drink sometimes. He just doesn't seem to think he needs more.

    Hope all goes well with your mom, TIAs are not uncommon with older folks, but don't seem to have lasting side effects.

    I have a sneaky leak in my MH that only happens once in a great while over my entry door. I've looked and looked but still have not discovered the source. See, you're not alone. ;c)

  8. I'm so sorry about all the problems with your Mom! It is so hard watching our parents go thru the hard health issues! She is so lucky to have you there for her.
    I have been reading your blog for a few years now but it's the first to comment! We are full timers as well. We came up to the Blue Ridge area to check it out due to reading your site. We went to your site in Blairsville to see where you spend your summers! We have now purchased some property in Morganton which is between the two cities! If you do come back up this way we would sure love to meet you both!

  9. Oh, gosh...sorry to hear about your mom....and the mini flood...I hear you about wishing you could be in the mountains! Nothing like waking up in the early early morning and it's already 82 degrees, ugh!


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