Sunday, January 26, 2014

We’re Happy Campers Again


Wesley Chapel, Florida  (high 73, low 56)


We’ve been busy around here trying to get ready to head south tomorrow. 

Yesterday, Tim, our mobile Rv repairman, came and installed our new a/c unit.  That was a pretty big job, and took him several hours.  I don’t know yet exactly what we’ll have to pay, but he said the extended warranty company is covering $1431 or something like that.  I don’t know if there will be any additional costs that we will be responsible for, because we haven’t paid Tim yet. The warranty company bases their payments on their costs for the parts, and not freight or any differences in parts prices.   They also have a set amount of time for the labor, and Tim had a little trouble since the new unit had some differences that had to be made to work with our old thermostat.   Anyway, it’s installed but Tim needs to check with the manufacturer on Monday,to make sure he has it wired correctly.  He was a little concerned because the old unit had had 5 connections/wires/something?  and the new one had 12.  It needed some sort of conversion unit to make them match up.  He explained it to me and it made sense at the time, but I can’t exactly remember what he said.  Anyway, I trust him to make sure it’s right.  He will be back first thing in the morning once he calls the manufacturer.

The shroud on the new unit is white and the old one was painted to match the coach.  We could paint it, but I don’t know if we will.   I wish I would have thought to ask him if the shroud came in black.  That would have looked fine.   I guess it’s too late now.  

After he finished with the a/c unit, he had to start on the toilet replacement.   The extended warranty company agreed to pay for the replacement of the circuit board, which is almost $400.   With labor and minus our deductible they will pay around $370, if I remember correctly.   Since we were never happy with the old Aria II Deluxe electric toilet, we opted to replace, rather than repair.   Tim found that they make the exact same toilet in a non electric model.    It’s solid porcelain, including the base.  No plastic shroud around the base.  Just what I wanted. The only thing plastic is the foot pedal and the seat.   It looks exactly like the old one, except for the pedal.  Tim said his cost for the new toilet was $639, so we’ll have some out of pocket expenses there.  The old toilet was nice when it worked, but it was so darn noisy.  

We are both thrilled with this new toilet.  Doesn’t take much to make us happy.   A toilet that flushes is good.

Yep, we are happy campers now!    Isn’t it pretty?



In a previous post I mentioned a naked man.   We didn’t actually see him but our neighbors Pat and Ron did.  The other morning, they were sitting in their coach having coffee and they happened to notice a guy in a motorhome right down the road.

Apparently, he came out of the bathroom butt nekkid with the curtains open!    Pat called me and told me to hurry over because she wanted to show me something.

By the time, I got over (then went back and got my camera) the excitement was over.   Darn.    :)


This was the woman.  It looked like she was cleaning.  Pat said the man must have come out of the bathroom after showering because he was completely nude.  You can see with those tall windows, that it wouldn’t have left much to the imagination.  What were those people thinking?  Do they think no one can see through the windows?


How about this next picture?  

Al with helmet

Al was actually wearing his helmet.  Of course, right before this picture was taken, he got busted for working in the storage bays, without the helmet.    He has hit his head too many times on those darn slides, so he really needs to get into the habit of wearing this helmet.  

The problem with the helmet it that it’s kind of big and difficult to work in a storage bay with that big thing on your head.

Pat found this on Amazon.  It’s a baseball cap with a built in hard hat.  They also sell just an insert that fits into a baseball cap.   I think he would be more apt to wear a baseball hat than the helmet.

Not a bad idea, is it?   Wish I would have thought of it.  Black Baseball Bump Cap   Lightweight Safety hard hat head protection Cap  Office Products


Al did manage to successfully replace the water pump, and without a head injury.  We picked up the pump at Lazy Days and got the exact same one, so that all the hoses and screws would match right up. The new one pump seems a bit noisier, but as long as it pumps,  I don’t care.


So, now all three of our things are replaced.    Hopefully that’s it for awhile.


The other night, we rented the movie “Jobs” from Red box.  It was the story of Apple founder, Steve Jobs.  That was a very interesting story and we loved the movie.  Ashton Kutcher did a terrific job portraying Steve Jobs.  The only thing we didn’t like about the movie was the ending.  It was too soon, and we wanted more.

I went online yesterday morning and bought the eBook from Amazon.  In seconds we had it uploaded to my phone, laptop and Al’s Galaxy notebook, for a mere $6.99. 

Walter Isaacson, the author did a great job researching the book.  It is well written and very detailed.   I hope it doesn’t end as early in Steve’s life as the movie.    Can’t wait to get to the Keys, sit outside at the beach and finish the book!


So……I think I have caught up on all of our news.    The plan for tomorrow is to head down to Jonathan Dickenson State Park, near Palm Beach.    Of course our history with reservations at Florida state parks, something will probably happen and we’ll have to cancel the reservation.   If by some miracle we get there tomorrow, we’ll stay there one night and then we’re off to the Keys on Tuesday.    We love the drive from Key Largo down to Sunshine Key.    It’s a beautiful drive along the Overseas Highway.

Can’t wait.




  1. Glad you got your toilet!!!!! Its good to make the hiney happy...teeheee. Great idea on the ball cap! (says Steve who had to 8stitches in his head). Hint on the water pump? Use pieces of a rubber mouse pad under the mounting brackets. Or sometimes its just the waterline vibrating against something down there and a piece of plastic wiretie to secure it can stop it from making noise.

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  2. I've touched on the subject of what "makes a feller happy", or in your case, a "gal". (don't like that word for some reason) A working toilet is certainly one of them. That and air conditioning when it's hot out.
    Tim definitely sounds like a "keeper". Some of the "RV Techs" I've encountered are certainly not of his calibre. But maybe I'm fussy, since I mostly won't let trades people into my house. Something's bound to get wrecked.
    Whacking you head is never fun, and Al does seem to be a tad prone to that affliction. I'd go with the ball cap. Hopefully it's not too heavy.
    Enjoy your day.

  3. Some people think because RV windows are tinted others can't see in but they are wrong.
    What Al is wearing is a Safety Helmet that can absorb some pretty nasty hits. Having worked in Industry I know this well. The bump hat (Baseball Style) is meant to absorb minor hits that will cause Concussions and Abrasions to the head. As you said it also looks less obvious. I installed homemade bumpers on the bedroom slide for the same reason. I split swim noodles that are bright colored so I see them more than banging them.
    The toilet looks good and since it is considered a manually operated unit there is less that can go wrong with it.
    The Weather Channel is showing a return to normal temperatures in Florida for next Saturday the day before we head further south.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Do you put some kind of padding on the corners of your slides?

  5. Your throne looks wonderful. But I really like that idea for the baseball cap. I see lots of rigs with noodles on their slides but we haven't had any problems - yet. Jim has more problem with hitting his head on the cabinets inside. Have a great trip.

  6. Nice that you are getting those things repaired and all back together again.

  7. That is the kind of toilet we have as well, it has been great with no problems. Soo glad that you are getting south to the Keys....thinking positive here!

  8. Love the new toilet! Sure glad to know one actually exists...for the inevitable day ours gives up the ship.

  9. Nice looking safety hat Al has.

    I've read the Issacson book on Steve Jobs and really enjoyed it. I haven't seen the movie yet but I think I will now that you've mentioned it. Thanks for the recommendation.

  10. I've always thought that you were Happy Campers. With all the replaced components in your motor home, you're now the Happiest Happy Campers! ;c)

    Glad to hear that the water pump replacement went well and no blood was spilled...

    As to the noise, maybe just loosen up the four mounting screws just a little bit to allow the rubber bumpers to absorb some more of the vibration.

  11. Nice to have everything fixed and ready to go. I can feel your anticipation.

    That bump cap is a great idea - it looks good, too.

    Safe travels, I hope everything goes well. :)

  12. Enjoy the travel. It is great to have everything in working order even if it is just for a little while.

  13. I love that ball cap. Think I'll have to get George one!

  14. That is a GREAT idea about the ball cap! Hope Al's headaches are only because of motorhome stuff now…sounds like you've got everything taken care of and thanks for sharing about the insurance stuff. That was really great advice! Safe travels to the Keys and glad you got through the Sarasota area without further snafus. That traffic jam today was a MONSTER headache for everyone out and about today!

  15. Your blog made me crack up, especially the naked man story. You almost had a really interesting situation on your hands.

    I love that baseball cap idea. That would be great for adults and children alike. Helmets aren't exactly fashionable.

    Have fun on your travels south!


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