Saturday, January 11, 2014

Found Money?


Wesley Chapel, Florida  (high 78, low 56)


The Florida sunshine finally came back yesterday, bringing beautiful blue skies and temperatures in the low 80’s.   Of course, that also meant turning the AC back on, but it cooled down nicely last night and we were able to sleep with the windows open.  The only bad thing about that, was that sometime during the middle of the night, I was awakened by a croaking frog.   If you don’t know that about me, I am afraid of frogs it sounded like the frog was right on the other side of the screen.  Game me the willies….

More rain is possible today, as another cold front is on the way,  but for now I see blue skies.  Yay!


Al has been having bad headaches ever since New Years Eve.  He finally went to the ENT doctor last week.  He had sinus surgery a year or so ago and went back to that doctor.   The doctor thinks it’s sinus related and gave him some nasal spray.   Al has been using a saline solution, taking Advil, Feverfew, and anything else he can think of, but he’s still getting headaches.  Just when we think he’s getting better, the headache comes back.

If you remember, I posted sometime mid November that he hit his head on the slide-out and put a big gash in his skull.  He was fine after that, so we don’t think it was related.  We did mention it to the doctor though, but he didn’t seem to be concerned about that.

I’ve finally convinced Al to hot pack his sinuses/head and hopefully that will bring him some relief.  If not, I guess we’ll have to go back to the doctor for an MRI.

So, since Al has been down,  and hasn’t felt like doing much of anything, our projects have been put on hold.

Yesterday, he finally felt good enough to get up on the roof and clean the coils on the rear AC.   We have been noticing that we have no heat or cool from the rear unit.   We didn’t think dirty coils would have caused the issue since neither the heat or cool is working, but we thought we’d give it a try before calling the repairman.

Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to help, so we have a call in for our local mobile RV mechanic.  We were afraid he would be booked up too far in advance, but he said he would be by early next week.  I hope he shows.   He’s a very busy man this time of year.

We are doing fine with only one AC right now, but when we get to the Keys, we’ll need both of them to be working properly.  

Once he cleaned the AC coils, he still had enough energy to flush the water heater and install a new anode.   So, that was two items checked off of our list.

I have been working on cleaning and organizing drawers and cabinets.   My goal today is to tackle the linen closet.  Of course that was also my goal yesterday and I managed to ignore it.  Maybe today will be the day!   I need to figure out some way to keep that thing organized.  It has three shelves and they are kind of deep.  If you need something in the back on a higher shelf, you tend to mess up everything else getting to it.  I guess I might need some pull out bins so that I can see what’s there.   If anybody has any good organizing tips please let me know.  The closet has 3 shelves.   I’m thinking i need to get rid of some of the linens and make room for my electric fry pan and some kitchen items. 


A friend of ours came to the door the other morning flashing a big smile and a big pile of cash.   Those are all 5 dollar bills.


It seems that they saw something on the Oprah show a few years ago that started their unusual method of saving money.  If you save every 5 dollar bill you get, it will add up over the period of a year.  That’s what they do.  Anytime, they get a 5 dollar bill in change, they save it.  The first of every year, they take their loot to the bank.  This year, they had $1500.00

Of course since we almost never have cash, we’d probably only end up with about $15.00, but it’s a good idea for those of you that actually use cash.   It’s almost like found money.


  1. Hope all get his head figured out, not much fun with headaches.
    We are like you don't use much cash at all, so would not work that well for us either.

  2. I'd be lucky to save just pennies. Since debit cards arrived on the scene, I would love to have even one fiver in my wallet.

  3. Hope Al finds some relief from his headaches - they are no fun at all.

    Interesting way to save money. I might try that $5 trick!

  4. We are doing the thing where you start with one dollar and you double it each day. By the end of the year, we are suppose to have over $2,000. Will see how that one goes.

    Hope Al is getting some relief!

  5. The pull out drawers Craig installed in the deep lower cupboard by my sink have worked great. I put inexpensive plastic baskets in them and they keep things in place. I just pull out the shelf and I can get to the back basket without disturbibg the front.

    In my large pantry cabnet, I put a very large open bin, it was one of the drawers from a stackable set I got at Costco for storing art materials in the studio. It has no lid. I have things behind it and when I need them, I put it out and set it on the table. It can be heavy.

    Maybe you have too many linens. I keep the set on the bed, wash and remake it the same day. I have another set of sheets I keep under the cushions of the couch. We only had the grandchildren use it once, but it is good to know we have it incase someone is sick, or we have a visitor.

    I also keep an extra comfortor under the matress pad on our bed, and instead of decorator pillows, I have large, new fleece throws that I fold into squares on the corner of the couch. This way we have extra thin blankets, and if we want to lie on the couch, we can use one of the bed pillow.

  6. Sure hope Al gets better soon. I know he must be suffering.

  7. Hope Al figures out the headache cause. It is certainly no fun being down. Wish I had better organization skills, I get my tips from reading blogs!

  8. Sorry to hear about Al's headaches. Could the headaches be from the low pressure due to all the rain you've been getting? That's when I get headaches ... I'm like a weather barometer and can tell when rain is coming. For storage problems, I love the roll out bins and I find weeding out the stuff I don't use helps a lot.

  9. I hope Al's headaches get better...Headaches are awful. I saw a neat organizing tip online. Place sheets inside one pillowcase, then you can grab them or move them easily. In small places, organization is key. I am looking at solutions for those pesky pan lids. Get well soon, Al!!

  10. We seldom use cash, use our debit cards exclusively. However, our bank has a system called "way to save". Every time we use the debit card or electronicly pay a bill thru our checking account $1 is moved to the "save" account. We average $60 to $70 a month with this.

  11. Oh poor Al. I'm so sorry. I think I've had 2 or 3 headaches in my whole life but they were so debilitating. I'm amazed he could get out and do those things with a pounding head. Great idea about saving cash. $1500 in one year is amazing. Like the other commenters, I only use cash when I have to but sometimes you do.

  12. Bummer about Al's headaches. Our allergies have been blowing up lately.

  13. Ohhh rough on the headaches, Steve suffers from sinus difficulties all fall and all spring. Winter relief if we go to the desert is about the best for him. Hope Al finds a solution. For Steve it's the ClaritinD, AllegraD or ZyrtekD rotating brands every few months.

    Too bad about the AC coils, hoped that would help.

    Karen and Steve
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