Friday, January 24, 2014

Good and Bad News


Wesley Chapel, Florida  (high 55, low 31)


The forecasted low for last night was supposed to get down to 32, but we never saw it lower than 42.  Maybe the prediction for tonight won’t materialize either.  


Al went back to the doctor for a follow up on his MRI.   It was just like I thought.  He had a subdural hematoma caused from the bump on the head last November.  There is a small amount of blood between his scull and brain, but the doctor felt it should be re-absorbed and cause no problem.   No surgery, no brain tumor.   Good news.


There is not so much good news on the motorhome though.  We did get an authorization from the extended warranty company, for the replacement of our rear a/c unit.    I was a little worried after Merikay mentioned that they have the same company and have been denied for two out of three claims.   Before this, we had only used  the warranty for two different items, and they paid for both with no issues.   We’re pleased with them so far.   We have it through  Allegiance, and purchased it through Go Rv Network, in case anybody is interested.  It cost a little over $5000, so it was pretty pricey.  At this point we have not gotten our money back, but of course we got some peace of mind.  We still have a few more months to go, so we may still get our money back. 

I can tell you from personal experience from the perspective of being a retired claim adjuster, and from one experience with our precious extended warranty company, read your contract.  If you have a problem that you think is covered, find our from the repairman exactly what the problem is, and what caused it.   If they deny your claim, understand exactly why.   On our old MH, the generator went out due to a broken internal bolt.    Our contract specifically excluded broken exterior bolts.    I went a few rounds with the adjuster, but I eventually won the battle and they paid the $1500 to repair our generator.  They finally agreed that the broken bolt was inside the generator compartment and was no where we could have seen.      If I hadn’t have read the contract, and known exactly where the problem was, the outcome would have been different.


Okay, back to current issues.

Problem number two with the motorhome is the toilet.  Thanks to all of you who chimed in on which toilet you have.   We’re waiting for Tim to see which toilet will fit and get the authorization for the new toilet.  

Problem number three started yesterday.   We have disconnected the water the past two nights due to the predicted freezing temperatures.   The first night, we noticed the water pump making noise.  It had always been  pretty quiet.   Last night, it kept humming even when we weren’t running any water.  It wasn’t cycling on and off like it had a leak, but just like it was continually running, but noisier than normal.   This morning, it isn’t running at all.    We think it died.  The water pump is only 2 1/2 years old, as it was another of the many things Lazy Days replaced for us after we bought the coach.   

The good thing about all three of these things happening at once, is because our deductible for the extended warranty is per occurrence, no matter how many items are repaired at the same time.    If we get three items fixed at the same time, we only have one deductible.  

The problem is that Tim, our repairman is extremely busy this time of the year and we are planning on leaving town Monday.    Doesn’t it figure?


This is just a part of living in an RV.   The water pump is really no big deal except when we are traveling.

These issues are a bit aggravating, but since we got good news about Al’s head injury, we aren’t going to complain about a few minor inconveniences.


Feel free to chime in on the water pump issues.  Any idea for quick fixes?


and my Keys picture of the day.

Bahia Honda SP view from bridge


  1. Congrats on the good health news! when you have that, nothing else really matters!

    I know Steveio would tear apart the pump first and check the diaphragm, and test the motor.... But new pumps in the $80-120 range have good power and easy to replace. (lots easier than replacing a toilet)

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

    1. Thanks Karen. Al said it would be easy to replace, and it in a pretty easy place to access.

  2. If you can't get the water pump fixed before you leave, just get a few gallons of water from the store to give you water as you travel. Hope there is no leak anywhere....last time our pump stayed on we had a leak...thank goodness it went right down onto the ground.

  3. fYup, water pumps seem to be easier to replace than fix. Craig did one too. Never even thought to submit it to the extended warrantee company. It died in the morning and Craig had a new one in the next day. He is Not Mr. Fix it like Stevieo

  4. Not much sense in even trying to repair a broken water pump - easier and cheaper to just replace it.

    Great news about Al's "bump on the head". Makes me think I'd better be more careful as I'm always banging my head on something around here.

  5. Good news about Al! I was constantly cutting my head on slides until I put bumpers on the corners. Safe travels.

  6. Glad to hear Al will be ok. Good luck on the warranty work.

  7. Glad to hear the results of Al's tests.
    It might be easier for Al to replace the water pump himself that way you have it to travel with but you will give up claiming it through the extended warranty.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  8. I'd have to get a repairman for any of the things you've mentioned.

  9. Thank goodness no repairman or extended warranty is needed for Al's head! Phew!

    I've replaced water pumps on MHs, they are real easy. But before I'd do that, I'd do a quick check to ensure the hose connections to the pump are tight.

    Also, the toilet I recommended to you will fit, the only thing that might have to change is the position of the water hose. Mine had enough slack that it was no problem to connect it to the other side of the toilet.

  10. So glad the news is good for Al. Whew! on all that other stuff...just makes me sigh. Living in a house is no different, stuff breaks, it is just that most of the stuff is farther apart.

  11. and do pray tell, where is that particular location at the keys....wanna go there...and soon. It is 32 degrees now here in New Orleans and doing something weatherunderground calls "ice pellets"

  12. Replacing the water pump is really easy. The Suncruiser had the most expensive one about $300 and the Tiffin Phaeton had the cheapest one about $100 and we had good pressure from both. So I say a cheaper one will work fine.

  13. Great news about Al. Jim has replaced our water pump and it took him less time than it did when he replaced the toilet. Too bad I can't send you some of our warm weather.


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