Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Winding Down our Mountain Stay


Blairsville, Georgia  (high 74, low 52)

Our weather has warmed up some, but we’re having too many cloudy days.   We’re not ready to head south, but we’re getting close.  It’s still very beautiful here, but the sunny days are becoming more rare as the cold fronts approach from the north.

The fall foliage hasn’t been as spectacular as we remember.  We have been told it’s because of so much rain during the spring and summer.

The trees around here, for the most part, still have their leaves, and the colors are more muted and not the vibrant reds and yellows that we remember. 

Richard B Russell hwy

The next few pictures are taken by our site at Rivers Edge.

This is one of the routes we take for our golf cart rides.  There is a beautiful river down below and was the site of an old grist mill.


The following picture was taken from the bluff above the campground.  The cornfield in the foreground is where the bear spends his nights chowing down on the corn.  The little white specs are the RV’s in our park.

Overlooking Rivers Edge across cornfield

We were hoping to see the bear in the field, but unfortunately, we didn’t see him.

Overlooking Rivers Edge across cornfield

It was supposed to be mostly sunny yesterday, so our plan was to head out for a hike.  Before we left, we decided to start painting the cabin at the new RV site.   We figured we could slap a coat of paint on it pretty quickly, and then head our for our hike.  Boy were we wrong.  We ended up using one gallon of paint on one side of the cabin.

First of all, I think we made a mistake by buying Behr paint from Home Depot.  We bought the most expensive paint they sell but when we opened it, it was very thin and watery.  The cabin was very porous and the paint just soaked right in.   We had quit using paint from either Home Depot or Lowes several years ago and had switched to Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams.  I think we will go back to them the next time.  

We ended up getting the entire cabin painted (minus the trim) and ramp, but it took us most of the day.  By the time we finished, we were both pooped.   So much for a nice hike, but we felt good about getting the project finished.   Between the cold weather and rain, we have to take advantage of good painting weather.

So…, we plan on taking our hike.  We just need to decide where.  

Our time here is winding down.  We’re thinking of leaving on November 17th.   The plan is to leave on a Sunday when the Atlanta Falcons are not playing so that we can miss most of the traffic through Atlanta.   Of course, the weather will play a part in our travel plans.


  1. yep a cold front coming thru this weekend is supposed to make the overnight lows in Jacksonville in the 40's...

  2. The nerve of that bear not showing his face when you're out looking for him! I guess he doesn't play by your rules... ;c)

  3. Glad you got your project finished in spite of the quality of the paint. David uses Lowes and I have no idea why since I agree with you about their paint. It has warmed up a bit here but I see that cold front is coming. We hope to leave next week and head farther south although it sounds like it isn't going to do us a great deal of good in terms of warmth.

  4. Great photos! The campground looks very calming. I wonder where your travels will take you next. I need to get back on the road, it's been a while but reading blogs like yours kind of keep me on the road in spirit.

    Stoltzfus-Rec Blog

  5. We arrived back in Crystal River yesterday. Wouldn't you know the forecasted high the next couple of days around here is 86, plus more humidity. Miss my "NO air conditioner needed" mountain weather already! :-)

  6. Funny you should mention about paint from Home Despot. I've given up on paint from anyone except places like Sherwin Williams or their brethren. The paint from Home Depot, Lowes (and here in Canada) Canadian Tire, just seems to be cheap. Even though the price is high.
    Very frustrating.

  7. No pics of the painted cabin? I'll bet it does feel good to have gotten that accomplished although the paint itself was crappy. Enjoy that hike today!

  8. Hope you don't get a sore shoulder like I did painting posts. ;)

  9. If the Atlanta Falcons don't start playing any better you won't have to worry about traffic as no one will be going to their games.

    Good luck with the painting.

  10. It is great to be able to go/live where "The Weather Fits Our Clothes." We will be back in FL Dec 1.

  11. We have noticed the fall colors not a s brilliant as in previous years too.
    Nice that you got that painting done, next project before you head south

  12. The older you get the harder it is to paint - we learned that this year too!

  13. So glad you finished that project, nice accomplishment. :) We heard the same thing about the fall colors, locals in NC said they weren't nearly as vibrant as usual. We still enjoyed them.


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