Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dumb Move


Blairsville, Georgia  (high 73, low 54)

A cold front is on the way and they are predicting a low of 38 degrees on Saturday night.   This is a little too chilly for us Floridians, so we’ll probably freeze!   I looked back over my blog and discovered the front heat pump works until it gets down to 37, so maybe we won’t have to run the noisy furnace.

My blog title is for two dumb moves actually.  The first one is because of us riding around on the golf cart on cold evenings, with nothing on our heads.  It’s like riding around in a convertible.  We both seem to be sensitive to cold weather on our heads, and especially Al, and he ended up with a cold.  Dumb move #1.

Dumb #2 was then he got sick, I neglected to start taking my  Echinacea.   I am a firm believer that it will help prevent you from getting sick, or shorten the time and severity if you do get sick.  I normally hit it hard if I’m around someone who is sick.  I made sure Al started taking it, but forgot to take any myself, and now I’m sick too!   Fortunately, Al is better and my cold hasn’t gotten any worse, so we can still go out and have some fun today.

Yesterday, we decided to head south towards the big town of Gainesville, Georgia.  We needed some filters for the Onan generator so that Al can change the oil.  

Then we made a stop at a Belks so that I could get some new jeans.  Blairsville is a small town and about the only place to get clothing is at Walmart.   It seems that Walmart is only catering to the “tweens” now and only sell skinny jeans that I wouldn’t even have fit into when I was 9!

We got a big dose of reality when we got to Gainesville.  The traffic was horrible, and we seemed to spend a lot of time stopped at red lights..Then we made the mistake of going to Wal-Mart.  Did you ever see some of the photos of Wal-Mart shoppers that floated around Facebook for a while?    That’s pretty much what we saw.

The only good thing about Gainesville was a little restaurant called Rabbittown Cafe.  The guy at Cummins recommended it and it was really good with southern home-style cooking.  Chicken and dumplings, collard greens and cream corn….yum….    No, not exactly vegan.

We were anxious to get out of town and back to our mountains.  When we saw the mountains off in the distance again, it felt so good to be heading back “home.”  

We both let out a little sigh when we saw this view again.


We drove home over the Richard Russell scenic byway.  It was a beautiful drive with some fall colors at the higher elevations.

Richard Russell skyway

There were some really steep grades.  At one point our GPS said we were going down a 17% grade.  Sure glad we weren’t in the motor home!


Mount Yonah in the background.

Mt Yonah

We got home and took a ride on the golf cart.  This soybean field is turning a pretty yellow.  I don’t know if they plan on harvesting the soybeans or not.



We met a neighbor  (Ken) who lives in a pretty brick house up the road.  We got to talking and he said the farmers plant corn and beans, and never harvest them.  They get subsidies from the government, so they plant them for the subsidy and then leave them for the wildlife.  I don’t care, because it’s good for the animals. The bear and deer really like the corn fields!

Ken was really interesting to talk to.  He is a diver on oil platforms in Louisiana.  He has been down to 2000 feet in a single man submersible.   He told a few stories of seeing whale sharks and even sea lions at 800 feet.   We’re hoping to talk to him again.


I wanted to post a few pictures of our new lot.  We will be renting it out, so if anybody wants to come to this area, let me know.   We currently have it rented out through October, and he may stay through November as well.  He is also talking about bring his trailer back in April and keeping it here for a while, so I don’t know about availability, but we will also rent ours out if we’re not here.

Anyway……here is the lot.

Rivers Edge lot 53

It has full hook-ups…electric, water, sewer.  You can see it’s a pretty large lot.  There is a cabin, but it is locked and will be full of our stuff!   No hot tub, golf cart or deck though.  : )


Here are some of the pretty trees around the park.

fall foliage




Today, we’re heading north up to Dillard and Black Rock Mountain State Park.   Stay tuned for lots of pictures.


  1. Whenever I splurge and eat meat, I feel guilty! Like Ipm putting poison into my body....BUT....still love pepperoni pizza and buffalo wings.....and did splurge on two In and Out burgers in the six months we spent in California. lol

    You fall photos are beautiful. Actually, better than here in Michigan...go figure

  2. So sorry you both caught a cold! No fun :( The colors are starting to pop up there. Here at Strom, not as much yet. It's getting more 'fall like' though.

  3. Walmart shoppers look the same no matter where you are. Seems as though some folks try to make it to the "People of Walmart" sites! Fall looks beautiful there. Get better

  4. I was LOL about your Walmart adventure. . .and I concur with your sentiments about seeing the mountain views. . .EXACTLY!

  5. Nice pics of the changing colors in the trees. Too bad about the colds but it sounds like you're on the mend. Skinny jeans? Don't think so!

  6. I guess it is true that two wrongs do not make a right:(

  7. Sorry you got sick...no fun. The fall pics are gorgeous!

  8. Feel better soon. Being sick is definitely not fun. It's amazing how you learn to hate the traffic when you don't have to deal with it every day. Sometimes I hate Walmart but they are so much cheaper that we end up going back again.

  9. Hope you folks feel better soon. We enjoy the Richard Russell drive--ya just can't be in a hurry! Gotta love this weather huh? Have fun!

  10. And here I was ready to rent your lot until I found it there is hot tub!

    You're blending into that Georgia lifestyle so well, I'm expecting you to start building a still on your lot and make some moonshine to enjoy while soaking in your hot tub! :cD

  11. Love those fall colors.

    Hope you both feel much better very quickly!

  12. Is that Wal-Mart on 12th St? (off from Waldo?) You'd laugh if you read the reviews.... but really... the one in town isn't any different. Love your photos of the trees!

    1. Not sure, but it was close to the Dawsonville Hwy.

  13. Now you've got two sheds for stuff. If you're like me, when you get to Florida you'll have left what you want in Georgia. Glad to hear the colds seem short lived. Soybeans feed the soil and corn drains it so I guess it evens out. Wonder if those crop subsidies are the entitlements congress wants to cut??

  14. Your blog sure makes us miss being there. Will return next Wednesday to deal with concrete. Love reading your well written blog.

  15. Karen, Chip and I are packing up the RV and heading your way..well, sort've. We'll be leaving Ormond Beach on Monday, going to Asheville, stopping in Savannah and a couple other spots along the way. I heard a cool front was on the way, guess I should dig out my sweaters!

    1. Hurry up or you'll miss the fall foliage! Safe travels!!

  16. PS Hope you're both feeling better soon!

  17. Beautiful park. Sorry you got colds. 38 is too cold- time to come back to Tampa.

  18. It is certainly looking like fall there. I am sure you will miss the scenery when you head back south but not the cool weather.


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