Monday, October 07, 2013

A Very Rainy Night


Blairsville, Georgia (high 72, low 43)

We stuck around home all day yesterday, only leaving for a walk and a golf cart ride.  It alternated between sunshine and cloudiness all day long. 

Al puttered around home all day, watching a little football in between doing projects outside.  He got our new porch light installed on the cabin.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work.  Operator error, or faulty light?   He’ll have to check it out today.

I did something that is very, very rare for me.  I cooked with a real recipe!   Actually, I made two different things.   All in one day.  Most of what I cook are just things that you put together with just a few ingredients. No real recipes.  I’m not much of a cook and I don’t usually enjoy it. I really need to try new recipes, because we’re getting tired of eating the same things and we’ve been eating out (non-vegan) much too often.

I bought a new vegan cook-book and I tried a new recipe for black bean soup.  Normally, I just buy it in a can.  This one was much better. It had black beans, diced tomatoes, onions, garlic, carrots,  cayenne pepper, cumin.  It turned out very flavorful and delicious.  Then I found another recipe for red cabbage cooked in a crock pot.  The recipe called for  cabbage, apples, onions,brown sugar and apple cider vinegar.  It was kind of sweet/sour and we both liked it.  We added baked sweet potatoes and had a good dinner. 


A  big weather front was slowly moving towards us all day long, which was supposed to bring heavy rains.  Fortunately, the tornado threat they had the day before had gone down and it looked like we would just get the rain.

The rains didn’t start until about 7 pm, while we were in the hot tub.  It rained pretty hard off and on all night, but nothing severe, and I never heard any thunder or saw any lightning.  Just the way I like it!

The sun is trying to come out, so it looks like it will be a nice day, but it will be cold tonight as the cold front arrives.  Our expected low it supposed to be 43 degrees tonight.  I imagine, it will be colder than that.  That’s pretty cold for us Floridians, so the electric blankets will definitely go on tonight!

Unfortunately, our extra propane tanks are in Florida, so I guess we’ll be buying spare another tank. UF-DAH…as Judy would say!

The two propane companies here don’t fill motor homes, “for safety reasons.”  We get our propane tank filled all the time in other places, so we don’t understand their rules here.  I wonder if they just want you to get one of their big tanks installed?

Our tenant in our other RV lot is enjoying his stay, so he has decided to at least stay until the end of October, and possibly through November.  He’s also thinking about coming back in the spring and sounds like he may be considering a semi-permanent deal.  Good for us, if he does.   He’s a nice guy, so we’d be happy to have him stay.  He’s trying to get his home-body wife away from the house,  and so far she’s enjoying it. 

Tomorrow we’ll be meeting some fellow bloggers.  Nothing exciting planned for today.  At least not yet.


  1. Your cooking sounds delicious. What Vegan cookbook are they from? Probably the ONE I don't have. We're getting pretty tired of our same ol' same ol' too. Sounds like your lot is going to turn out to be a very fine investment. Bummer about the propane tanks. Are they on the lot at Quail Run? How do you usually carry them?

  2. Loved the sound of those recipes. Also,math at header photo is a magnificent prize winner, Karen. Gorgeous

  3. Sigh. I should know better than tomtryntomcomment with the iPad. "Math at " was simply " that"

  4. There are a lot of very different rules around for propane tanks it seems. I'm not sure why.

    Those recipes sound pretty good for Vegan stuff.

  5. yum. . .I'm pretty sure you could add anything to a good stock and it would taste better than canned. ..way to go!

    I concur with Sue. . .the header pic is awesome. . .I think your storm front has blown our direction. . .it's raining here at Gettysburg today. . .hope the temps drop here too!

    Loving your updates about your rental place. . .intriguing concept. . .

  6. I'm glad I got my extend a stay tank filled the other day. There was frost on the toad windshield this morning. :(

  7. Your recipes sound wonderful. What is the name and publisher of your cookbook? We had two nice days of sunshinge and temps in the 70's now it's back to rain. But being an Oregonian, I really don't mind that.

  8. I always like to try different recipes, but my wife would never do vegan as much as I would, but don't much feel like cooking two different meals (to much like my restaurant days).

  9. We were quite pleased that the rain left early. We are having rig tours today..don't want people tromping wet feet in ! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

  10. Rain while you were in the hot tub? Did you get out so you wouldn't get wet? :cP

    Not filling motorhome propane tanks? What's wrong with that company?

  11. That cabbage sounds good so, does the black bean soup.
    The place we stay in Las cruces has the same deal with the propane the truck will come fill an outside tank but not a MH.

  12. Good for you to try cooking on a rainy day. One of my favorite things to do--especially soup. I love to get a new cookbook now and then. Even with everything on-line, having the book at hand is great. The one all my vegan friends like best is Deborah Madison's. It's rather big for our MH but now that you have a small cabin. . . .

  13. I just thought I would let you know we have arrived in Blairsville. Sent you an e-mail, but with reception here not sure it went:(


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