Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Spreading the Wealth


Blairsville, Georgia  (high 75, low 56)

I guess we had a cool front move in, because our daytime temperature has only been in the 70’s the past few days.  It’s about 20 degrees cooler than it was back in Tampa!

We are loving the weather, but when it got down to 47 the other night, it was a bit too cool for me.

Al has been laughing at me because when we go on an evening golf cart ride, I’ve been wearing two light jackets and covering my legs with a blanket!   The other morning I wore a headband to keep my ears warm.    We ordered a cover for the golf cart for storage, like the following.



We also ordered one with clear vinyl windows so that you can have some protection from the cold.  They should arrive today.  Just in time!  That will keep some of the wind off when we ride.




We spent the past few days puttering around the house.  We finished the cabin staining project.  At least we finished what we could.  As it turns out, we have some bad wood on the back side of the cabin and we need to replace it.  It is something we should have noticed before we bought the place, but in our excitement, we only saw the good things!   Anyway, we found a local carpenter that has built a lot of decks and cabins around the park, and he gave us an estimate to replace the wood.  It wasn’t nearly as expensive as I thought it would be, so I was pleased.  The only problem is that he is booked up and can’t get to us for a few weeks.  I sure hope we will still be here.   Once he gets that finished, we will stain the new wood, and our two big projects will be completed.

We’re slowly but surely becoming a members of this community.  We have grocery store discount cards for two groceries stores, we have a library card and yesterday, we signed up with the local video store.

Pam, from Traveling in the Big EZ, told us about an old movie we might enjoy.  It’s about when they started the Tennessee Valley Authority and built all the damns in this area to divert the rivers.   It starred Lee Rimick, who was always a favorite actress of mine.   I didn’t find it on Tivo, so we thought the local video store might have it.  They didn’t, but could order it for us to rent or buy.  The lady that owns the video store, said they have been there 30 years and were the first video store in Blairsville.  As it turns out, they are the last video store in town as well.   Anyway, we were happy to help a local business out a little, and we’re looking forward to watching a movie about the history of this area.

Actually, we’ve helped a lot of local businesses out since we’ve been here.  We helped the hot tub dealer, the golf cart dealer and the nursery!     Not to mention the Mexican restaurant.


The campground has been pretty active the past week or so with people looking for campsites to purchase.   I got an email a few weeks ago from a couple that either found my blog or found me from Rv-net forum.  They are staying here while in the area looking for an Rv lot to buy.  It looks like they have chosen Rivers’ Edge and will probably be purchasing a lot across the street.  The people with the two big poodles, might purchase the lot next door to them.   It’s a good time to sell RV lots, I guess.


If you haven’t been reading Ricks Blog lately, you might want to go over and check things out.    Evidently there is a lot going on with Picasa and Google+ and I think Rick finally explained the whole web albums thing so that even I can understand.   I have used Picasa for years to organize and edit my photos, but never had a clear understanding of web albums.   Thanks Rick, I think I am finally getting it.     There are some exciting new photo editing tools available, that I look forward to using. 



We try to take a golf cart bear hunting ride each night.  So far, we’ve only seen the bear twice.  We think he may have changed his schedule.  We will keep trying.


Al on golf cart

It’s always pretty scenic, whether or not we see any wild life.




Not too far away, is an old church on the top of a hill.

A tree has fallen across the path up to the church.




We had heard about all the pretty stained glass windows in the church, so we finally got up there to see it.



When we were in Cades Cove (Great Smokey Mountain Natl Park) a few years ago, we enjoyed walking through all the old churches.

Unfortunately, this church was locked so we could only peek through the stained glass windows, but they were very pretty.


Last night after our golf cart ride, we were both feeling kind of achy and I was freezing.  We had planned on a hot tub soak, but I wasn’t so sure I could put on a swim suit and go outside, as cold as I was.  I am sure glad I did though, because the water was so nice and it relieved all of our tired achy muscles.   We soaked for quite a long time and got our body temperature up enough so that it was no problem getting out soaking wet in the cool evening air. Our plan was to watch a movie, but we found the soak had relaxed us so much that we were having trouble staying awake.  

It felt so nice, I think we’ll be doing it again this morning!


  1. You certainly sound happy with your place in Georgia. :)

  2. You sure are enjoying that area, and your hot tub.
    And yes Rick did a good job explaining Picasa and Google+

  3. Sure sounds like you've found yourselves a little piece of heaven right there.

  4. Oh man, to hot tub or not? Such tough choices! *snort*!

  5. You guys are a first rate economic recovery team for your area.

    Thanks for the shout out - glad to hear some of my gobbeldy-gook makes sense.

    Love the shot of the stained glass windows.

  6. I so enjoy reading about your adventures! The community is lucky to have you there. :)

  7. You guys seem to be settling in nicely :) Our workamping gig in CA last winter had those see-through covers on them as well. It was helpful in the chilly temps and when it rained. The 'doors' rolled up when unzipped so that you could get in and out easily too.

  8. Very glad to see you doing your part for the local economy. That's a cadillac bear hunting vehicle you've got there now.

  9. You've got to stop flaunting that hot tub, some of us might get jealous... :cD

  10. You should be on the sales team there. Your photos of the area and description of your lifestyle there is quite appealing.

    Hope you enjoy the TVA movie. It is quite old and may seem a bit corny by today's standards, but the history is pretty accurate.

  11. If the temps continue to dip it may be a signal to head south. I think you still have a few weeks before that occurs though.


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