Sunday, September 22, 2013

Plan B


Blairsville, Georgia (high 76, low 52)


Our plan to drive up to Tennessee, to watch the river after a water release at the Ocoee III Dam, kind of fizzled out.

We got up at 5am, and on the road around 7:00.  It was raining lightly and the radar showed a front moving towards us (and our destination) that was likely to bring rain all day long.   I thought it was going to be light rain, but it turned out pretty heavy at times.

Along the highway into town, we almost hit two squirrels and came across a deer, that someone already had hit.  After having a quick breakfast and watching the rain get heavier, we decided to cut our losses and go back home.    We figured there was no sense in being out on those wet mountain roads.  It turns out it was a pretty good call, because we got some pretty heavy rain and it didn’t quit until late afternoon.

On the way back home, we took a drive through Meeks Park.  It’s a very nice park in Blairsville.   They have a pool, and tennis courts, but also a very nice walking trail along the river into the woods.   We’ll go back when it’s not pouring down rain.

After we got home, we decided to take a nap and catch up on some missing sleep.

We ended up running back into town for lunch, and to pick up a movie called, The Wild River.  It was set in the time where the Tennessee Valley Authority was buying property to build the dams to tame and divert the Tennessee River.  It was recommended to us by Pam from Travels with the Big EZ.  It was a good movie.  Thanks for the recommendation Pam.   We’re curious about that period of time and wand to learn more, so I think we’ll probably see what we can find at the library, since we are the proud owners of a brand new library card, and all.   :)

The homeowners association had a planned dessert and bingo get together last night at 6:30.  The people are very nice and try to make sure we are included in everything so that we don’t feel left out.  

Al played poker with a bunch of the men Friday afternoon, so he’s getting to know some of them. 

Al was lucky at bingo last night, and was the first winner of the night.  He won a $20 gift certificate at a local restaurant.  Later in the evening, he won some “chrome “  wheel covers for the golf cart. 

Pretty spiffy, huh?

golf cart new rims

Another bingo prize was for golf cart storage for the winter.   A local place will pick it up, store it and keep it charged all winter.  Now, that’s a prize we would have really liked to have won, but at least now we know such a service is available.

We haven’t planned our day yet.  There is so much to do around here that it will take years to get to everything. 

I think Mr. Baxter might get his first golf cart ride this morning after breakfast.   One of our neighbors takes their two cats on a golf cart ride every night.  The cats are on leashes and never try to jump off the cart, but it makes me nervous.   You can bet Baxter will be harnessed, caged and the cage strapped!    :)


  1. I guess they don't really know you to trust you with a brand new library card! ;c)

    Those hub caps really make your golf cart look spiffy! Now Baxter will be proud to be seen riding around with you.

  2. Sounds like you are becoming part of your community there, and are enjoying it.

  3. I agree with Paul - spiffy hub caps that any cat would be proud of. Baxter will certainly be the cat's meow riding around with you guys.

  4. The golf cart looks great. Probably a good idea to turn around and not continue on the wet, rainy mountain roads. There's always next time.

    I'm curious how Baxter will do on his first ride. Looking forward to the photos. I hope he doesn't see a bear! :)

  5. Great looking hub caps. A nice prize to win. I would have the girls leashed and crated and strapped down also.

  6. Those are some great bingo prizes! Glad there are some activities to keep you part of the community there.

  7. Glad you liked the movie, a good diversion for a rainy day.

    Sounds like you have friendly neighbors and some fun activities to keep life interesting there.

  8. Allright- a library card. We are enjoying checking out e books from Pinellas county while on the road.


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