Saturday, September 21, 2013

Oh NO, Where’s My Camera?


Blairsville, Georgia  (high 74, low 56)  thunderstorms


We are up early to head back to Tennessee and the Ocoee River for the last planned water release of the year at the Ocoee III damn.  We have seen the Whitewater center with virtually no water and we want to see it with flowing water.

So….despite the predicted thunderstorms and rain predicted for much of the day, we are still planning our trip.  It’s only about 35 miles if we don’t take the scenic route over to North Carolina first.

We had a chance of rain showers overnight last night. 

I went to get BC (Big Canon) to download the photos I took yesterday and couldn’t find it.   UH OH.

Then I remembered that I left it in the golf cart.  Did I mention it was supposed to rain last night?

Al went out and got it.  The golf cart has a roof on it, and I keep it in the little half enclosed compartment, but it could still have gotten plenty wet if we had have had any rain. 

Thankfully, no rain and it was good and dry.  As Judy would say  Uf-Dah!

Yesterday we went over to Vogel State Park, which is about 2 miles from us.  It’s a lovely park with a pretty lake and we just found out, a waterfall!


We took the hike around the lake and found the trail to the waterfall.


This was a short and easy trail, but there are others in the park that lead to the Appalachian Trail.  We both decided this would be a nice place for David and Sherry!  We even toured the campground to see if Winona would fit.

The  lake trail veered off a little for a short walk down to the waterfall. 





The trail around the lake was lovely with a touch of fall color starting to show.






There are some nice rental cabins on the lake, with lovely views.


The small lake was nice for a short paddle or some fishing.


In the picture below, these trees were up above the trail. There was some erosion, and it looked like this one tree was reaching out to hold the other tree up. You can see in the top of the photo where the tree on the left was actually leaning against the other tree.


The campground was pretty nice, despite this being one of the older parks in the state.

It was definitely do-able for a larger rig, although you’d have to be careful on the campground roads.




It will soon be daylight, so I guess I had better get ready for our trip back to Tennessee.  We’re hoping they haven’t canceled the water release due to the predicted rain.  I could find nothing on the internet to show any changes, so hopefully we’ll see some water over those big old boulders!


  1. You are up early! Enjoy your day out.

  2. Uf-Duh for sure! Glad it turned out okay.

  3. Glad your camera is safe. I enjoyed your pictures

  4. WHEW on the camera. This does look like a great park for us. Thanks for checking it out. I've got it on my list for possible 'on the way to Florida' this year.

  5. Glad the camera is still working:) Only lost one camera and that was in a canoe-long story:)

  6. Love that photo of the tree reaching out to the other...

  7. Good thing you found you camera and it still work good for you.

  8. Good thing you're in a resort where the people are honest...and the bears, too! ;c)

  9. Such beautiful pics, as always! We'll be heading up that way next month, can't wait!

  10. Howdy Karen & Al,

    We're so glad your camera was found and was alright, WHEW !!! It's good y'all have the cover on the BEAR CART !!!!

    Hope the rain doesn't decide to come through today.. It left us 5.5" of MUCH NEEDED MOISTURE, when it went by... I really thought with both systems 'colliding' over TEXAS we'd be drowned, but the Gulf swirly got here ahead of Manuel, so we just got RAIN, YEAH !!!

    Hope y'all get to see the RAFTERS and have a very HAPPY DAY !!!


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