Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Florida Keys State Park Reservations


Blairsville, Georgia, (high 78, low 59)


We made campground reservations at Curry Hammock State Park in Marathon Key, for 7 nights, starting November 19th. It is at site number 5, which is not waterfront, but is a large private site and easily accessible.  The sites are very reasonably priced (for the Keys) at $36 plus tax a night.  If you are 65 years old and a Florida resident, it is half price. We have decided not to go to the Keys until later in the year, so we will be canceling them.  I wanted to let everyone know, they will be coming available, in case anybody wants to go to the Keys.   It’s beautiful there in November, and this is the newest state park in the Keys, and is very nice.  If you’re interested in this reservation, email me.


We  didn’t have a very exciting day yesterday.  We started off with taking Baxter on a buggy ride.  He likes to ride in the morning when the sun is shining and it’s warm.    We came home, showered and then took off to get lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  We have a mostly vegan lunch  consisting of bean enchiladas, rice and refried beans.  Yeah, we eat a lot of beans, and yes, we’re used to them.  :)  It’s always delicious and they have a good price for their lunch specials.

We then went to the town of Young Harris.  Al heard about a shop he wanted to go to.  Unfortunately, we forgot that a lot of these places are closed on Sunday and Monday, and this was one of them.   We ended up finding a few other places of interest.  I bought a pumpkin for a decoration and I’m getting a little scarecrow to go with it.  We found a few things to hang on the outside of the new cabin. 

By the time we got home, we had a short nap, then watched the next to last episode of Breaking Bad.    I sure hate that the series will be ending.

Of course, then it was time for happy hour and the Baxter buggy ride.  He really enjoys his ride, but after a while he started meowing.  I think he was getting chilly.  He has a thick fur coat, but he’s still a gweenie (big wienie) and he gets cold.   It cools off quickly in the evenings.  We dropped him off at home,  and continued our ride.  We saw 4 deer on that trip.  They saw us, snorted and took off running.   No bear sightings for quite a while, but we’re still looking.

By the time we got back home again, we were both freezing.  I had on long pants, and two jackets, but was till chilly.   I think it’s about time to put the cover on the golf cart to keep the wind off.

We decided to have a soak in the hot tub.  It’s always a little difficult to think of getting in when it’s so chilly out, but once we’re in, it’s just fine.

Let me know if you’re interested in our Keys reservation. 


Gotta go, Bax is patiently waiting.


  1. That must be hard to give up such a great reservation, especially when you think how nice and warm it will be as you're freezing driving around your golf cart. ;c)

  2. awww. . .too bad our plans don't include Florida this year. . .that sounds really great. . .Keys are definitely on our list at some point. . .just not sure if we'll take the coach or motel it. . .

  3. I've always wanted to go to the Florida Keys someday and your reservation site would have been perfect. But, not this year I'm afraid. Someone here will snap it up I'm sure.

  4. Now if it were only next year we might thing about taking you up on the Keys. I think we're going east next year but who knows. Two coats? - definitely time for the cover.

  5. The reservation at Curry Hammock sounds great. We would love to stay at one of the state parks in the Keys, but we would have to sneak there without my brother knowing as he has full hook-ups for us in his driveway just a few miles from Curry Hammock.

    We are experiencing very cold nights with frost (in Jackson, Wyoming) which means we are ready to head south! It feels like fall temps are coming on early everywhere.

  6. Sorry to hear your plans changed. We certainly enjoyed visiting with you last week. We are looking forward to some Rivers Edge time in the near future.

    Thanks for all your help during our visit. See you again soon.
    Pete & Jean Hamilton

  7. I am sure someone will want to snatch up that reservation!!
    The weather is really getting nice...I can only imagine what it is like a tad north of us!!

  8. It is nice of you to offer up the reservation. I don't think we will head down to the keys that soon.

  9. Shoot. We already have reservations and a route planned based on them so I don't think we can do that. I've just about given up on the keys. SO hard to get a reservation and especially to stay two weeks to make it worth the gas to take the motor home. I'll be satisfied with Flamingo.

  10. We are having the cold weather here too. Frost in the mornings but the days getting up to 70 degrees.
    Keep warm there until you head south.


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