Sunday, May 19, 2013

Roof Sealant Answers and Powerball Winner


Wesley Chapel, Florida

There were a few questions from yesterday’s blog regarding what Al used to seal the roof of the motor home.

We have a fiberglass roof, and after a while it tends to get a little chalky,  and the white chalk runs down the sides of the coach.  We could get up there on our hands and knees and use a car type wax, but we are looking for easy and that sounds way too energy intensive.

A couple years ago I read on some Rv forums that some people use a home floor wax like Mop N Glow or Future.  I’ve used both and they work fine, they just don’t last forever.  Some other people had discovered a product sold at Home Depot,  called Zep Wet Look Floor Polish.  It’s basically a commercial floor polish. We decided to give this a try and see if if would last longer than the Mop N Glow we used last summer.  Al cleaned the roof with a string mop and then took a sponge mop to spread some of the polish on the roof, being careful not to let it run down the sides.

He applied two coats, and hopefully it will be good to go for a year. 

We  noticed the old stuff had started to flake off and I’m sure the new product will do the same.  He didn’t kill himself trying to make the roof look perfect and we can live with some flaking as long as the white streaks don’t run down the side.  Some people on the forums mentioned using Zep floor stripper to remove the old flaking wax.   You would have to be very careful that you didn’t get the stripper on the paint.

I’ll let you know in about a year how it works.


It looks like Catherine and JoBeth will be leaving Quail Run pretty soon and heading towards Lazy Days.   It’s bad enough they are leaving, but they are taking Miss Grace with them!!

Murphy  will sure miss sweet little Grace. 


These two are so cute when they play “kissy face.”

Grace and Murphy   

Grace really loves Murphy.

Grace and Murphy

Murphy is going to Michigan soon, so I guess we’ll be dog-less again!

Fortunately, for Murphy, he has two other doggie friends.  Can you believe how he posed?  His Mom was standing across the street talking to me and he was keeping his eye on her.


It’s a good thing we still have kitties.




We took a run over to a local camera shop where I checked out a couple of longer lenses.  Wow, can those get expensive!!!  I looked at a Sigma 150-500 mm lens that was humongous in size.  It would not be for taking on long hikes  I still love my little Canon SX30 IS.  Here is the link to the blog post when I bought the camera. It has a wonderful zoom lens that I sometimes refer to as my stalker zoom.  Someone asked about it in the comment yesterday.  I think Canon has a newer and better version out right now, but it’s a great little camera and will probably still be my camera of choice.

Sherry asked why I got a new camera, since my old one does such a great job.  I guess the answer is that I wanted one that would take the really sharp images that I can’t quite get with the small Canon.   When you use the zoom on the SX30, it’s digital zoom and you sacrifice some quality.  As much as I enjoy photography, I thought a DSLR would be nice for those special times when I can get close enough and can lug both the camera and the various lenses.  I think it will be perfect for Kissimmee Prairie Preserve, where we do a lot of photography from the car.


I’m sure many of you out there in blog land bought a ticket for last nights Powerball.  The jackpot got up to 590 million.

I didn’t think Al got any tickets, but when I heard there was one winner from Florida, it got my attention.  Of course it was 3 am, but I just had to wake him up to see if he had bought a ticket.  He had.

It turns out the ticket was purchased at a Publix grocery store in Zephyrhills. That’s the next town over, and by this  point, I’m starting to get excited.  Al said he did buy his tickets at Publix, but the one in Wesley Chapel, not Zephyrhills!  We figured maybe they got the city wrong and we were holding the winning 590 million dollar ticket!!!

Well, we weren’t!   So close!  Zephyrhills is a small sleepy town in the summer, that swells up big time in the winter with snowbirds.  There are a LOT of Rv parks and a lot of elderly people who stay all year long.  It’s likely the winner is some retiree here from somewhere up north.  Lucky them!


  1. I think you should send Al on a little vacation to Minnesota. He could give my roof a crack at it to continue the experiment. ;)

    1. Boy would we love to! (visit Minnesota)

  2. I was so hoping it would be somebody I knew but I don't know too many folks in FL. Nice dream for a few minutes. Our park is almost empty. We're about the last to leave if not the last. There are about 8 rigs/park models that stay year round but that's it.

  3. We have a metal rood that oxidizes as well and I just wash ih it with a wash and wax that use on the rest of the coach. Every month or so when I wash the rest of the coach, keeps everything looking good, no white steaks.
    Only a few minutes more to wash the roof, have never tried the wax products yet.
    Curious to see how that product stands up.

  4. Replies
    1. You're welcome. She's so photogenic.

  5. I can never figure out the excitement about these ridiculous lottery jackpots. Do people really figure that $590 million would be any better than $50 million? The whole system would be much better if they gave $1 million to 590 different winners!

  6. I agree with Kevin and Ruth. I think they would sell more tickets too.

  7. I almost never look at CNN on line but for some reason I did today and when I saw the powerball winner was in Zepherhills I immediately thought of you. Sorry you didn't win. But what in the world would anyone do with even $250M. I agree with Kevin and Ruth. Why don't they have a $1 or $2M lottery (so the winner will get $1M) and then draw the number of tickets that will use up all the money. That sure would make a lot more people very happy. Maybe.......not really sure if it does or not.

  8. I'm not sure I'd really want to win that much money. From what I hear it causes more problems than most people can handle. I'll take a $100k, that would be just fine :)

  9. It's been proven time and again that the larger the jackpot the more tickets they sell. It's a fact! I'm not saying I agree with it but that's just what happens.

    Having a winner in the next town is about a close as I think I'll ever get to a jackpot win!

  10. Thought you two were the winners when we heard Tampa area.

  11. When I heard where the winning lottery ticket was purchased at I thought you may be the winner! Remember you have to buy a ticket to win. I am proof that just because you buy a ticket it doesn't always workout.

  12. Will be interested to hear how the new product you used as a sealant holds up. Mui periodically cleans the roof and uses 303, which offers UV protection as well.

    The SX50 HS, by the way, is 50x optical zoom all the way. I don't recall if it has digital zoom as well, but if it does, I would have turned it off when I was setting up the camera after I bought it.

  13. The winning ticket being sold in Zephyrhills really caught our attention. We always shop at that Publix when we stay there to visit my family and we do buy Powerball tickets. Sadly, none of my twelve relatives who live there was the winner. Still curious to find out who it was and if anyone in my family knows this mystery person.

  14. I win with every lottery drawing because I don't buy tickets. I guess I'm too cheap. ;c)

    I wash my roof annually with a wash and wax type cleaner. I have never had any chalking issues with it. So far, so good.

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