Friday, May 24, 2013

Back Yard Birds


Wesley Chapel, Florida (high 88, low 69)


Al has been busy all week doing his pest control accounts.  We are looking for someone to buy the business and as soon as that’s done, he will be completely retired.  That will make it much easier to travel without having to worry about getting back here to do his monthly accounts.

While he’s been working this week,  I’ve been working around the house, cleaning, organizing, and learning how to use my new cameras.  A really good learning video was included with the “big” camera (the Canon Rebel EOS T3i)  and I’m slowly going through it to learn how to use all the features the camera has.   There is a lot to learn.

The “little” camera (the Canon SX50 HS) has a crummy little manual that’s not the easiest thing to understand.  I’m trying to learn a little more about how to use it and not just stay with my old tried and true settings.

We sat outside on our patio for a few hours last night.   We haven’t seen the deer lately and so far we’ve not seen the foxes that live behind us.

The birds were active though, so I had something to photograph.

First things first.  Al had to fill up the bird feeders to keep the birds happy.

Our rain this week sure did green up our back yard.


Our first visitor was a little Dove.  They are supposed to be ground feeders and a friend of mine keeps telling me they won’t come to feeders.



Notice the seed in her beak?

She sat there for the longest time, but there was someone waiting in the wings.


We have two feeders.  One is squirrel proof.

This one isn’t.



There were a lot of birds last night, including a family of Tufted Titmice.



I got a cute picture of a male Cardinal feeding a female youngster. Unfortunately, it was too blurry and I had to delete it. 

The moon is almost full, so I had to take a few shots.



I took some moon shots with the Canon Rebel with the 250mm zoom and all I got was a little white blob in the sky.  I really need my new lens!

We haven’t decided where to go for our anniversary.  We’re debating between Kissimmee Prairie Preserve and Red Coconuts Rv park.  One is right on the beach and the other is in the middle of 54,000 acres of prairie.   Maybe we’ll do both?   We hesitate to make any firm plans, because it seems that every time we do, something comes up.


  1. The moon shots are terrific! And so are the bird ones, of course. :-)

  2. Excellent pictures, Rv'ers plans are always written in chalk, thats why we don't make many plans.

  3. OK, since we are friends, I'm going to be honest here (maybe we won't stay friends, ha ha). Thus far, I like the photos from your old camera better. They seem brighter to me. Just saying.

    1. We're still friends Margie! I'll have to check my settings on the new camera. It took me a while to learn how to set the old camera and I'm finding the same thing with the new one.

      I went back and looked at some photos and I'm not seeing it. To me, the new ones look brighter. I wonder what others are seeing. Maybe I'll have to do a survey. Thanks!

  4. Lovely shots! My eagle picture from yesterday's post was with my zoom. I still had to enlarge and crop though. I would love to have a zoom that brings it in much closer :)

  5. I think all your pictures are great, no matter which camera you're using. You definitely have an eye for great subjects.

    My best subject usually turns out to be my thumb... ;c)

  6. We have had clouds for the last two nights and again we will have them tonight. Thanks for reminding me what the moon looks like. Awesome!

  7. Photos look great to me. Very clear sharp with good color. Which camera did you use for the moon?

    1. The little six 50 with full digital zoom.


  8. That's what I was wondering ..... Which camera was used for the moon shot and which one was used for the dove ??? Now, we are going to expect labels !!!! See what you've started !!!!
    I think it is great that you treated yourself with the cameras, etc. that is your hobby and you are excellent at it..... I know I really enjoy your expertise .....
    I vote for Red Coconuts .....I just spent the week at Sanibel and enjoyed it sooooooooo much ........lots of fun and beautiful all the way around .... Have never been to Red Coconuts but since it is on the water sounds like a great anniversary celebration to me !!! Also, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU and AL !!!!! All the best, SallyB

    1. Thanks Sally.

      All the pics including the birds and moon, were shot with the Sx50 ...the little one. I need a stronger zoom for the other one.

  9. Your backyard looks really lovely. Hope you can sell the business soon so Al can retire and spend more time on his boat. :-)) Lots for you to take pictures of there. And Thanks for listening to me whine about blogger.

  10. Love the pictures. I admire you guys that can name the birds!

  11. When you start taking moon shots with the Rebel, it will be a lot different than you think, do a google search on the instruction for good moon shots. I did but I couldn't find the link for you in my bookmarks. It will be a manual set up and is best if you have a tripod. Love the shot of the squirrel, they are incredibly inventive creatures.

  12. I wish I could have this camera. This is great and the quality is also stunning. Once I have Nikon camera with 12 megapixels but that was not able to take shot like your take.


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