Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Girl Gone Wild


Wesley Chapel, Florida (high 88, low 67)


We finally got some much needed rain.   In fact, we were getting a pretty strong storm with hail, about the same time the killer tornado was striking Oklahoma. 

Now now that I have constant access to weather radar from my Weather Bug phone app, it allows me to worry even more.   As soon as I saw the big massive area of red on the radar, I started getting nervous.  It actually looked worse on the radar than the tornado area in Oklahoma the day before, but we didn’t have any tornado watches or warnings, thank goodness.  I have sure become a weather wimp since we live in a metal box.  :)

For the most part, we didn’t get too strong of winds, but apparently right behind us there was a microburst or something because there were two trees split.

This was a pretty large tree.  I hope there were no bird or squirrel nests in the tree.


It appears that we are in the afternoon rain pattern that is common in Florida during the summer months.  I’ll have to get used to it again, I guess.


Now, for the title to this post.

The Girl Gone Wild is because I’ve been on a camera upgrade mode this past week or so.

I already told you that we got a Canon Rebel T3i.  It’s DSLR, so it has interchangeable lenses and you can spend a LOT of money adding lenses and accessories.


Canon EOS Rebel T3 Black SLR Digital Camera Kit W  18 55mm Lens  12.2 Megapixel   2.7  LCD   3.1x Optical Zoom   Optical   4272 X 2848 Image   PictBridge    Reviews   Prices   Yahoo  Shopping

In fact, I was online today looking for a telephoto lens and I stumbled across a lens that cost $25,999!   I don’t think I’ll be purchasing that one anytime soon!

The Rebel  came with two lenses, but they aren’t nearly strong enough for good wildlife photography. I haven’t really enjoyed the camera because every time I try to take a wildlife shot, I find I can’t zoom close enough.

It does take great kitty pictures though!



Al wants me to get a big telephoto lens, but the price is holding me back.  They aren’t cheap, and they aren’t light in weight either.   I’m still thinking about it, but right now we’re considering a Sigma 150-500  mm lens with a 2x tele-converter, which will give me a zoom of 1000 mm. 


My other camera is a small Canon digital camera (the SX30 IS), with 35X optical zoom and the digital telephoto lens.  I get an 840 mm equivalent zoom.

Of course, there is a loss of image quality in the digital zoom,  but for me, I would rather have any picture, than no picture.  I see a lot of wildlife that’s so far away and without the digital zoom, I would not get the shot.  With the digital zoom, I at least get a fairly decent picture.

This is an example of a photo taken with full digital zoom with my old camera.  It’s not perfectly sharp and crisp, but for me, it’s good enough and without the digital zoom, I wouldn’t have gotten the shot at all.


The new Canon Rebel DSLR with the telephoto lens, will be able to get a little closer and hopefully the photo will be sharper.  Of course the photographer needs a lot of practice.

The two main reason’s I have held off on buying a DSLR camera before now, was because of the fact that you have to constantly change lenses, and the weight of the camera.

So now have a better quality camera that weighs a ton and a lesser quality camera that is portable and lightweight.  The best of both worlds, I guess.

Did I need both cameras?  Probably not, but I wanted them and I’ve been a very good girl lately.

(and Al got a boat).


Of course……..I might already upgrades  my little Canon SX30.

Erin had mentioned in a recent blog post about how much she loved her little Canon SX 50 HS camera.  She also has a DSLR camera, but like me, she feels she needs both.  :)

Anyway, her camera is the newer and better big sister to my SX30.  It has a stronger optical zoom lens (which is all she uses) and a stronger digital lens (which will be mainly what I will be using).

I knew my camera had been upgraded and had a stronger zoom but I was happy with my camera and figured I didn’t really need a stronger zoom. 

As it turns out, not only is there a stronger  zoom, but they have made some other improvements on image stabilization.  I did some online research and looked at a few You Tube videos showing what you could do with the newer camera and I was sold.

It’s like with anything else in electronics.  They put a product out and then immediately work to make it better so you want to upgrade.

So…..guess what else I bought?  Yep, the Canon SX 50 HS.


Canon PowerShot SX50 HS Review  Goldilocks Dream Camera 

I tested it out a little and the new image stabilization technology is really a big improvement. 

The pictures seem a little crisper and brighter to me as well.

Here are a few shots I took around the park.

This was the equivalent of a 285 mm zoom.


I apologize if these pictures take too long to load.  I may need to adjust the image size for the blog.


A bird nest at Catherine and JoBeth’s site. 

mockingbird eggs


Sweet little Miss Grace.





If anybody is looking for a small, light weight digital camera, this is a great one.  You can check online for You Tube videos showing the amazing zoom lens and wonderful picture quality.  Just Google “ Canon SX 50 You Tube.”


I think I’m going to like the new camera.  Al will inherit the old one.  :)


in the process of working this blog post, I went ahead and ordered a new lens for the DSLR.  I got the 150-500 mm lens and the 2X teleconverter, which will double my zoom.

I should have it in a about a week.  


  1. I'm like you, I love having my DSLR (Nikon D3000), but would really love having a better zoom lens for close ups. I can get pretty close with the 200mm lens, but it's not enough! Lenses are very pricey as you said. I use that one a lot, but for ease sometimes I just use the camera on my phone, which is pretty decent.

  2. I love taking my pictures too, I had a 35 mm camera with a great zoom lens and found I never had it when I wanted it (too heavy) so, just stick with my pocket point and shoot with digital zoom, that way it is always with me.
    Good luck with you new lens and camera and have too much fun.

  3. Pretty soon you might want to buy a second Rebel body so you don't have to be changing lenses all the time. :)

  4. Love your new camera and the shots it takes! I really really need a 50X zoom! I feel exactly like you do with having to carry a heavy camera body. I have a Nikon D3100. Most of the time I leave it at home when I should be out using it! The Canon looks like the best point and shoot for you!

  5. Gorgeous photos. We will be expecting big things from you from now on.

  6. well, between you and Erin, I guess the Canon SX 50 HS is on my list. I have a DSLR, and a great fast wide angle zoom lens that I love, but it is heavy, and I don't have a really good long zoom lens. Mine is a cheaper 55 to 300 and I have never been happy with it. You are right, it is a bear to pack around and I am not as committed as Erin with the big heavy expensive zoom, so in the mean time, it is time for a baby camera I think...ahhh choices...loved your photos and congrats on your purchase! much cheaper than a boat by far.

  7. Thanks for today's post. I'm considering upgrading my digital camera. I have two as well, but my really good one is now 11 years old & I'd like a closer zoom too.

  8. My days of hauling a big DSLR camera with interchangeable lenses around are over for sure.

    If I ever find I need a long zoom lens, I'd be looking for a much smaller non-DSLR camera like your Canon SX-50.

    Good choice and congrats!

  9. I love the pics you took! I just got a new camera at christmas but I am wishing that I had that Canon. I have shaky hands and like to just point and shoot. I was perfectly happy with my little Nikon till I read this. Now I am going to have to figure a way to justify wanting this new one! LOL

  10. I'm glad you're so pleased with the new camera. I don't need a new camera, the old one I have takes just as good pictures of my thumb as a new one would... ;c)

  11. I like the Tamron lens vs Sigma, I think you get better bang for your buck. the equivalent lens is the SP 200-500MM F/5-6.3 Di Tamron lens. Which ever lens you decide on at that length it will get heavy. The ring you see on them is so it can be mounted to a tripod or monopod. I did a lot of sports photography before our RV life and had the comparable Canon Lens. I used a monopod a lot of the time. I could do it handheld but it would wear me out after awhile. I love my camera and my go to lens outside is the Tamron 18-200MM F/3.5-6.3 Di II. Most of the photos on my blog are taken with that lens. What I like is that I can take closer in photos too, sometimes with the longer lens you can't take anything closer to you without changing the lens (like people with you). I love it and though it won't get me out as far as a 500mm, I find it is sufficient for me and it minimizes my lens changes. Good luck with the hunt for the right glass for you. :)

  12. I agree with George. We use our Nikon Coolpix and it does a good job. The zoom works great and has captured better bird shots than my heavy Nikon.

  13. OMG, you're killing me! I want a new camera sooo bad. It's going to be a while, but I love that you do all the research for me. I can't wait to see more photos from the new Canon SX.

    ...and good girls definitely deserve presents. :)

  14. I also have the Canon T3i but my low light pictures aren't that good because I don't have a tri-pod and the patients to set everything.

    Great pictures and the new camera does a great job as well!


  15. Gee and I thought your hawk picture with the old one was really fine. I don't think I can compete here with all you camera pros. But I sure do enjoy seeing your pictures.

  16. If you ordered the AF zoom lense I was told you can't use the 2X converter. Also as Judy mentioned about getting the second camera body so you don't have to keep changing the lenses especially under dusty conditions. We also carry a smallpoint and shoot for the times when a DSLR is not practical. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  17. Yep,N Girl Gone Wild, that's you. Now you will have the best of both worlds. I still love my old camera like yours. Looking forward to more great photos on your blog.

  18. I also recently bought the Canon SX 50 HS for wildlife shooting, but also have a similar DSLR. Images are definitely sharper with the DSLR, but getting a decent shot with a zoom without a tripod is a challenge and happening to have the tripod set up correctly before the wildlife runs/flies away....Grr! Before we went to Yellowstone we rented a 500mm lens with incredible optics. It took amazing shots, but only at a long distance, of course, and was so heavy it had to be on a tripod. No easy answers for the truly gorgeous shot we all want!

  19. We have learned at Ding Darling that the famous bird photographers - Donald and Linda Stokes recommend the Canon SX-50 for taking great wildlife pictures. Enjoy!


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