Monday, April 22, 2013

Preparing to Leave


Ohio Key, Florida (high 85, low 75)

Our time here at Sunshine Key has ended for this trip.  We plan/hope to be back in November.

We have been playing so hard the past week that we had a lot to do yesterday.

Al spent most of the day outside in the 88 degree temperature, working on the boat.  He did some maintenance things preparing it for storage.

Nick, the guy we bought the boat from gave us the cover for it.  We’d never taken the cover out and looked at it, but Nick had given us some hints on how to cover it so that water didn’t pool, and would instead run right off.

We got the cover on, but there were 12 million little black straps of varying lengths.  We had no idea of what to put where and to top it off when you tightened some of these straps, they broke.    We had to go to “plan B” and use some rope we had on hand to tie it down.

Al finally got around to changing the two new fuel filters we bought for the motor home.  Our motto, is why do today what you can put off until tomorrow!   We decided to go ahead and change these filters since it looks like we will now be forced to buy biodiesel fuel.  We’ve heard the biodiesel clogs up the filters more quickly, especially when you’re just starting to use it.  They were due to be changed anyway.  

I spent most of the day inside cleaning, and doing laundry.  Boy, had we neglected things here!

By the time the day ended we were both exhausted and couldn’t get to bed soon enough.

During the middle of the night, we got some thunderstorms and a good amount of rain.  Of course, I was awake watching the radar and despite some ominous looking red patches on the radar, it wasn’t too bad.

There is a big patch of rain showing right now on the radar that is currently all the way between here and Naples, which is our destination for tonight.  I sure hope it moves off before we leave.  We hate to drive in the rain.

We have to drop the boat off at the storage lot after 10 am, so that will delay our departure.  Not that we’re moving too quickly this morning anyway. 

I’m always a little nervous that everything will work properly before we leave.   I’m hoping the incident with the slide not working will not cause another problem, but if it does, we’re in the Keys!   Maybe we’ll just stay!



  1. Not a bad place to get stuck. See you soon.

  2. Don't you just hate leaving a beautiful place! Thanks again for the photos you sent me. We are planning our tip to your little piece a paradise next spring. Looking forward to it.Safe travels.

  3. We'll be in Curry Hammock SP the first couple of weeks of November along with four other couples who were lucky enough to snag sites together. Hope to see ya there!

  4. Here's hoping the rain has stopped and you're on your way safely.

  5. Hope you have safe travels and everything comes together!

  6. I am sure it is very hard to leave such a beautful place. I am afraid I would want to just stay there full time! Hope the weather is good for your travels. Stay safe.

  7. I agree you are in a great place if you can choose a spot for a breakdown. No breakdown though would be a little better.

  8. Love your header and closing pictures. So beautiful. No wonder you don’t want to leave.

  9. You're leaving? Sniff, sniff, we're gonna' miss the Keys as much as you will after seeing all the fun you've had.

    May I suggest that you get another set of filters to have on hand. The biodiesel might shorten the filter life and you may find you have to change them sooner than you expect as the BD "cleans" the normal "gunk" in the fuel tank and lines.


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