Friday, April 26, 2013

Moving Day


Wesley Chapel, Florida (high 88, low 63)

I am up early enjoying another cool morning.  Al was out the door by 6ish, to do some of his early commercial pest control accounts. He only has a few more months, and then he will retire completely. 

We moved to a different campsite yesterday.  We are still at Quail Run Rv Resort, which is just outside  Tampa.  Now that the snowbirds are gone or leaving soon, there are more sites available and we wanted one of the coveted sites with no sun on the patio side.

We splurged and chose a perimeter site that backs up to the woods.  It’s so much nicer with no one in our back yard.  It’s also  right at the end of one street so you just drive up the street and back straight back into our site.  There are some nice trees beside us that give some shade but aren’t too big with branches hanging over the coach.  After the little storm and tornado went through here last year, I have become more aware of large trees over me. 

There a lot of birds around, including Bluebirds, and Al has already set up the birdfeeders. It’s nice having the windows open so that I can wake up to the sounds of birds singing.

There are a lot of deer in the woods behind us, so hopefully we’ll be able to enjoy watching them from our patio.  This campground is our home base.  It’s cheaper to pay the monthly rate and have our site available when we want it.  The rates triple in the winter, so we find it doesn’t cost us anymore to just keep the site year round.  That way, we have a site if Mom should have any medical problems and we need to be here. 

April is the month I most enjoyed when we lived up in Georgia.  That’s when our beautiful wisteria would bloom along with the azaleas and dogwood.


I always remember how beautiful our place was in the spring.


We loved our beautiful piece of paradise in Georgia, but we don’t regret selling the house.

I was just reminiscing, and thought I’d share some pictures from our beautiful property in Georgia.


Notice who is watching the birds?


A curious squirrel.


Of course spring brings  bird nests. These are 4 baby bluebirds that grew up and successfully fledged their nest.  We had a bluebird house that you could open the top and peek in.  We monitored them for parasites and kept the house baffled to prevent snakes or raccoons from getting to the babies.


Daddy feeding one of the babies.

Male Bluebird feeding Young

A just fledged baby bluebird.  Notice that cute little stubby tail?  When they first fledge, their tails are pretty short, but they soon grow to normal size.

Newly fledged baby Bluebird

Okay, enough reminiscing.


  1. Would love to see a photo of your new site at Quail Run. I'm trying to visualize which one you are in. Love the picture of the squirrel and the cats. Just darling. Glad to hear Al's full retirement date is coming up. I'll be he is too.

  2. We never thought once we hit the road FT that we'd have a "home" base. Now we're glad we do, just hoping to get my medical stuff done so we can roam a bit more.

    We had beautiful flowers and shrubs at our old stick house that bloomed three seasons. It was nice, but required lots of work. Glad somebody else is doing it now. :c)

  3. I have been so grateful for our home base here in AJ because of all Jim's medical issues the last couple of years. It is definitely cheaper by the year than it would be even by the month. I love the beautiful flowers but now we just drive around and enjoy them without having to do all the work. It sure will be party time when Al finally gets to retire.

  4. Nice to see those pics of your old Georgia property. I'm sure Al will enjoy his retirement as much as we all do.

  5. The flowers are beautiful. I have always loved wisteria. If I ever get Doug to go full time I will have to give a thought to having a home base thats available to us all the time. I too would like to see a pic of your site.

  6. Beautiful flowers! I had wisteria on a trellis at my house in CA. They smell so nice.

  7. I love these photos - especially the curious squirrel. He is also very brave! I'm glad you got the campsite you wanted. I always move around until I find the perfect site. As time goes by, we learn which ones we like best and the next time it's easier - just drive in and check out the "good" sites and hopefully one is available. I'll bet Al is looking forward to retiring - it's so much better than I thought it would be. :)

  8. Nice looking back, as you contemplate the next moves forward!

  9. I loved the reminiscing today. Beautiful photos, cute baby bird. Cute short tail ;-) That was one brave squirrel! I swear, they are smart little things, he knew the cat could not get to him!

  10. Wisteria is one of my favorites too. We planted one that eventually covered our whole back patio, but it sure did require a lot of pruning. Vic doesn't miss that part. I also miss my bird feeders, but we do carry one for times when we think we can attract birds in a park. Enjoy your new site at Quail Run.

  11. It was nice to see your Georgia pictures. I always like the wisteria and blue birds. Your new campsite is really nice.


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