Saturday, April 05, 2014

We Made it to Venture Out


Venture Out Resort, Cudjoe Key, Florida (high 84, low 74)


Yesterday was the day to move the motor home down to Venture Out.  It was probably the shortest move we have ever done at only about 15 miles. 

We had a few mishaps along the way.

Whenever we get ready to leave, I breath a sigh of relief when the engine starts, and the slides retract.  A year or so ago, we were all ready to leave and the living room slide wouldn’t retract.  We finally figured out that our motor home won’t let the slides retract if there is a bay that is not closed and locked properly. 

So yesterday, I breathed a sigh of relief when the slides retracted, but then we realized the bedroom slide didn’t go in all the way.  We pushed the button again and it didn’t go in any further. 

We didn’t see anything blocking the slide, and were getting concerned at this point.  Finally, I happened to notice Baxter's scratching post by the end of the bed. I had neglected to move it out of the way and it kept the slide from fully retracting.   We thought we might have damaged the slide motor, but fortunately all appears to be well.

We had been a little concerned about getting the motor home into the site.  It’s a pull through site, but you have to negotiate a curve in the road to pull into the site.  With a rig as long as ours, we thought there might be an issue.  There was, but we made it in.

When Al pulled in, and we realized we were a little too close to the pedestal for the slide to open properly.  He had to move over a little to the right but be careful not to get too close to the patio.

Once we got the basics hooked up, Al reminded me that it was “Philly Friday” at the Square Grouper restaurant.  Off we went for their Friday Philadelphia cheese steak lunch special.

We finally had the opportunity to sit outside for happy hour in our new site.  The site already looks a lot prettier with the mats and the few decorations we have.

Venture Out

The concrete slab to the left of the truck is going to be a problem when we try to pull forward to leave.  You really need to clear it before you turn, but if we do we will run into the house in front of us.  That piece may have to go.  Some of these lots were designed around a small little mobile home, not a big motor home.

The next picture is our view from our patio.  There is another rv lot right there, but fortunately nobody is there very often.  You can see the rust spot where the rear of a motor home went.  A doctor owns the spot and he brings his motor home over occasionally for guests.  I understand he may be thinking of selling the motor home, so we’re afraid he might sell the lot.  It’s perfect for us right now, because we have the appearance of a much larger lot without having many people there.  If someone decides to put a house there, it will ruin our nice view.

Pretty nice view from our patio, isn’t it?

Venture Out

If you look closely you will see the Atlantic ocean.


This isn’t all our lot, but it feels like it!

Venture Out

We took a walk over to the marina last night.  We didn’t realize the streets were so dark.  Next time, we’ll bring a flash light.  

This morning, we watched the sun rise over the Atlantic.   We’re waiting for you Merikay and Craig!




Too pretty to chose just one picture.




The winds have died down, so it looks like a good day to go out on the boat.


  1. Very nice lot! Love the shot of the sunrise too :-)

  2. Maybe you could buy the lot, then rent it to people you like for short term visits, this maintaining your privacy. Maybe another good lot investment.

  3. Your site looks lovely already.

    Gorgeous sunset photos.

  4. Nice that you are all settled in. Lovely sunrise photos too.

  5. Beautiful spot you have there! I know you will make lots of memories there!
    Nice sunset!
    Enjoy your boating day.....

  6. But where will you put your hot tub?? ;)

  7. Your site is very nice! It is amazing what a little TLC and personalization can do!

  8. I always double and triple check to make sure I have everything out of the way when we pull in the slides. I forgot something one time - I don't anymore. Glad there was no damage to the motor. You are really going to enjoy your new spot.

  9. You can now breathe a sigh of relief and sit back and enjoy your fabulous new spot in the Keys. Love that you can take in the sunrise just by walking a short way. What a beautiful tropical setting.

  10. Your site looks really nice with a few plants and chairs, etc. Gorgeous shots of the water with the palms and the sun rising. Just think, you can see that every day. Nice!! :)

  11. You're going to love having your own place in the Keys to stay as long as you want any time you want. Waterfront or not, it looks great.

  12. Glad your move went fairly smoothly. A few more times coming and going you'll have it down pat.
    Kathy and I have been missing the Keys since we left.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  13. Glad to see you have finally arrived!! Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy:o))

  14. Welcome home, weary travelers! Your MH looks terrific in your new lot.

    I had a problem with my slide not coming in the other day. It was because the slide lock button had been tripped when I cleaned my dash the day before. It bummed me at first until I tried releasing the lock button. I never knew that there was an interlock on the slide lock, it wasn't even in my Winnebago manual.

  15. Congratulations on your piece of paradise! We haven't been to the Keys since 2005, but if all goes well, we're hoping to visit again next winter. We love it!
    - Mary Ann

  16. your MH looks fantastic on that gorgeous exciting for you


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