Wednesday, April 02, 2014

UFO’s in the Florida Keys


We are landlocked again as the wind is still blowing at about 15-20.

After so many rv’s left yesterday, we found that we had a beautiful ocean view from our campsite.  Who knew?    We are several rows from the water and up until yesterday, there were rv’s filling up each row in front of us, blocking our view.

We enjoyed our beautiful waterfront view until the Airstreams started to arrive and again blocked our view.    Oh well.  I guess if you want a waterfront view, you have to pay waterfront prices.   I meant to take a picture, but was too late.   Our view now is of two Airstreams.  Oh well.  We will be leaving here soon anyway.

Bridgett (who is on our Rv site at Venture Out) called yesterday to let us know the mechanic was there putting in the new alternator.   They hope to leave today.   She explained reason the engine overheated was because the belt broke, I think when the alternator failed.  They seem  to like the mobile diesel mechanic, so we’ve gotten his name and phone number, just in case we ever need him.


A few weeks ago when we were at Venture Out, we noticed an interesting object pretty far offshore.  


I zoomed in with my “stalker” zoom lens on my camera and this is what I saw.


What the heck is that?     A UFO  (unidentified floating object?)   It seemed to change as I watched it.


Yesterday, here at Sunshine Key, we were looking offshore to find a special island that has one big tree on it.  It’s supposed to be near a good fishing hole we were trying to locate.

When I zoomed in, here is what I saw.


It appears to be floating on top of the water.


Any ideas what we’re looking at?  It appeared to be moving.


We’ve been catching a few movies while we’re waiting for the March winds to die down.   Someone forgot to tell the winds that is’ now April.

Last night we watched,  Twelve Years a Slave.  Wow.  It was so well done.  The actors were great and the story very interesting, but it was very, very disturbing.   I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch it, but I’m glad I did.   It’s amazing how people can justify treating people like that.   

A few days ago, we watched The Wolf of Wall Street.   It was also very good, and also very disturbing.

We’re trying to decide when to move down to Venture Out.   We’re assuming our renters will be leaving today, but we don’t know for sure. We’re hoping the winds will die down soon and we’ll be back on the water.  We want to move on a non-boating day.  


  1. My guess would be parts of a drilling rig. Good luck with the move to the new lot.

  2. water does some strange things when light is reflected, as does air. Who knows?!?! We got the same movie to watch tonight....hopefully the good outweighs the disturbing.

  3. The last photo looks to me like a giant pepper grinder on it's side.

  4. If there is an invasion, you better be ready to get out of there in a New York minute.

  5. UFO's? I think you've been enjoying your happy hours a wee bit too much! :cD

  6. Ha Ha to Paul's comment! I agree...


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