Saturday, February 15, 2014

Waiting out the “Cold” Front


Sunshine Key Rv Resort and Marina, Ohio Key, Florida  (high 73, low 63)


I hope everyone had a nice Valentines Day. We don’t make much of the day.  I let him off the hook since he treats me so nice every day. 

The cold front  arrived here Thursday, and the temperature started dropping and got down to 62 that night.  I know that doesn’t seem cold to many of you, but believe me, with the wind and humidity, it feels pretty chilly.  It’s only supposed to reach 73 today, which is about 10 degrees below normal.   We ended up putting on long pants and jackets for our evening walk.


Al has been working on the  boat.  As I mentioned on my last post,  someone at the marina tightened the boat plug too much, and Al hasn’t been able to remove it.  It’s a brass screw in plug that is only supposed to be snugged in.  Al worked and worked, and never could get the plug to budge.    He finally had to remove the entire plug assembly and replace it with a brand new one.  We are going to send Markey’s Marina the old one so that the owner can see what was done.   They should have known better. After he got the new plug assembly in, he worked on the bilge pump and a few other small repairs.  It’s an old boat, so it needs a little TLC.  While he did that I did a little cleaning and polishing.


I tried an interesting egg free “egg salad” recipe yesterday.  Well, not so much a recipe as I just tested adding a few ingredients to see what I would get.  I had seen some recipes for eggless omelets and egg salad using this special kind of “black” salt that has an “eggy” taste.   Surprisingly, it turned out pretty good.

I started with a block of tofu and diced it into small pieces.


Then, I sprinkled some Nutritional Yeast in the tofu.


I added some Indian Black Kala Namak salt.  It’s amazing how much this stuff tastes like eggs.  I don’t know why it’s called black salt because it’s really a beige color.


I mixed all the ingredients together, and warmed them in a pan. 

Next, I cooked a few slices of “bacon”



Then I put it all on a nice piece of Cuban bread.  It was pretty darn good. 


I’m going to try a vegan omelet next.


We’re planning on taking the boat out for it’s second “maiden voyage”.  I hope this trip turns out better than the first one! 


Vic and Pam  Vic and Pam are here now, so we’re planning on meeting up with them at the Sunset Grill and a kayak trip when it warms up a little.  


  1. Oh that's too bad. We are here too! What is your site number? We are getting ready to leave today from # 164. If you like why don't you swing by!

  2. I have never heard of that spice either. Very interesting.

  3. Although it is not cold here at all, I think 70's would be wonderful. In fact I have always thought that to be perfect weather. 80's is getting pretty warm unless there is a nice breeze, and 90's is to hot for my old mid-west system. Of course all this is blather. We will work with whatever temperatures there are anywhere.

  4. Good luck with the weather warming up and your second maiden voyage with the boat.

  5. Glad you got the plug out. The first time I took Catherine boating I told her to put the plug in. One of the rubber ones. Unfortunately, she did not know that she need to twist it to snug it in. A short while later- we were sinking. Scary then- a funny memory now.

  6. Fingers crossed for a great second voyage. Our AZ boat is an older one and it also needs lots of TLC on a regular basis.

  7. The weather forecast sure looks good for next week. Hoping we can get together for sunset or a paddle sometime soon. Good luck on the second maiden voyage!

  8. Don't forget your life jackets...just in case! And make sure your Sea Tow subscription is paid up. Murphy seems to be paying too much attention to your boat... ;c)

  9. Say hello to Vic and Pam for us. They are great people! Thanks for the eggy salt taste idea. We do scrambled tofu a lot so this might be interesting. Is it easy to find?


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