Thursday, February 13, 2014

Caught in the Middle


Our nearly two week run of perfect weather came to an abrupt end yesterday.  The nasty  winter storm that is bringing so much snow to the east coast, came to the Keys in a wind and rain event.

We saw the squall line heading south across Florida, but never dreamed it would make it this far.  It must have been a pretty powerful storm.

We actually were caught in the middle between two nasty storms.  One was approaching form the northwest and the other from the southwest.  We could see them closing in on us and the radar looked pretty ugly.

We lucked out and most of the strong storms skirted right around us.  We had a few moments where the motorhome shook pretty hard, but very little rain and lightning.

The southern front is gone, but the northern one is still trying to move through, so it’s cloudy, windy, and raining off an on.  Once it moves past, our temps will drop and I think the sun will appear.  Well, I was right…..the sun just peeped through!  Yay!

No boating today for sure.  There are small craft warnings due to the strong winds.

Although the wind won’t allow us to go boating, at least the  boat is back home with us.  They brought it back yesterday afternoon, but since there were storms coming, we decided not to take it out for a test run.

The manufacturer of the motor Johnson/Bombardier has been informed of the faulty workmanship, and have requested all the parts be sent back to them.  Hopefully, the person who worked on that part will be chastised.

The only thing we’re unhappy about, is someone at the dealer tightened the brass plug on the boat too much, and Al can’t get it out.  He wanted to remove the plug before the rain, but couldn’t get it loose.  He was not a happy camper.  I don’t know what he will do.


Before the rain yesterday, we did manage to get a few pictures while the sun was out and the water was calm.

View from Sunshine Key Bridge



This is what our view would be from our lot in Georgia.  This from the webcam at Brasstown Bald Mountain.

I’m sure glad we’re not there.

Brasstown Bald, 2-12-2014


  1. That picture of Georgia looks familiar. Looks like we have the exact same weather conditions. Oh, to be in the Keys right now! :c(

  2. BRRR! Georgia looks freezing cold! The keys would be the place to be right now!

  3. We can't believe how much snow there is in the Georgia/South Carolina areas. So glad we're not there!

  4. Russ read a report today that said 49 states had snow on the ground at some location - only Florida was snow free. That's gotta be nice!

  5. We got that big storm last night. Rocking winds and huge thunder. Tornado watch. What?? I thought all I had to worry about in Florida was hurricanes and this isn't the season for it. Glad it slipped by you and the sun has come out. Maybe boating tomorrow if it isn't all filled up with rain. Just kidding!

  6. At least you have the boat back , now just need to have some nice weather to use it.
    At least the weather is better there than Georgia.

  7. Georgia looks nasty alright. Even with some rain and wind in the Keys at least its nice and warm.

  8. Glad you made it thru the storm! Hope the boat works fine when you take her out! Our friends from here left today for Hiawassee. They are going to freeze! Should be getting warmer here though!


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