Monday, February 03, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday, Keys Style


Sunshine Key Rv Resort and Marina, Ohio Key, Florida  (high 81, low 73)


Our weather continues to be perfect.  There isn’t  much variation from day to day. It’s in the low  80’s during the daytime, and low 70’s at night.    I’m always surprised how consistent the weather is here.  Some people might get bored with the consistency, but not us.   

So, how do you spend Super Bowl Sunday in the Keys?

Well, we started out with some coffee and computer time, then a walk around the island.  Once the sun comes up, it starts getting pretty warm inside, so we have to turn on the AC pretty early.   I love the cool mornings, but they just don’t last long enough.  I’m not complaining though.

It looked like a pretty good day for a kayak trip, but just to be sure we walked over and looked.  We are close to the water, but can’t see if from our site. It’s so nice to be close enough to check out the conditions first.  We can also tell whether to launch on the Atlantic or Bay side.

Sometimes you get that perfect day, where the winds and currents are light and the water is crystal clear.  Unfortunately, those days are rare, and yesterday was not one of those days.

We decided the beach launch site was a little choppy, so we opted to launch from the marina, which is blocked from the wind a little.  The water in the marina was very clear, but since the tide was high, we couldn’t see all the tropical fish in the mangroves.

We headed out of the channel and again found some pretty strong currents.  I don’t know what’s up with all the strong currents.  It’s not supposed to be like that without a full moon.

We paddled over to the old dilapidated dock.  It’s not safe to walk on,  but no one told the cormorants.



When we kayak in the Keys, we like to putz around and look at the fish and birds.  More floating, than paddling.  Unfortunately, the current kept trying to take us out to sea, so we couldn’t relax much.

The water wasn’t real clear either, so  we looked for a place to sit back and relax.

It looks like Al found one.


His thinking was that he would take a short nap, and I would watch to make sure he didn’t drift too far.   Wrong.  If he’s taking a nap, I want one too!

We decided to head towards the Atlantic side, going underneath the bridge.



We got underneath the bridge and headed towards the Atlantic side, but soon realized it was pretty choppy there too.



We puttered around this area for a while and found some pretty blue water.

paddling in the Keys


Naptime again?


We stayed out a few hours, then decided to go home and have a late lunch.  I made another BLT on Cuban bread.  Yummy.

After lunch, we went into town for some wings (real ones, not vegan substitutes) for Super Bowl.  He had planned on fresh Key West shrimp, but they guy that normally sells them at the flea market wasn’t there.  Darn.


When we got home, Al connected the new boat lights, and after a bit of tinkering, we have trailer lights again.  Yay.

While he did that I read a little more of my Steve Jobs book.   What an interesting guy he was.  He wasn’t always the nicest person, but he was definitely interesting.

By this time it was time for the big game, so we went inside.  Al watched the game, and I went to “my room” and watched a movie.   I’m one of the few people in America that isn’t interested in watching the Super Bowl.   I watched Bruno Mars this morning, and the best commercials I’ve already watched on Facebook.

So, that’s how you spend Super Bowl Sunday in the Keys.

Tomorrow is the day we take our boat for it’s new motor.  We are very anxious to get it back so that we can get it out on the water.  The kayaks are nice, but the boat is better.


  1. There were two different "viewing areas" at our SuperBowl party last night as well. Had the sound turned down on the small TV in the kitchen, so if you wanted to sit and chat it was a bit easier than trying to talk over the very loud boys in the next room. Too loud for me. I stayed in the kitchen. You only need to see when the ball is snapped after all.

  2. I spent the afternoon at a museum. Much more interesting than a football game.

  3. Love the "nap" pictures. Our friends went kayaking in the Colorado River and one of them went over and under because the current was so strong. Boats with motors work better for me.

  4. Craig loves his games. Me, not so much. I did some needlepoint and enjoyed the seven layer dip he made.

    No one has ever said you have to eat vegan 100% of the time.

  5. I watched the game in CA with my parents. It was nice to watch it earlier in the day :-) I was highly disappointed with the outcome, and the commercials this year. Oh well, there's always next year.

  6. Quite an active Superbowl day (except for the kayak naps)!!

    We watched the game with friends and cheered on the Seahawks! Great game!

  7. Well, we're in the same non Super Bowl watching mode as you. Yawn... ;c)


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