Sunday, December 13, 2015

So Long Live Writer (again). Tested Blogger. It FAILED

Add me to the list of unhappy bloggers who hate trying to write a blog through Blogger.  If you've never used Live Writer, you have no idea how much better it is.

Blogger really is  cumbersome and if Live Writer doesn't come back up,  I'm not sure I'll be blogging as often either. Of course, since we're stuck in Tampa caring for my Mother, we're not doing anything blog worthy anyway.

When we first started camping years ago, I started writing a journal and included photos in the journal.    I enjoyed looking back on our camping trips, and it was easy and fast.

I still like to journal our trips so that I can go back and refresh my memory, check what kind of weather we were having, campsites, or places we went.   This might be a good option for those of you who mainly want to document your travels.  I do not think I will use Word Press. I don't like that platform either, but never say never.

My main issue with Blogger is that it takes so darn long to upload a photo.  I never quite know which photos I want to include, or what order, so I choose my photos as the blog progresses.  With LW, you select a photo and BAM, it's there.  You can write the entire post offline and post it later.  You do not need an internet connection.

OK.   Now I'm going to add a few pictures to see if anything has changed for the better.

First picture....didn't take too long to load, but I have fast internet here.

Okay, lets try to add more than one at a time.

Tried it.  It took way too long to upload 3 pictures so I quit.

NOPE.  Not going to do it.  If Live Writer doesn't come back, I won't be using Blogger either.


  1. Not sure why it takes so long to load pictures. I write my text in MS word and just paste in into blogger and load pictures directly into blogger. Currently loading ten or more pictures at a time and it is very fast (from my own WIFI).

  2. I only use Blogger, can get on the page disconnect the ineternet and write it. Edit photos in Picasa select the ones I want to post, move to a folder on my computer and downsized at the same time. I have uploaded as many as 54 pics to a posting in a matter of minutes using our verizon MIFI. Then just cut and paste them where I want in the blog. Our upload the pics usually and I write my posting around the pics.
    Never used live writer, not available for a Mac.

    1. Phew...that sounds like way too much effort, but I may have to resort to that method.

  3. WP takes little time, it looks and feels more cumbersome than it really is. Take a few deep breaths and give it a try. One should never stop moving forward with new skills, it is then the mind starts to deplete....

  4. I've sucked it up and gone back to using Blogger until something gets fixed with LW. How else would I be able to publish my corny Christmas cartoons? ;c)

  5. Never having been a fan of Live Writer is probably why i'm not feeling the pinch others are writing about. Chuck described exactly how I've done it since day one and the only problems we've ever had were not the fault of Blogger.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. Are you de-rezzing your pictures? I use Picasa to export them and resize to
    800 pixels. They don't take that long to load, even on the jetpack with limited bandwidth. If you leave them full size, they will take some time to upload.

  7. Don't be afraid of WordPress, Karen. I am getting used to it more and more, and just discovered that LiveWriter works with it extremely well and very fast. My biggest problem with blogger/livewriter was getting posts to publish. Sometimes took forever, especially when on the MiFi, but even here on Charter internet, they took a long time. You will be surprised if you give it a try. And it is kinda fun to play with, and you don't have to eliminate your blogger blog right away, or ever if you don't want to.


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