Sunday, November 02, 2014

Snow in the Mountains



Blairsville, Ga, (high 50, low 27)

I can’t remember the last time we’ve been anywhere where the weather was cold as it was yesterday.  The high temperature was only 37 degrees.   The wind was whipping all day long, with the occasional strong gusts that shook the motor home.  The sun never came out, so that made it even worse. 

It was too cold for the heat pumps, but fortunately our two little quartz heaters kept us nice and toasty all day without having to run the furnace.  Our furnace is our least favorite option for heat.  It’s noisy, and the dry air bothers our sinuses.   We turned the furnace on a few times, just to make sure it still worked and to heat up the basement.  We also kept the bay heaters turned on all day.

Today should be a better day.  The sun is already coming out, so we’ll soon be getting some nice free solar power!

We went up to the local favorite Jim’s Smokin’ Que yesterday for some bbq and Brunswick stew.  Afterwards, we decided to take a drive to check out the snow at higher elevations.

Brasstown Bald mountain is the highest peak in Georgia, so we headed that direction.

Despite the wind and cold, there was still some pretty color.


The higher the elevation, the more snow we saw.

snow on the mountains

It looks so cold up there.

snow on the mountains

It was a pretty ride.

snow on the mountains



snow on the mountains


We got up to Brasstown, we discovered the road leading to the visitor center was closed because of all the snow on the road.

snow on the mountains

It’s a pretty steep road with sheer drop offs, so I guess that was a good idea.  I’ll bet it was pretty from the top of the mountain.

snow on the mountains

A lot of other people had the same idea, I guess.


Someone made a snowman!


It was a small snowman. Can you see it?

Al with snowman

This guy was going hiking.   Burrrrrr

going hiking

These people were having a snowball fight. Notice the snowball I caught in midair?

throwing snowballs

We didn’t stay too long, because we turned the heaters off while we were gone and the little darlins were probably freezing.  :)   Just because they have fur, doesn’t mean they don’t get cold too.


snow on the mountains

This is a view of our campground.  You can see the trees are getting pretty bare.

Rivers Edge

There is still some nice color around the campground though.


Right across the street from our lot.

Rivers Edge


Our lot.

Rivers Edge lot 49 fall color

Since it was so bitter cold yesterday, we got nothing done in our preparations to head south.  We we won’t be leaving tomorrow.   Al still needs to drain the waterheater and washing machine in the cabin.  The hot tub also needs draining, cleaning and winterizing.  Hopefully the weather today will be more conducive to working outside.

We love our little home in the mountains, but I think it’s time to head south.

What do you think?

saltwater pool at Venture Out


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  2. If you get cold just looking at our pictures, you should try stepping outside the door. It's still REALLY cold (at least that's what Al tells me-I haven't actually been outside) LOL

  3. We're so glad we beat the snow. We're hitting the Florida border in the morning. (Monday 11/3).

  4. It's cold here too, though no snow, and I sure wish we were heading south. Your last pictures looks WONDERFUL! Are you heading straight down there? I sure would.

    1. I think we're heading straight back to Wesley Chapel. Wish it was to the Keys though!

  5. Like everyone else the wind is what is making it cold for us. Further north is already white but as far as we're concerned it can wait until after we're gone to hit our area.
    54 days before we are on the road and 120 before we make the Keys. Looking forward to the sunshine and warmth.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. That is enough pictures of snow, thank you very much! ;c)

  7. No snow here, we like that much better, better get further south soon.

  8. Snow is so pretty in pictures. Hope you are able to head south soon.

  9. You should come to Florida! It's quite nice here at Little Manatee Springs SP, south of Tampa.

  10. Correction: Little Manatee River SP. It is cool, but not cold.
    We are going for a nice walk later. You warned me Florida would be hot.

    1. Just wait until you get towards the gets really warm there.

  11. We had a little snow and sleet in the air here in Kentucky last week too. I will be so ready for somewhere warm when we leave here. I love the photos with the beautiful trees and the even the snow!


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