Monday, October 27, 2014

Loss of 12 v Power


 Blairsville, GA  (high 78, low 48)

We awoke yesterday  morning to no 12 volt power.  We have no air conditioning, no heat, no hot water, no lights, and no fans.   You don’t realize how important 12v power is until you lose it.

The electric outlets still work, the TV works, and thankfully the outlet for the coffee pot works.  The refrigerator also still works, so we can have both cocktails,and coffee in in the am.   :)

Al has checked the batteries, connections, and everything else we can think of.   The battery cut-off/salesman switch has not been accidently disconnected.

The inverter seems to be running as normal. 

I went online to a Monaco Coach forum and got some really good suggestions.  We think the solenoid for the battery cut-off switch has failed.  Apparently, this is a very common issue and many people just bypassed the solenoid without replacing it.  We don’t use it anyway.  

A very nice man in Mississippi by the name of Chuck had me send him pictures, and he told us exactly how to bypass the solenoid.  He thinks that is our problem after having Al do a few tests.  We are reluctant to mess with it ourselves, because we are afraid of messing up something else, or blowing up the coach.

We called our mobile RV tech yesterday morning and left a message.  We decided if he could come, we would let him repair the problem.  If he couldn’t, we would consider plan B.   Fortunately, he can make it today, despite the fact that he’s also getting ready to head south for the winter in a few days.  Thank goodness.   Now, if it’s just as simple as we think/hope it is.

Wish us luck.  It seems every time we are getting ready to leave, something happens.   I guess it’s par for the course in Rv living.

Merikay and Craig left this morning, with Merikay driving.  They should be getting close to Atlanta by now, where they’re stopping at a Trader Joe’s.   Brave  folks, they are! 

Bye, Merikay and Craig!  


  1. Hope the guy came and everything is fixed by now. We took a drive this morning and KY is starting to get some color finally.

  2. Our system doesn't even have a solenoid just the battery disconnect switch. If it isn't the solenoid try the disconnect switch.
    We'll be back in your neighborhood in 126 days. Hopefully we'll have a chance to get a few more visits in this year.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. we had the same problem before it was our mater fuse by the batteries under our steps... a small then strip of metal rated at 50 amps

  4. Here's luck to you. I'll be interested in the solution to your problem. Thank goodness you still have the 110V so you could have your coffee. I'd hate to see you have to face the day without any... ;c)

  5. Good luck with your repair, then you canb get on the road again.

  6. October 28, 2014

    Sometime locating the solenoid is the most work. A temporary fix use one jumper cable from one post to the other heavy post. You can operate anything with that connection. I moved the wires putting both wires on the same post of the solenoid.



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