Friday, October 17, 2014

Festivals, Scenic Byways and Piglets


Blairsville, Georgia (high 72, low 48)


We’ve had well over a week of rainy, cloudy weather.  We’re ready for some sunshine and it looks like it will start today.

Despite the rainy, cloudy weather, we’ve been to a couple of the fall festivals.  First, was the local Sorghum Festival here in Blairsville.   I posted about it last year, so the only new thing we saw this year was this bunch of adorable piglets.

Aren’t they sweet?  Most of the time they spent rubbing up against something scratching themselves.  They were the itchiest little things!  Mama was busy rooting in the dirt.


On  Wednesday, we went to the Georgia Mountains Fall Festival in Hiawassee.  It’s held at the Georgia Mountain Fairground, and is by far the best venue for any of these many festivals.   The venue is big, well laid out and beautiful.  They have a beautiful campground on the lake, right across the street.  After the crowds at the JC Campbell Folk festival, I decided this is my favorite festival. 

The vendors and crafters are set up in old style unpainted buildings, which look like they’ve been built a hundred years ago.  Everything blends in with the surroundings and it’s very pretty.   Especially in the fall.

Hiawassee Mountain Fair

They have different musicians every day.  Most of them are country performers.  The tickets are $12, but for the price of admission, you get to see the daily show.  This is where we saw John Berry last summer.

We saw Ronnie McDowell this time.  He’s been around a long time, playing at the Grand Ole Opry, and has both written and sung some hit songs, including  Older Women Make Good Lovers, and You’re going to Ruin my Bad Reputation.  He and Conway Twitty also sang the hit duet, It’s Only Make Believe.

My wonderful (and fairly new) little Canon digital camera has quit working, so I used my old Canon.   I never could quite get it set right to take photos in the dark music hall, so I didn’t get a decent picture. 

Ronnie McDowell put on a great show, but the opening act, was another story.  The Paris Dancers were a group of seniors ranging from 56 to 81 years old.   They sang and danced, but it all seemed to be in slow motion.   :) 

The fair ends tomorrow. It’s well worth the price of admission.

After the concert, we were surprised to come outside and see it raining pretty hard.  We had to wait it out and by the time the rain quit, most everyone had left the grounds.

It was nice and peaceful.   And pretty.


They have a lot of displays.  An old school house, an old farm house, country store, and much more.  We didn’t have any crowds to fight.

We were told that in the old days, people would grow green beans, and then hang them up to dry during the winter.  These dry brown things are green beans.  When they got hungry for veggies during the long winter, they would rehydrate the beans and eat them.  Yum.  :)

The round things are dried tobacco.




The dogwoods were pretty.

Hiawassee Mountain Fair

Hiawassee Mountain Fair

There is a huge building with a lot of old tools, toys, appliances, farm equipment and much more.  It’s very interesting to see all this old stuff.

Hiawassee Mountain Fair

Old toys.


Remember these?

Hiawassee Mountain Fair



It would have been nice, if they would have had a sign on these items. I have no idea what these things are.

Hiawassee Mountain Fair

This old school bus was determined to be from about 1938.  It was parked right behind the school house.



Yesterday, we took a drive into Blue Ridge and got the oil changed in the truck, then took a drive along the Richard Russell Scenic Highway.  We were glad to see the leaves hadn’t all blown from the trees after last week-ends storms.

The leaves are just starting to turn in the lower elevations.



It went from sunny to cloudy off and on all day.

I love the “smoke” on the mountains.

Track Rock



It rained for a while.


The color was better at the higher elevations, but still not at the peak yet.

Richard B Russell Scenic Highway

Richard B Russell Scenic Highway

Richard B Russell Scenic Highway


We turned around and drove back down the mountain, passing an Appalachian Trailhead, and then some thick fog/clouds.

It went from sunny, to this.

Appalachian Trail

And to this. about a half minute later.





Back, closer to home. This is our road leading to the campground.  Note the yellow field on the right.  That is the soybean field that was such a lush green just a few weeks ago.

Rivers Edge


We have friends visiting in nearby Murphy, NC this week-end.  They are looking at some property for an rv lot.  We’re going to meet them sometime today…..and we’re hoping they will want to go to Shoe Booties Restaurant.   I’ve been dreaming of their lasagna all summer.


  1. Great pictures of the area and the festival. I love the old tools too.

  2. Love the piglets. We saw a big pig today and all he could do was scratch. Must be a pig thing.

  3. That's a lot of (future) bacon! You certainly got your monies worth out of that festival. Very interesting displays of days gone by. With that 1938 school bus still alive and kicking, makes you think that instead of buying an RV, you should convert one from a school bus. It would certainly last longer... ;c)

  4. Love the local fall festivals, always fun times.

  5. You are in some beautiful country and such a perfect season!!! favorite ever!!! Taking in a lot of your past posts...what fun!!


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