Thursday, August 07, 2014

Wildlife Wars


Blairsville, Ga  (high 87, low 65)


We’ve been working on spiffing up our other Rv lot, in preparation for our next visitors.  Have you figured out who is coming to Blairsville?   They are fellow bloggers and fulltimers.  We are anxious to meet them.

We spent most of the day Tuesday working on the lot, planting things, moving rocks, cleaning the shed, and pressure washing the concrete.  

Rivers Edge lot 53

When we reached the point where we were exhausted and could work no more, we moved up the normal time four our  happy hour golf cart ride,  had a quick dinner, and we were soaking in the hot tub by 7 pm.   We were in bed before the sun even set!  We were two tired people!


Yesterday, we worked around the motor home in the morning.  I set up my new $49 HP printer.  I finally gave up on the piece of junk Epson “Small in One” printer that was fairly new, and caused me so many problems.

My new cheapy HP is so much nicer.  Sometimes it’s better to just cut your losses and move on.  Life it too short for that much stress.


While I worked on my chores, Al worked on the Fantastic Fan.  It started squealing yesterday, so he took it apart, oiled it,  and gave it a much over due cleaning.

We are surprised how many people we talk to that run their AC all night and don’t take advantage of their Fantastic Fans.

One of the things we like most about living in an Rv, is to sleep with the windows open, the AC turned off and a nice cool breeze blowing in from the Fantastic Fan.  We never could get this much breeze in our homes.

What if there is no breeze outside?   Then you make your own with your Fantastic Fan.

The better word might be “wind” than breeze.

Here is what you do.

Turn  on the Fantastic Fan , with it set to exhaust out of the Rv.   Close all of the other windows, except the one by your bed (or whereever you want the breeze).   All that air that leaves the Rv through the fan, comes back in with the cooler outside air, and it comes in strong.

The more windows you leave open, the less air you will get in each of them.  We prefer only the bedroom window open.

As long as it’s 73 degrees  or less outside, we have a nice cool breeze at night.   No outside breeze?  No problem with the Fantastic Fan. 

We love the nice fresh mountain air and we love it chilly enough to need blankets. We will continue doing this even to the point where we’ll need our electric blankets!  We love it cool when we sleep, but we want to be toasty warm under the covers!    Try it, you’ll like it!



Another project yesterday was a trip to town to get some bird repellant!  

Yes, I said bird repellant.

Normally we try to attract birds.  We have several bird feeders, that we keep full of sunflower hulls, and cracked peanuts. No shells to crack open for our birds.   Al keeps the feeders clean and full and we are happy to have lots of birds.

That is until two days ago when we noticed this.

goldfinshes eating my zinnas

Notice the three pretty yellow goldfinches sitting in my zinnias?   They are chowing down on the seeds and ruining my flowers.

goldfinches eating my zinnias

We bought some net to cover the plants.  We were concerned the birds might get caught on the net, but they seem to avoid the plants alltogether.  Of course, the flowers don’t look very pretty covered in net.  Anybody have any other ideas?   Someone mentioned hanging some CD’s and the bright reflection would scare them away.  


We have yet to see our first bear of the season, but we’re always on the the lookout.  We thought Baxter might have seen one recently.

The other night, I was laying in bed with the window open (and the cold breeze blowing in).  Baxter was cold and cuddled up between me and Al.

All of a sudden Baxter got up, went to the window and started sniffing and looking out the window.  I looked outside too but saw nothing but darkness. His cat eyes must have seen something because he growled, then ran down the hall like he was scared.  I wondered if he saw a bear, or maybe a coyote.  We checked the next morning for any signs of wildlife, but saw nothing.  Last night, we set up our wildlife camera, but nothing showed up.


The following are some recent photos from our golf cart rides and walks on the side roads near the park.   Lots of deer and turkey, but no bears.   : (




I thought the sun looked pretty shining on the soybeans.


We just learned about the buckeye trees and their treasured seeds.  This is one.  They will start falling off in a month or so and everyone hunts for them.


They end up looking like this.


They are supposed to bring good luck.  We will be on the look out for them.

We don’t get much of a sunset here, but we thought the color was pretty last night.



  1. We love our fantastic fan too. And use it just the way you described. We don't much like air conditioning and only use it as a last resort.

  2. We don't use our fantastic fan, it's only in the living room, and it makes so much noise! I do believe I know who's paying a visit! Very nice! We met them several years ago at their house, and they came to our wedding a couple years ago, they are great people!

  3. You spilled the beans in a previous post talking about biking up the hills. You will enjoy your guests!

  4. We use our Fantastic Fan in the same manner. It really moves a lot of air if you close down windows as you describe and let the fan "pull in" air thru the closest window.
    I like having the windows open at night.

  5. It's nice to have cooler weather and not run the a/c. We have two FFs and use them a lot.

  6. When we were kids we used to hollow out the buckeye seeds and make rings out of them. It's been years since we've seen buckeye seeds since we moved away from Illinois many years ago. Nice memories.

  7. I'm with you, forget the AC, just have the fresh air. I had no idea those Ohio Buckeye trees made it down to Georgia.

  8. We would love to only use the Fantastic as well, and we do whenever we can. . .but the minute the campfires start. . .that's it for me. . .not worth an asthma attack!


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