Sunday, August 10, 2014

Looking for Gold and Finding Classic Cars


Blairsville, GA  (high 79, low 67)

Armed with a metal detector,we went down to the river on Thursday on a hunt for gold.  If you remember from a previous post, nearby Dahlonega, Georgia was the home of the first gold rush.  Al was hoping to find a nugget or two leftover.   :)    


There are a lot of pretty rocks with flakes of fools gold in them. 


We found three blobs of what appeared to be melted metal.  They were gold-ish in color when they were wet, but once they dried you could barely detect any gold color.

They metal detector picked them up, so we know they were some sort of metal.  We’re not hopeful they are gold, but thy are metal and we are curious what exactly they are.

gold nuttets

They are shiny and look slightly more gold color in person than they do in the pictures.

They are very lightweight.

gold nuttets

Anybody have any ideas of what they could be?  They have a definite gold color to them, but not as yellow as real gold.  They were found in completely separate locations.

We didn’t strike it rich, but we had a fun day.


We had a lazy day at home on Friday with rain off and on most of the day.  It was a good day to nap and get caught up on Tyrant, which is a new Tv series we’ve recorded.

It’s a great series and we highly recommend it. It’s a great story about good vs. evil.  I think evil is winning.

“Bassam "Barry" Al-Fayeed, the younger son of an infamous Middle-Eastern tyrant, has been running from his past for 20 years. Now living as a doctor in the USA, he has an American wife, son and daughter, and no desire to revisit his familial origins. However, when he is reluctantly compelled to return to his home country (the fictional Abbudin) for a family wedding, he is quickly drawn into a taut political crisis when his father passes away in the midst of growing popular revolution against the ruling family. Bassam must now attempt to use his influence to guide the new President, his brutal and unstable older brother Jamal, to a political solution that will avert a bloody conflict.”


We’ve had some rainy days here, but very little thunder and lightning.  It’s so different than Florida where you get the horrible lightning storms every day.

We went to the classic car show yesterday.  It was held at the Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds, which is the same place we saw John Berry perform last month.

It was a little pricey, at $22 for tickets and parking, but we had a nice day. 

We parked at the top of the tiered parking areas, overlooking the mountains and Lake Chatuge.  There was at least 400 cars in this show.  We’ve never seen such a huge show.


You walk down to the different tiers and the lower you got, the more classic cars you found.




My very first car was a 1956 Ford.  I looked for one like it, but didn’t find it.

This one was very similar, including the color.  Mine was actually considered an antique when I bought it and it was in as good of shape as this one.



There were cars tucked into every nook and cranny all around the fairgrounds.



The next photo was a 1935 Cadillac. 


This car was obviously much more expensive than most of the others and had a lot of really interesting features.  Notice the spare tires?  


Many people don’t know it, but modern cars have little shock absorbers behind the bumpers.  It cushions the car in an accident and gives passengers less of a jolt.  That’s the reason insurance companies want you to have your car inspected after even a minor front or rear-end accident.  If the absorber is compromised, it won’t work as intended the next time. 

This 1935 Cadillac was ahead of its time in that it had shock absorbers on the bumpers.  Of course they were chrome and very shiny and not hidden under the bumper like they are now.

I didn’t get a good picture, but if you look closely, you can see them on both of these Cadillac's.



We thought the Cadillac's were the most interesting cars at the show.

We walked around for a few hours, listening to the 50’s and 60’s music being played on the fairground sound system.

We liked this custom truck and boat.


The truck in the next picture on the bottom right housed a still.  Moonshine was big here in the mountains.



It was cloudy and cool when we got to there, but soon the sun came out and it was getting too warm to be walking around in the sun.

We decided to take the scenic route home (which really are all of the routes here in the Georgia mountains).  We stopped at a few little shops that were selling mountain decorations and furniture.  We’re not in the market for furniture, but they have some really neat stuff to furnish mountain cabins and it’s fun to look.  Really expensive too.

The predicted rain held off all day, but when we got home and about half way through our evening happy hour golf cart ride, it started to pour.  It quit in time for a short campfire though.


Today is the day to have the yummy buffet at Steve’s restaurant.  It’s good every day but on Sunday, they have  turkey and dressing.   Yum yum.  

They are predicting thunderstorms again today, but if it’s like yesterday, most of it will go around us.   Our plans are to do some stuff around the house today.  My big job is to cut down the cover we bought for the golf cart.  I ordered the wrong size and it’s too big, so I think I’m going to attempt to make it fit.   Al doesn’t know it yet, but I want him to install the wood strip on the floor between the tile and Allure flooring.  He’s procrastinated long enough!   It’s time dear.    :)


  1. My first car on the road was a 56 Ford Custom line a great car that my grandfather bought new. Sure loved that car.

  2. It helps me feel my age when cars I once owned are either classics or antiques.

  3. Funny, I remember taking many rides with my grandmother when I was a little boy in her 1957 Ford, it was green and white. And boy did it fly, not that my grandmother was a lead foot or anything... :c)

  4. Great car show and some real old gems! Hope those rocks turn out to be real gold!

  5. David would have loved this show. He'd be looking for the 1950 ford two door that he had for years. Bet your 56 was a beauty. They sure had changed the look of cars in those 6 years. They don't seem to change so drastically these days. Crossing my fingers that you struck it rich!


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