Friday, May 02, 2014

Time to Leave the Keys?


Cudjoe Key, Florida  (high 86, low 78)


We’ve had a few extremely hot days, but I think it’s getting a little better.  When you would go outside, it would almost take your breath away. The only time I remember it being this hot here was years ago when we were here during the early summer.

It might be about time to head north.  When we leave the Keys, we will go back for Tampa for a few months before we head to the mountains.  It will likely be hotter in Tampa than it’s been here.  We are looking forward to spending the summer in the cooler north Georgia mountains, but it won’t be right away.

The winds have been strong, so we haven’t even been able to get out onto the boat.  Being wet, or being in the air conditioning is about the only place to be right now. 

Thankfully, it looks like it’s going to be a little cooler today.

We have been wanting to get back down to Key West for one last sunset celebration, but the heat has put a damper on that plan as well.  Once the sun starts to go down the sea breeze makes it nice and cool at our site, so that’s where we’ve been spending our evenings.   That and the bar for happy hour!


Here are some pictures I’ve been taking from around the park.  There are a lot of beautiful flowers.









yellow flowering tree

Notice the bananas?

banana tree

Someone has a few pots of pineapples.


You don’t have to worry about freezing temps here, so you can grow pretty much anything.  I wish we had enough land to grow a few things.


Since it’s been so hot, we haven’t been doing anything exciting, so there is nothing much to blog about.

We’ve been trying to get things organized a little for our eventual departure.

It’s nice to have your own Rv lot, so that you can come and go when you please, however it makes it harder to leave, and easier to procrastinate.  We hate packing up and moving anyway and the longer you stay in one spot, the harder it is.   We’ve been hoping for one last nice boating/anchor retrieval day.

Al is determined to find his missing anchor and after pricing one like it yesterday and seeing a $179 price tag, I am inclined to agree with him.   Phew…didn’t know it was that expensive.  It’s a special light weight Fortress brand anchor and they are not cheap.

Speaking of boat.  This is what happens if you don’t renew your parking sticker in the overflow lot.  Notice the boot on the tire?

NO…that is not our boat (wish it was).  You cannot park your boat trailer on your lot and if you don’t have a waterfront lot, you have to keep your boat, or extra vehicles in one of the overflow lots.  You have to renew your sticker every two weeks, and if you forget, this is what happens!  

This almost happened to us last night, but fortunately the security guard came around and reminded me.

boat with boot


  1. Good luck with finding that anchor, like you said its pretty pricey.

  2. Love those flower photos! Lovely colors... I'd probably have to plant an avocado tree... maybe some pineapple plants as well....

  3. Every two weeks? Too bad that you couldn't just set up the sticker for the length of time you're going to be there. We're lucky that we can just keep the boat on our site here. I know what you mean about how hard it is to pack up after sitting in one place for so long. But eventually the heat runs us out.

  4. Packing up means I get things in some semblance of order for a change. ;)

  5. The weather is nice in North GA. this time of the year! Glad it wasn't your boat that got the boot.

  6. Every two weeks is pretty stiff, no wonder it's easy to overlook when you live in a paradise.

    Good luck on the anchor hunt, that's a "treasuret" you want to find!

  7. May 2, 2014

    Interesting that they place the “boot’ with “crime scene tape” to the hitch


  8. Really lovely flowers. I would love to grow bananas and pineapples. How cool! Not sure how I would remember every 2 weeks to get a new sticker. Why don't they let you buy them a month at a time or even 2 or 3 if you own a lot?

  9. Those flowers are incredible! I am glad there haven't been so many bad storms in your part of Florida as up north. Haven't heard much from folks in the Panhandle, maybe everyone is gone.

  10. Definitely beautiful flower pics - very tropical looking.


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