Thursday, May 22, 2014

Driveshaft Disconnect-Connected Again


 Wesley Chapel, Florida ( 85, low 67)


If you remember, when we were preparing to leave the Keys, we were going through our usual procedure attach the Nissan truck to the motorhome.  Our truck required a driveshaft disconnect to be able to tow, but when Al pulled the little red knob to release the driveshaft and it came all the way out without releasing the driveshaft. Some cars can be flat towed without having to go through this procedure.  Unfortunately, our new truck had an automatic transmission which required a driveshaft disconnect. 

By this time, we already had the motorhome and car out in the street, it was hot, and we were in no mood to mess with it.  We certainly  didn’t want to take a chance on messing anything up with the truck, so we decided I would follow behind Al in the truck.

Less than 2 years ago, we had the driveshaft disconnect installed at Rentz Trailers in Clearwater, Florida. This wasn’t the first problem we have had with it.  I documented the problems on my blog in case I had any problems and needed to remember anything.  You can read about it here if you’re interested.

We had the first problem repaired in Tampa at a place called Rv Medic.  They have a guy named Vaughn that really knows his stuff, so that’s where we went yesterday morning.   Vaughn quickly discovered the problem with the red knob.  Evidently the cable that goes from the knob to the driveshaft broke apart.  He speculated that it may have not been installed correctly, was too tight with no play.  Nothing we can prove, so we’re not going to go back to Rentz again for any possible reimbursement, but given the quality of the work they did, I’m guessing this was also their fault.

So……if you ever buy a car that can’t be flat towed behind your motorhome without some modifications, and you’re in the Tampa area, we highly recommend Rv Medic.  Besides installing towbars, baseplates and driveshaft disconnects, they  do other Rv repairs.  The only problem with them is that their lot is very small and there is not much room for a larger rig.  

While we were waiting, we looked at some tow dolly’s they had for sale, but quickly decided they had their own set of problems. We never had the first problem towing our little 5 speed Nissan, we just hooked it up and away we went. 

We ended up spending $221 for the repair, but we are confident in the work Vaughn did.

Our next stop was out to the new Camping World.  We have no close access to CW in the Keys or Blairsville, so we decided to go ahead and bite the bullet and get some things we had been wanting.  They persuaded us to renew our membership 6 months early.  We got two years for $50 plus a $25 gift certificate.   Documenting that here!

We got two new folding tables in a beige color.  The ugly green ones we had didn’t match well.

We had also been looking for new fold up footstools because the ones we had been using for 20 years were getting really ratty.  We had never been able to find anything similar so we kept the old ratty ones.  It seems they might be back in style again because we’ve found them several places online.

These are very comfy to put your feet on while you’re relaxing in your chair.  The top is padded and feels good on your legs.  I don’t know how they will hold up in the rain and sun, but Al intends to Scotchguard them.

Outdoor Ottoman   Mac Sports RO904S 117   Folding Chairs   Camping World

We made a few more stops before we headed home.  One of them was to Whole Foods.  They recently opened up one right by my Mom’s house.  Eat your heart out Sherry.  :)

Al can’t resist any free samples so he grabbed a few things while we were shopping.

Shortly after we got home, he started getting sick, and we think it may have been from one of the free samples at Whole Foods.  He had a rough night. He is better this morning, but not much, so he’s back in bed.

Another “fun” day in Tampa and it doesn’t look like we’re going to do anything fun again today!


  1. I like to nibble on free samples too, and never think about their food saftey. Maybe we should. did you tell anyone at WF? If there were others they need to know.

  2. We just had a little issue with Camping World. Paul has a coupon for 20% off an item. He went online to order the item but it wouldn't take the coupon. He called Camping World. If he uses the online store or was calling in an order he couldn't use the coupon. Only in person at the store can you use the coupon. He was not at all happy with that. He told her he wasn't going to renew his membership. She said she was sorry to hear that. Ww will see what happens when we go in the store next week.

    1. A lot of places won't honor online prices or coupons. I don't know why.

  3. Nice that you got your driveshaft disconnect repaired and are now back on business.

  4. We usually "graze" when we pass through Whole Foods. We better be careful.

  5. Nice to have a pro fix that problem with your driveshaft disconnect - well worth the money.

    CW has a lot of very weird policies. I've pretty much given up on them. I hate the membership idea.

  6. Glad the truck got fixed with no major issues.
    Sorry Al got (sounds like food poisoning) sick.
    You'll love the foot rest but it is not recommended to be waterproofed just keep it out of the weather and dry.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. Always good to have a repair place you can trust-especially since it seems that there are so few:(

    After a visit to a Amish meat store in Shipsawanna a few years ago and observed the truly awful hygiene behavior of a number of customers, I never touch free sample anywhere.

  8. Yes Karen I am definitely eating my heart out but maybe I shouldn't be doing so much eating in their aisles. Bad press for Whole Foods. Glad you got things fixed up well. We canned CW too. We just don't buy enough to make it worth the trouble. And we almost never stay in their campgrounds where usually you can get the 10% discount anyway for having almost any thing else.

  9. Why is it so hard to find techs that can do the job right the first time? That's why we're glad we took our MH to the Winnebago Factory Service Center. Our tech was a RIVA certified technician and he had 15 years working at Winnebago.

  10. Sounds like you found a great guy with Vaughn!! I like your footstool...I think I have the chair that goes with that and i love it. The only problem with the chair is that it doesn't fold up very tight and it is a tad heavy. Small price to pay for great comfort!!! I hope you like the footstool, I might be interested in getting it so let me know how it does.

  11. Glad they got your cable fixed. I like the look of that foot stool.


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