Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sprung From Lazy Days


Wesley Chapel, Florida (high 56, low 30)


Brrrrr, it’s cold in Florida right now!    Fortunately, we should have only one more night of really cold temperatures, then back up to normal.

We were “sprung” from Lazy Days yesterday morning.  The extended warranty was prompt and covered the faulty fluorescent lights, the inverter remote panel, and the step cover.  I believe having the work done at Lazy Days may have been helpful with the extended warranty They are a big organization and know how to write up the warranty requests.  We hadn’t wanted to go back to Lazy Days, because we know all too well that once you get checked into “Hotel Lazy Days, you can never escape!       As it turned out, we were very happy we went there for our repairs.  

We’re happy to have gotten the other maintenance items done as well.  I got a comment asking on the cost of the coolant flush.  For our diesel motor home, it was $199. The cost to repack the wheel bearings was $266,  and the lube was $198.  We think the prices were about normal, but we didn’t check around.  The convenience of having it done while we were there was most important. 

The repairs were actually finished Friday afternoon, but we chose to stay in one more night, to avoid the Tampa Friday afternoon traffic.   As usual, Lazy Days accommodated our request.

We took advantage of the extra time and got in a few more soaks in the wonderful hot tub.

We got up very early Saturday morning, headed over to the hot tub at the campground, and enjoyed a cup of coffee while having a nice hot soak.  We’ll sure miss that!  Evening happy hour and morning coffee in the hot tub!

After a while a woman named Cindy joined us and told us of an amazing day she had on Friday, over at the campground.

It seems that a guy staying in the campground put on an impromptu show.  His name is Bobby Freeman. He was there for service on his bus and was not being paid to put on a show.

He told Cindy he wrote a lot of songs for Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis.

He has a yellow Cadillac that he tows in a trailer behind his bus, that’s set up as a sound system. I believe she said he had three piano’s.   Cindy said he would talk awhile, telling jokes and stories, then would sing and dance.  She said it was the best show she’s ever seen and she’s been to Vegas many times!  

Apparently, he has been putting on these little shows at Lazy Days for the past few days and has been drawing a regular crowd.   We may go over there today and see if he’s performing. 

We intended to bring the motor home back to our campground, then go back and see if we could catch a show.  Unfortunately, Al wasn’t feeling well, so we decided to skip it.  We may go back today.

It’s nice to be back “home.”  While at Lazy Days, we were living in the unsettled mode, and didn’t completely “unpack” since we didn’t know how long we would be in service.


  1. Glad you got the work done. Some times convenience of getting repairs from someone you trust is worth it. Would love to hear about the entertainer next. And the hot tub sounds great! Especially on a cool day like this...

  2. I'm all for one stop shopping for motorhome maintenance and repair too.

  3. Glad the warranty worked well for you, sometimes having them is a godsend.

    As for the other prices, the oil change was good, the coolant flush was a deal. I had my coolant flushed and changed at a Freightliner dealer and it was $500.

    Can't comment on the wheel bearing repack because I have oil filled hubs, not very labor intensive to change.

    Enjoy your freedom, hope you don't miss the hot tug too much! :c)

  4. Enjoyed your review on Lazy Days Florida. We have been thinking about checking out the Tucson facility for some repairs we need done. Our regular RV dealer would have us out of our 5'er for 3 days for a few hours of work. More disruption then I would prefer. Have a great Sunday!

    1. They do want you out of the Rv during the day while they are working on it, but at least in the Tampa facility, they allow fulltimers to sleep in their Rv and they have electric, water and even a sewer dump. Since LD bought the Tuscon facility from another dealer, they may not have quite the same features.

  5. Love the header photo. So beautiful.

    Glad all your repairs are completed.

  6. Part of the RV experience is all the time we sit in the repair shops. Gotta love it and WE do!

  7. glad to see your all fixed up!!! And the warranty covered it for you!...they are a godsend when needed aren't they...sounds like a good show!!

  8. Looks like we'd better check into an extended warranty to cover our lazy days stays. Wish we'd known about the hot tub. Or us that just for CC members??

    1. The pool/hot tub is over at the Campground. It says for "Lazy Days Customers"....which we were...and paying more for our "campsite" than the others, I'm sure!


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