Monday, February 18, 2013

Does Google Have Ears Too?


Wesley Chapel, Florida  (high 69, low 47)

Two days of cold weather arrived here in the Tampa area.  We don’t really mind a little colder weather, as long as it doesn’t get too cold for our heat pump to run.  So….we’re requesting temps no lower than about 37.  Okay?

Last night got down to 32, so we had to run the noisy propane furnace.

The good news, is that it looks like a warming trend will bring us back to more normal temps.


Regarding our warranty work and stay at Lazy Days.  I had a question as to the company that provided our extended warranty.   It was written through Go Rving Network and the company is Allegiance.   This was the first time we’d used them and they handled the claim promptly and fairly.  

We bought the “comprehensive” coverage in which everything is covered that isn’t listed on the exclusions

The exclusions normally are mostly wear and tear items, such as  flooring, trim, moldings, shocks, batteries, wiper blades, hoses, rust or corrosion, brakes, awnings, slide gaskets and seals and those types of things.   It’s pretty much common sense.  There are cheaper policies, but we wanted an all-inclusive one.  We paid dearly for it and so far, we’ve paid more in than we’ve gotten back.  I hope it stays that way!

Our policy is written in easy to read language.  I encourage everyone to take a look at their policy and see what their exclusions are.  I read our policy before we purchased it.


So….yesterday, Al was reading the paper and asked if we needed a coupon for Bertolli pasta sauce. I said no. 

A very short time later, I happened to look at my blog and there was an add for Bertolli pasta sauce

Frequently, I look online for something and the next thing I know, there is an add on my blog for it.   I  mention “Lazy Days” in the blog and then there is an add for them.  I understand that, but when Al speaks to me and then the next thing I know is that same item shows an add in my blog????   Strange!  

Maybe Google is really everywhere and all-knowing.   I know they have “eyes”, but do they have “ears” too?

My blog post titled Sex on the Prairie, really brought out the anonymous commenter's too!!


We didn’t make it back to Lazy Days yesterday to try and catch Bobby Freeman.   We really wanted to but Al was having a bad bout with his diverticulitis and we felt he needed to stay home and rest.   Normally, if he starts to get a flare up, he drinks some Aloe Vera and papaya juice and it stops it before it gets too bad.  This time, it didn’t work.  We feel it was mostly related to our recent diet.  We haven’t been having our green smoothies every day, and while at Lazy Days, we ate at the cafe and strayed from vegan diet.   Al paid the price….didn’t bother me.  :)    We learned our lesson!


  1. Maybe you'd better sweep your rig for bugs (the listening kind) - Google may be after you!

  2. The comprehensive coverage is a must when you travel around in your home! Kindda like life insurance, have to buy it, but hope to never use it!

  3. We're not big on insurance or extended warranties. It's a lose-lose-lose situation. You buy it, and then hope you never have to use it. Then if you have to use it, the coverage provider will normally do everything they can not to have to pay out. And if you have to use it, it means that something has gone wrong. You can't win, so we just avoid that kind of thing!

  4. By the time we sold our motorhome we had definitely gotten our money out of our extended warranty. Maybe not all of it, but enough to make it all worth while. I know Google is making great strides - but I sure didn't realize it might have ears. lol You guys really do need to behave yourselves now.

  5. Yeah, I'm amazed at the power of Google. I don't mind so much the ads on other peoples blogs, it's kind of funny really to see an ad for something that I was searching for before. I could swear I've seen an ad for something I was 'thinking' about pop up though. Strange!

  6. My extended warranty has paid for itself three time over already.

  7. Hopefully we can meet up sometime in March. It's getting warmer today again. I'm glad it's not cold for long down here.

  8. We've come out from the Everglades no internet no cell phone zone to find temperatures in the upper 30's at night. What a shock! Looks like things will improve after today though.
    Hope Al is doing much better. It is definitely easier to remain on a food plan if deviating gives you such problems. Wish I had a bad reaction to sweets!

  9. Thank you for the information on your extended warranty company. We have started the dreaded search to find one and it helps if someone has a good reference. Glad all your work is done and hope your husband gets to feeling better.

  10. I loved the title of this article! Caught my attention!

  11. Many people are not fans of warranty companies, but I am, mine has already paid for itself and I still have a couple of years left on it. I'll seriously look to renew when it runs out. Peace of mind.

    Hope Google heard this! ;c)

  12. Al and I are definite fans of auto extended warranties. They have saved our skins more than once, and we are extremely grateful to have the one from Ford right now, I can't imagine what this engine work would have cost us :-(.

  13. It is getting to be "1984" for real - think Orwell's 1984!

    I vote for extended warranties too.

  14. Big brother is watching over you!!!
    We did not make a claim on our extended warranty for the three years it was for and got all out money back, for us that was a great deal!

  15. We have had this happen to us too. I even remarked about it to Bob a while back...told him I didn't know how ads were coming up on my computer about something we had only talked about. I hadn't mentioned it in my blog or on Facebook. Do, do, do, do...Twilight Zone.


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