Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Beaufort, South Carolina

St George, South Carolina – Jolly Acres Campground

Chatty remains at the veterinary emergency animal clinic.  We have been happy with the service we have received, and we really like his vet Dr. Jeremy Libby.  He called me twice every day to give me an update, and address all of my concerns.  He transferred care over to the surgeon this morning, and Chatty is scheduled for surgery sometime today.    It’s a pretty big surgery (and boy could I post some interesting?  “the end” photos if I wasn’t afraid of grossing everybody out!

Since we had no ill kitty to care for, we decided to do some more sightseeing.  We expect we will be tied to the house/rv after Chatty is released from the hospital.

Our first stop was to visit a Thousand Trails park in Yemessee, St.    It’s located right off I-95 between Charleston and Savannah.   We were unimpressed with this park.   We so much prefer campgrounds that are privately owned and managed.   We sure hate to see all the permanent residents that you see at so many parks.

This is a good example of one of the permanent residents  of this Thousand Trails Park.  I sure don’t want this “view.”

The Oaks at South Point, Yemessee SC  Thousand trails park

It was a wooded park with lots of shade.  Getting a good satellite signal would be an issue.  There were a lot of pull through sites and we felt we could get our big rig into them.

The Oaks at South Point, Yemessee SC  Thousand trails park

There were some big rigs.

The Oaks at South Point, Yemessee SC  Thousand trails park

We were not extremely impressed, but with our TT membership we could stay for $3.00 a night.  If they would mow and get read of the eyesore trailer with all the tarps, it wouldn’t be so bad.

The last time we used our TT membership at Vero Beach, we were told TT only allowed them to offer 4 sites to the TT members with the Max Pass option.  The problem with that is that we couldn’t not have fit into two of those sites.   We decided to ask at the Oaks to see if they had that same new rule.  The lady at the office said they didn’t, and we had access to any available site.  We then asked about sites where we could get satellite.  She said the site numbered in the low 30’s might work, but they generally only offer them to overnighters.  So much, for us being able to pick any site, huh?   We left, not anxious to return.

We decided to head back towards the beautiful little city of Beaufort.  On  the way, we discovered Beaufort National Cemetery.

Beaufort National cemetary

Beaufort National cemetary

It was full of beautiful old Live Oak trees covered in Spanish Moss.

Beaufort National cemetary Live Oaks covered in Spanish Moss

Beaufort is a beautiful small town.  We would like to go back and explore it some more, but we ran out of time.

We discovered this very old church and graveyard.

You don’t see too many churches that were established in 1712.

Parish Church of St. Helena, EST 1712


Parish Church of St. Helena, EST 1712


Parish Church of St. Helena, EST 1712

Parish Church of St. Helena, EST 1712

Next stop was Hunting Island State Park.

We had heard a lot of great reports about this place and wanted to check it out for ourselves.

The roads were fine until you got to this very narrow old bridge leading to the islands.

VERY narrow bridge to Hunting Island State park, SC

Trust me, it’s much narrower in person than it looks in this picture.  I would sure hate to meet another big rv coming the opposite direction!

The campground is right on the beach behind the sand dunes.   It was shady and there was a wonderful cool breeze blowing.

Hunting Island SP, South Carolina.   narrow roads, not big rig friendly but there are a few sites for larger rigs

The sites were situated this way and that, and they were pretty full on this Labor Day.

Larger rigs would have to be careful where they parked.  There were many narrow and curvy roads.

We were not allowed to get out of the car on our tour, so we didn’t take many photos.

We headed home after realizing there were some strong thunderstorms heading our way.  We ended up about 86 miles from home, so we had a long drive back!

Our campground had a Labor Day cook out last night at 6pm.  They had steaks and everyone was to bring a dish.  We had stuffed ourselves at lunch, at the Golden Corral buffet, but decided to walk over to the cook-out and at least be sociable.  I ended up with a plate of potato salad, macaroni salad, cucumber and I even splurged and had half a deviled egg.  Boy was it good!  That was my first egg in 6 weeks as a vegan.

Al ended up eating a steak.   I encouraged him to go ahead and have a steak if he wanted,  since he wasn’t interested in any of the other side dishes.  He liked it, but it didn’t leave him craving another anytime soon.

That was the first meat he had eaten in 6 weeks.  Neither of us is craving meat or dairy products.  We have given ourselves permission to eat whatever we want, but so far we aren’t really wanting these things.  We both like the fact that we’re losing weight and are never hungry.  (of course after all that we ate yesterday, we probably gained a pound or two)


  1. As they say, everything in moderation.


  2. Waiting anxiously to hear how the surgery goes. Love that old cemetery. That's a great find.

  3. We hope to be at Hunting Island State Park for thanksgiving this year. Time will tell.

    Hoping Chatty does well and heals quickly.

  4. I love those Old Oaks. They are so lovely.
    We enjoy visiting old churches and cemeteries. There is so much history in those two places.

  5. That is interesting that they said you could pic "any site" but then limited you from the choicest sites--- instead saving them for people who would be there one night? and then gone? hmmmmm I guess that is a strange business principle, hey?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. I have found I am making my food choices on a day to day, meal to meal way. I keep telling Craig he can eat anything he wants and I'd be glad to cook some separate meals for him, but he doesn't want to do that. We do eat very differently for breakfast and snacks however.


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