Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Part Two

The saga continues:

Al called Air Force One tech center yesterday morning.  He gave Al a few   possible  causes to what  could be wrong, but nothing more.  They were the ones who recommended Rentz Trailers to us in the first place.

We called Joe, the owner of Rentz yesterday and explained that our lights weren’t working on the left side,  the cut the wiring in the old truck, and the problem with the supplemental braking system.

The Air Force One braking system is a great product.  It uses the air from the motorhome to activate the brakes in the towed vehicle.  It worked flawlessly until they removed it from the old truck and put it on the new one.

We explained how the brake pedal on the  truck  would activate on its own  after we   hooked up  the Air Force One in the motor home.  He offered to send a tow truck to get our truck since it wasn’t safely drivable.  We asked if a mechanic could come here to look at it and he said he’d check with the mechanic to see what he thought.  The mechanic wasn’t too keen on that idea.  He said if he got all the way over here and didn’t have the right tool, then he’d have a problem.  Okay.  We can understand that, so we agreed to have the truck towed.

We weren’t thrilled about having our brand new truck towed away, but we had no choice.

The guy arrived about 1:30 with a flat bed truck.

Off it went.


Although we have driven the truck over to Rentz a few times, we have never driven the motorhome.  There were a few streets that we weren’t sure we would want to drive the motor home.   Low branches, tight turns, etc.   So Al humored me and said we could take a drive over there and just look at the roads again, and decide the best route to go with the motor home.   There are some bad traffic areas and some areas we wouldn’t want to go in the motor home.

We got over to Rentz and the owner Joe was outside.  He gave us a dirty/funny? look when we drove up.  He walked into the building without saying one word.    We asked him if our truck had gotten there yet.  He said it had and was in a service bay.  The mechanic had quickly looked over it, but didn’t think it was anything he did wrong.  

Okay….how quickly did he look it over?  He started   to get   very defensive.   He said they were slammed today and the mechanic would start on it first thing in the morning.   The other guy that we had been dealing with agreed to come outside and look at the wires on the old truck that they had cut.  They couldn’t figure out why those were cut, and didn’t offer any apology or help.   He said to bring it by another day and they could fix them.  Okay….we’re here now….we’re not bringing it back with the motorhome tomorrow, because we can’t tow it without the lights that you cut the wires to!   It was late in the day and no one could get to it right then.

We didn’t get good vibes, and we never once got an apology for our troubles.   I think at this point they feel it was something with the braking system and not something they did.

This morning we’re going to have to pack up the motorhome and take it over there.  They will have to connect everything together to see what is and what is not working.

We are not very happy with this place right now.   They got good references from others, but at this point we certainly would not recommend them.   There is no point in getting ugly with them.  We  will give them a chance to make things right.  I think they will.  Al is not so sure and is prepared for a battle.  I hope I am right.

Wish us luck.


new information:

I continue to document this procedure for our records….should we need to take this further.

Yesterday Joe, the owner of Rentz Trailers told us they would start on our truck first thing this morning.  The mechanic came in at 8am.

So at 9:30 this morning we called them.  Joe is out of the office until Tuesday.  Justin who is the guy we have dealt with the most is out today also.  Tony is the mechanic and he is working on some other vehicles that they have been having problems with (imagine that) and he has to run and get any parts that he needs since Justin is off.

So…..nothing has been done.  Jake (the owners son) assured me that Tony would be back shortly and that he would look at it right away.   I asked him to call me when Tony started on it.  He said he would.  (yeah right)

I explained that this is our home.  I explained that we have animals inside  and when we bring it there we will have to run the generator.  We don’t  to sit there half the day, then be told they couldn’t get to it.  We also have some strong storms coming our way and wanted to drive over there before they arrived. 

Now we wait.


  1. What a pain in the butt. I hope you are able to get everything working properly in short order.

  2. Oh my... what a hassle!

    Not having a pre-wired vehicle and switching over a braking system, we have NO idea what occurred or how to help you (as some other commenters yesterday suggested)

    Perhaps to get back on track with the repair company, ask to sit down and go over from step one with a few drawings or pieces of paper with installation information on them might help?

    Then you can both get "on the same page" and work forward from there?

    Otherwise get out a camera and start taking pics, with a date and time stamp of things like the cut wire, etc. and start documenting. They might feel a lawsuit coming on and start to work to make things right?

    Good luck!

  3. I sure hope this all works out for you. I'm hoping you're right also and that fix everything for you.

  4. Not a very good situation from the sounds of it. This outfit doesn't sound very professional to me or reliable. I'm sure any RV'er reading your blog would probably avoid this business like the plague.

    Good luck though in getting this resolved.

  5. And I thought just not telling us we needed a drop hitch was bad!

  6. This sounds like the same deal we got in Fl. last winter at a Chevy dealer in Brooksville.After 1000.00 dollars the car was not right!! My husband had to fix the car when we got home. Their reply was "we're sorry"!!

  7. Oh this doesnt sound good at all. I agree, take pics and write everything down as your doing, it could get messy. Good luck

  8. Thanks for reminding me why I hate to have repair work done, especially when it is not done by someone I know.

  9. Just now getting to this saga Karen... sounds exactly like the Monaco Service Center! The right hand never talks to the left hand! However we did escape and are very satisfied with their work! I will continue on with the reading of your saga and hope the same for you guys!!


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