Thursday, August 16, 2012

Change of Plans

Wesley Chapel, Florida

Nothing much happening around here, but we did see this guy who found a great way to spend an afternoon.  I’ll bet it was a bit cooler up there.


This is called a Powered Para-motor.   If you look carefully you can see the person has something similar to  a fan with a motor strapped to his back.


The motor is not very powerful and is quiet.   The motor is used to push them once they are airborne.

When you are taking off, you have to run to get the parachute filled with air.  Once the parachute is filled with air, the pilot starts to ascend.  The motor doesn’t help with the take-off, but once airborne, the motor pushes you around in the sky.  You have handles for steering.

Their motto is “low and slow”.   They like to go slow and low so that they can enjoy the sites.  If the motor dies they won’t come crashing down.  The main thing that causes them to crash are wind gusts, but for the most part they are pretty safe.

Al and I nearly bought two of these para-motors a few years ago.  They were about $7000 back then.   We would have needed two and it just wasn’t in the budget at that point.  We’ve always thought we’d love to do it.   Maybe someday we will.

We’ve been hanging out around here trying to stay out of the heat.  Sherry and David came over the other night and we had a nice visit with them.  Baxter really liked Sherry.

Here is a cute picture of Bax sleeping on the dash in his bed.  Do you think he may have outgrown it a little bit?

Baxter one year

I woke him up when I got the camera out and he was yawning here.

Baxter one year

He’s a big old boy.


We’re still doing well with our new vegan diet.  I’ve lost 7 pounds now.   I’m not sure where Al is. …8 or 9 I think.  I have never lost weight this painlessly before.  We eat as often as we like, and as much as we want.  We try to get in plenty of fruits and vegetables.

The easiest way for us is with smoothies.



This one just had fruit in it, but usually we throw in a big batch of spinach to make it a bit healthier.  It changes the pretty pink color to green, but the taste isn’t much different.  They are surprisingly good.

Sherry told us about Tofu Crumbles the other night.  Al found these at a local Publix grocery store for $3.69. 

tofu scrambles

I had seem them before but was a little leery of them, until Sherry and David gave us their seal of approval.

Here is what they look like.  They seemed to grow once I took them out of the box.

tofu scrambles

I mixed up some dry taco seasoning, heated it up in the microwave and we had instant tacos.  No messy cooking of the ground beef.   I substituted the cheese with hummus, spinach for the lettuce (because it’s healthier) and we had wonderful healthy tacos.  We only ate 4 tacos so we probably have enough left for 6-7 more. 


The new driveshaft disconnect part arrived yesterday.  We’re taking the truck back Saturday to get that put in, and then the new truck will be ready to tow.

So, with that in mind, we’re going to tow it!  Yeah…we have plans to get out of dodge.  Mom has been doing better (knock on wood), so we are hoping we can get away for a while.

I think we’re going to head over to Vero Beach (east coast of Florida).   We can stay for $3 a night on our Thousand Trails membership and it’s close enough that we can get there quickly.  We’re ready for some beach time.  We may even stop in at Kissimmee Prairie on the way back.


  1. Yes, I think Baxter has outgrown his kitty bed! The smoothie looks good....have you posted directions for making those that I missed? And beach time sounds great! I scored a 5 day stay at Pennekamp State Park in March and can't wait :-)!

    1. Good for you on Pennekamp! We hope to be in the Keys then too.

      The recipe for the smoothie is whatever I have on hand. This one was blueberries, red seeded grapes, pineapple, and ice. I usually had a few cups of spinach to it though. It's just as tasty, but not as pretty in color.

  2. Baxter is definitely a big boy but so cute. And he does need a bigger bed. Glad to hear you're finally going to move those wheels. Such a wonderful feeling after you have sat for so long. Have a wonderful time.

  3. I really think Baxter needs a bigger bed!..he is one big kitty!..looks like he would fill the dashboard of the motorhome!

  4. What a coincidence - I saw one of those paragliders flying around Cowichan Bay just yesterday.

    I don't think I could ever drink a 'green' smoothie!

  5. Baxter cracks me up. What a cutie!
    I see pineapple, grapes, blackberries and bananas. Is there anything else in that shake? Looks delicious.

  6. Ya'll are doing great on that diet! Bax, what a rough life. You have another cat too, right? Or am I wrong?
    There's no way I'd go up in the air like that...tooo scary!!

  7. I'm thinking I'd have a hard time getting down that green smoothie, not matter how good it tasted.

    I'm a big chicken, wait, I can't be a chicken on a vegan diet, so I'm a big squash? Tomato? Onion? ;c)

  8. Several years ago I tried a diet where I had a fruit smoothie every morning. I gained weight! I do eat fruit, but I avoid bananas. Right now we are at the end of fresh cherry season. One cup fresh cherries = 84 calories.

    As of this morning my weight loss since January is -39 pounds. I am finally learning how to eat. Everyone is different. I have to keep under 1500 calories, and for me the best way is to record every thing in my food log.

  9. We really enjoyed Vero Beach. Great kayaking around there...that smoothie looks like something I would be willing to try. Are you sure spinach doesn't affect the taste much! :-) You don't have to answer that. I'm just going to get out my blender and start making some stuff.

  10. I'd love to see you and Al up in the air in one of those things. What a riot!! Always good to have something to look forward to.

    Don't blame you a bit for taking advantage of $3 a night in Vero. Wish I had some clear winner for where to go.

    Baxter is a bundle of cute that's for sure. He can sniff my feet any time he wants. LOL

  11. That smoothie looks real good. I am not ready to get on the vegan plan just yet. It seems to be working for ya'l though.

  12. Glad to hear that you're gonna spin your wheels soon. I know you've had that itch for awhile. We'll be following....


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