Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tampa RV Supershow-2009

We had planned to go to the RV show but wondered if it would be as large as normal with the state of the economy. We also had some concerns at home in Georgia due to record cold temperatures. It seems our furnace stops heating when the temps get to 20 or so. We were afraid to head to Tampa and leave the cats home with no heat and also afraid of the pipes freezing. It turns out the furnace quits heating for a few minutes but then starts back up. I don't know if this is a heat pump issue or what. Saturday morning got down to 21! It was cold. Anyway, we left for the RV show on Saturday January 17th. We arrived there about 1pm. We found a really innovative idea for a Class A. It was a 45 foot Gulf Stream Constellation. It had a "family room", with a fold up murphy bed. When it was folded up, you could view the 46 inch flat screen tv that was under the bed! The room had double slides so there was plenty of room. You would have had enough room to play your Wii games. There was a very comfy love seat for 2 up against the wall so you had a great theater room! It was very nice. There was a smaller Tv in the room also for the times you wanted to watch the TV while in bed. We loved the coach. The price tag was somewhere over 300k. We didn't make an offer, but we came back to look at it again a few hours later and it had been sold. The local news estimated 10,000 visitors a day and that was before Saturday. I'm guessing there were more than that on Saturday. We walked around, looked at a lot of class A's and 5th wheels and were worn out and ready to leave by 5pm. We stopped at Appleby's for dinner and happy hour before heading back to Mom's house.

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