Saturday, November 08, 2008

Wacissa River Kayak Trip

We loaded up the kayaks for a trip to the beautiful springfed Wacissa River, in the town of Wacissa Florida.From highway 27 you head south on 59. There are 2 kayak and canoe rentals right by the park. I believe they both provide a livery service and rent canoes. We put in at the the small park. There is a small swimming area, a boat ramp, an outhouse and a broken picnic table. Yes, the park area is a bit rundown but the river is pretty and a nice spot to kayak. There is a lot of non native vegetation growing in the river that looks like short needled Christmas Trees. It is kind of pretty even though a bit too thick. The day was beautiful for early November, the temperature in the mid 70's and sunny. The bald cypress were turning orange and looked pretty against the blue skies and dark water. A short distance down river on the left side is a canal leading into an area where there is a deep blue spring. There are 2 floating docs near the opening. It's best to go mid day so the sun shines down and you can see into the spring. It is pretty deep, my guess at least 60 feet. You can clearly see the bottom and the water is clear and blue. It is a little creepy looking down over a ledge into the deep water. We have seen a lot of Florida springs but this is one of the most impressive right behind the one at Silver Springs in Ocala, Florida. We didn't see any alligators or turtles today but we did see a lot of birds. We saw White Egrets, a Blue Heron, a Cormorant, a Limpkin, Pileated Woodpeckers, and many more. It was a beautiful warm fall Florida day.

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