Sunday, September 10, 2017

Hurricane Irma Status Report

I had written a blog post a day or so ago, but hadn't gotten around to proof reading it yet and now it seems a little unimportant.  Maybe I'll post it in a few days.

For now, we are very closely watching The Weather Channel and Hurricane Irma.  It seems we've been watching it forever.  It's very stressful.

We are safe in our Fifth Wheel in Blairsville, Georgia, but are actually under a tropical storm watch even all the way up here.  Damn Irma!

My Mom and brother are in Tampa hunkered down in her concrete block house.  They have lost power, but hopefully they will be ok.

Our motorhome is north of Tampa in Wesley Chapel.  We are praying it is ok.

Our Fifth Wheel and boat in the Keys, sadly are gone.   Apparently Irma made landfall on Cudjoe Key, which is exactly where our lot is.  It's a tiny island, so we're certain it is destroyed as it came in as a Cat 4 with some 120+ mile an hour winds.  It's possible the boat is still hanging around but with reports of 8-10 foot surge, it will be ruined from the salt water.

There were a few brave souls that remained in the Keys and one was a neighbor.  He had posted a video right before the eye hit but had to scurry when the ocean started coming up.  Scary.  Of course, they have no power or cell service, so there is no way to know how he is.  We are praying everyone who stayed is safe, but sadly, probably many won't be.

We expected our RV and boat to be gone, but when we saw the reports of landfall on Cudjoe, it was very sad and brought a few tears.

So, that's where we are now.  We are here waiting to see what happens overnight and then decide how to proceed.  We just don't know.

This is a picture from a happier time on Cudjoe Key
My last blog post was of a much happier day, out on the boat diving.  


  1. We were both concerned about your safety along with your trailer in the Keys. With Irma hitting Cudjoe Key it's certain all is lost. Hopefully your insurance will help ease the pain.
    Definitely praying for the safety of your Mother and Brother in Tampa.
    Hopefully the Motorhome and your Georgia camp won't be effected.
    Stay Safe.

    Rick and Kathy
    It's about time.

  2. We knew your site was on Cudjoe and thought of you when the eye landed there. I'm sure you have good insurance on your boat and 5th wheel, but it is still sad to think of the Keys so badly damaged. We have many friends in Florida, and so far everyone is OK.

  3. Sad that you will mostly likely loose some of your vehicles but at least you are much safer where you are.

  4. So glad to hear from you. Been thinking about you the whole time I'm watching these storm reports. Need to get Irma out of there then you can start thinking about what needs to be done. Happy you are safe.

  5. I'm glad you are safe. Everything else is replacable

  6. Oh Karen! I am so sorry to hear this!! I know you are heart broken!! You two really loved your place in the Keys!! Things can be replaced in time but lives....not so much!! I am so glad to hear your mom and brother are ok!! I am also glad/hopeful your motorhome made it through undamaged!! Sending hugs!!

  7. As you know, been following the reports on facebook. So hope you have better news about your boat/rv than you are expecting. We certainly know the loss from floods as we lost our house and contents right before we went on the road. You never get over it..

  8. Along with the others, I knew your site was there. I'm hoping that everything else went fine for you guys with your other two spots and your mom.


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