Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Key West and a Traveling Pig From Montana (or you never know what you'll see in Key West)

Cudjoe Key Florida,  (high 82, low 72)  windy.....

I am attempting to write my blog with Blogger verses Live Writer as I prefer.  For some reason I have been unable to upload pictures I take on my phone using LW. It has something to do with Google Photos I think.  Any suggestions? 

We have been back in the Keys for about a month now and have yet to get the boat in the water.  At first, when the winds were calm, we were busy settling into our new fifth wheel, and Al was doing some maintenance work on the boat.  Since it's been too windy for boating, he's using this time working on putting Eternabond on all the roof openings. We prefer Eternabond over Dicor caulk because you only have to do it once.   

It's been very windy for days, with no sign of stopping until April 21st according to my Windfinder App.

Since we have to entertain ourselves in other ways, we've been doing a lot of exploring in Key West.  There are so many interesting things to see that are off the beaten track. 

 We always enjoy the cruise ships that are in port nearly every day.

The tour boats seem to go out and cruise around regardless of the winds and of course wind is good for the sail boats.

We have had a lot of time to explore Key West.  We went up into the lighthouse a few years ago, so we just took pictures from the street level. It's not free, so once was enough.

There are some beautiful churches.  

Some beautiful houses  

Normally we go to Mallory Square to watch the sunset, but we decided to check out Fort Zachary Taylor.  

The parking lot is sand/dirt and the winds kicked up a terrible dust storm. We couldn't even get out of the car for the blowing dust.  After a while the winds laid down and we were able to leave the car.

I snapped my first picture and quickly realized I had left the SD card in my computer so I was going to have to rely on my phone.  

There was a double wedding on the beach.  They had an arbor set up, to frame the ceremony in the setting sun.  I really wanted to get over there and get a picture, but I didn't think that would be very nice and since I didn't have my good camera, I couldn't even use my "stalker" zoom.  

As we walked along the beach, Al spotted something unusual.

Like I always say, you never know what you will see in Key West.

It turns out Bits (as in bacon bits) the pig was traveling with his family from a 15,000 acre ranch in Montana.  They left 5 days prior and somehow ended up in Key West.  He is a miniature pig (not pot belly) and is also a dwarf.  

We had a nice time talking with the two ladies who owned Bit, but we never quite got around to exchanging names.   

We chatted while we waited for the sun to set.  The same boats you see on Mallory Square can be seen cruising back and forth at Ft Zach also.

Sunset is different every night, but always beautiful over the water.

The cruise ships always take off before sunset.

We're not sure what today will bring.  We bought a small freezer that fits in a basement compartment, so we definitely need to go to the store for some ice cream!  

We may go to the Blue Hole and the Jumping Bridge and probably a trip into Key West.  The winds are still blowing, so boating is out again.   


  1. I've seen a lot of traveling pigs in Key West. But all of them walk on just two legs... :cD

  2. Love the pictures of the sailboat in the sunset. You guys do see the strangest (or cutest!) things in the Keys.

  3. I transfer my pictures from my phone to my laptop because I use the laptop to post... I can't type on this small phone ...fat fingers.. and besides that's where my Live Writer program is and I do not have a problem putting pictures on my Live Writer post and then posting it it just goes through... nice post I like reading about your adventures

  4. I also transfer the phone photos to the computer first. Love your sunset pictures.

  5. The sunset pictures with the sailboat are just stunning!!!
    That little pig is adorable!!
    Looks like there is enough to keep you busy while the wind is blowing!!

  6. Such a beautiful and interesting place. Haven't been there in a long time but your post gives me the urge to return. Thanks for sharing.

  7. seen a traveling chicken before but nary a pig!


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