Saturday, October 15, 2016

Good, But Sad News


Blairsville, Ga,  (high 74, low 55)


We have been enjoying absolutely fabulous weather here in the north Georgia mountain. We’ve had to run the furnace at night and have gone from shorts and flip flops, to long pants, jackets and real shoes.   We are so very happy to be away from the stifling Florida heat and humidity.   I don’t understand why people who don’t have to, spend their summers in Florida. 

We are settling into our “new” Fifth Wheel and have worked hard to set up another household.  It took many trips to Walmart, Home Depot and Amazon!


In a previous post, I mentioned the homeless cats that were here at the RV park.  If you’re interested, you can read about it HERE

We found a shelter that agreed to take the mama cat, but they couldn’t take her two babies.

As it turned out, she was pregnant again (naturally) and has since had three more kittens.

Here is a picture of their Mom with her  new babies.  I hope she and her babies find wonderful homes.  Thank you Nancy at Wholly Cats.   If  I can personally vouch for this wonderful lady.   If anyone feel charitable, she could always use donations.  If you know anyone looking for a kitten, she would make arrangements to get on to you (provided you passed her very stringent test)




In the meantime, we kept the other two kittens and had them spayed and neutered. We worked on taming them and eventually moved them into our cabin, so they could be out of the cold and safe.  They settled in and learned to use a kitty pan immediately.  Cats are so easy!

I put an add in Craig’s List and thankfully got a call from a lady wanting the long haired kitten.   I was very particular who I gave them to, and most people would not have qualified.  The one and only call I got turned out to be a wonderful lady who will give them an excellent forever home.   I managed to talk her into taking them both!

The problem was, that I had an appointment to have them neutered but it wasn’t until Oct 5th.   Deb wanted to wait until after the surgery to take them.  I reluctantly agreed but knew I was in danger of falling in love, and of course I did.  Smile  

How could you not love these adorable and sweet babies?





I was worried that she would change her mind, but in the end, it all worked out and Deb took the two babies. They will be inside only cats and will be well loved and cared for.

Someone asked me in a comment on the previous post what I would do if I couldn’t find them a home.   There was never any question, they would have come with us.  There was no way we would have left them here to die. 

Of course, when we brought them to meet their new owner, I was extremely sad.  There were tears shed (a lot of them).  That was Tuesday and I’m adjusting but I still miss those guys like crazy.  Deb is sending me pictures and updates.  The kittens are doing fine and are adjusting to their new home. They have a big brother that they have yet to meet, but that is coming soon. 


We have been keeping busy here.  There are a lot of fall festivals and things to do.  The leaves are starting to change colors and we’re hoping for a good fall show.  Since there has been a drought all summer, we’re not too optimistic.

Here are some pictures from some of our activities.

There is no shortage of places to hike, including the Appalachian Trail which is just 2-3 miles from here.

Brasstown Bald Arkaquah Trail

campsite along the Appalachian Trail

Appalachian Trail

We’re happy to see that it’s going to be a good year for acorns, so that we don’t see the squirrel carnage of a few years ago when they were crossing the roads frantically searching for very limited food.

acorns at Bear Hair Gap trail


A trip up to Brasstown Bald (highest peak in Ga).  It was a little chilly up there.

Brasstown Bald view


temp on Sept 30th on top of Brasstown Bald


Brasstown Bald view

You can’t see too many waterfalls.

Mud Creek falls in sky valley

Our birdfeeders have been busy. This was our first ever Rose Grosebeak.

Rose Grosebeak

Al put up a bluebird box behind the rv and we had a nest of them when we got here.  They fledged shortly after we arrived. 

Rose Grosebeak


The trees around the campground are changing colors.

Rivers Edge fall foliage


Rivers Edge fall foliage

We took a drive out to Lake Chatuge Dam.  All the lakes in this region are brought to you by the Tennessee Valley Authority and the water levels are controlled by a series of dams.

Lake Chatuge Dam

I love mountain lakes.

Lake Chatuge Dam


We are always amazed at the beauty in this area.  We are thankful to be here and are hopeful we will be able to stay until at least the end of the month.  Mom is doing ok for now.   We’re keeping our fingers crossed.  She has her good and bad days.



Stay tuned for some hermits, bear and dragons.


  1. That's why we don't foster a dog. I would be such a failure because I couldn't let it go. I'm so glad they found a wonderful home. They are sooo cute.

  2. Always sad to get rid of pets, even if you haven't had them too long. Had to do that many times :( Fall colors are sure pretty there in GA!

  3. I'm with you on why would anyone spend the summer in Florida unless they had to. Wonderful job on finding homes for the kittens. You two are great animal care givers.

  4. You have such a wonderful big heart. Those kittens were so lucky they stumbled into your RV lot! :c)

  5. You are such a wonderful person for taking such great care of these cats and finding them homes. They were so lucky to have found you. I really hope that the momma and her new kittens will also find wonderful forever homes too.

    I love the area that you live in, in Georgia, it is beautiful!

  6. What a great person for taking in the cats and finding them new home, Enjoy your cooler dry weather.

  7. Wife used to foster dogs but gave it up after keeping two of them. She took in a cat last year and we have our own that's 10 years old. We are not taking any cats with us on the road in three years so will be faced with a decision that is going to be somewhat hard to make - getting rid of the cats if their still around in three years. Maybe to a family member I hope.

    Glad you found a home for yours.


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