Monday, September 05, 2016

Settling in and Making Changes


Blairsville, GA (high 82, low 60)


We have been pretty busy moving into our new “home” and trying to organize.  We brought a lot of stuff with us from Tampa that will be permanent in the Cameo, like extra dishes, towels, blankets, sheets, etc.  We want to be able to come up here at a moments notice and have pretty much everything we need.  It was a good chance to clean out some of the excess stuff we kept in the motorhome and didn’t really need.

A few months ago I ordered a set of the Magma Nesting cookware.  It’s very nice cookware but since I haven’t been cooking much in Tampa, I decided I would bring it and leave it in Georgia.

Magma Compact Nestable 10 Piece Induction Cookware for Boat RV Camping   eBay

We got here and I started unpacking and darned it I didn’t forget them!   So, I have my Instant Pot power pressure cooker, one small fry pan, two cast iron pizza pans and nothing else to use for cooking.    I can’t even boil water to make hummingbird food.   I hate like hell to have to go out and buy other pans just for a few weeks of use, but I can’t even make a pot of soup. I’m hoping to find a garage sale and pick up a bargain or two.


One project we started on yesterday was to cover the rear windows.   

In the Cameo, there are windows along the whole back of the trailer.  They let in a lot of sun  and the day/night shades on the windows won’t allow you to see outside very well.  We would love to put in MCD Shades  but they are not in the budget.  I decided to put the same type of fabric that MCD uses over those windows.It blocks the sun and heat and gives you privacy during the daytime

Before we left Florida, we bought some fabric at Beasley Manufacturing in Center Hill, Florida.  It’s the same sort of fabric like we have on the motorhome front windshield and also the same type that MCD Shades uses for the day shade.

This is the same place where we bought the fabric to make a patio rug, and tire covers several years ago.  If you’re interested, you can click on the link here to see how I made them.

The link for the patio mat is here, if you’re interested.

Rv Sunshades fabric


Yesterday, with the help of Baxter and Al, we made shades for the rear windows in the cameo.

Things needed:

  • fabric, we chose black but there are tons of colors
  • suction cups and hooks
  • scissors
  • tape measure
  • fat, furry cat   Smile


The fabric is easy to cut and no sewing is required as it  doesn’t ravel

I laid the fabric on the floor to measure and cut, and of course I immediately got an unwanted helper.



He particularly liked to help measure.



The tip of the white disc in the following picture  goes through a small hole you put in the fabric, and then it attaches on the other side of the fabric where you attach the suction cup to the window.  All you see from the inside is the small disc.  We could paint them black, but they are out of the way where they aren’t seen, so we didn’t bother.




The following picture shows the middle window with the screen and the side windows without.  The pictures don’t really show how much sun it blocks, but trust me, it makes a huge difference.




Later in the day we went to town for groceries and decided to take the scenic route.   Isn’t it beautiful here?




The red barn made for a great photo opp.


I thought this house was in lovely setting with amazing views.


This place had beautiful and fragrant Christmas trees all along the slopes leading to the house.


As it turned out, we got to take this scenic drive again because Al forgot his wallet at home and we had no money to buy groceries. 

There is a new pharmacy opening soon.  Interesting name, huh?



It was closed but we now know the rules for entering the store.  Smile




Today is Labor Day and there are some festivities in town we may go to.  This is the start of the big fall festival season here in the mountains.


  1. Nice job on the window covers, maybe try a Thrift store or whatever there can get some excellent deals of items.

  2. We have double of everything so we don't have to move so much stuff from the fifth wheel to the Bungalow when we head out for the summer. Makes it much easier. Hopefully you can find some cheap deals to help you out this year.

  3. This was such an interesting post - I have those same Magma pots - got them when I first started and have used them over five years and they are still like new. And stack beautifully.

    Also, I like the shades - might have to get some of that material...

    I guess that Rx/Gun shop is a good idea. You can shop for supplies for gun shot wounds and replace your bullets at the same place. LOL.

  4. Karen, your Instantpot may have a "sautee" setting. That will boil water, cook soup, and sautee' veggies.

  5. That part of Georgia is certainly lush and beautiful. Nice to see you settling in with a place to go that will be all ready and waiting. Easy comfort and escape. Nice job

  6. That part of Georgia is certainly lush and beautiful. Nice to see you settling in with a place to go that will be all ready and waiting. Easy comfort and escape. Nice job

  7. Drugs and Guns, now isn't that an interesting business plan! :cD

  8. Nice to see Baxter giving you a paw.
    Great job on the shades. Something to consider for our new digs.
    That Drugstore must believe in Biting The Bullet to kill the pain.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  9. We bought the Magma cookware when we started out. Use them all the time, and love them. Hopefully you can find something cheap somewhere. Dollar Stores have a lot of cookware that might work in the meantime.

  10. What a great shade idea. I especially like your personal assistant.


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