Tuesday, October 06, 2015

RAIN, and more Rain



Blairsville, GA  (high 72, low 55)


I month of so ago, I had some trouble with my laptop causing it to be too slow to write a blog or do much else. I have had it fixed for quite a while now, but I got out of the mood to write a blog. 

One of the main reasons I write a blog is to be able to refer back to what we did and when and to keep a diary of the weather and temperatures we’re experiencing, so I guess I’d better get back to it.

August was pretty hot here this year and we even had to keep the AC on most evenings until later in the month.

September started getting cool and I think it’s now my favorite month, although we did see some lows into the low 40’s a couple nights.

We’ve  had almost 2 weeks of rainy weather, with only about 2 days of sunshine until Sunday when the front finally passed by.  The combination of Hurricane Jaoquin, which at one point was a Cat 5 storm, and a low pressure system caused record setting rains in South Carolina. The outer bands of the South Carolina 1000 year flooding extended to the northeast Georgia mountains, which is where we are.  We didn’t get nearly the rains of South Caroline, but we got plenty.

Normally rainy days are great times for golf cart rides along the country roads and seeing the clouds hanging on top of the mountains.



views from golf cart

During this rain event, all we saw was rain and grey skies, so we didn’t even get out in the golf cart.  The streets were flooding from the heavy rains, so we left the golf cart parked.

We got well over 5 inches in one 24 hour period. The normally calm Nottley River which borders our campground, got pretty high with raging waters nearly overflowing its banks.

This picture was taken from the car from the campsite our friends will be on in about 2 weeks.  It didn’t overflow it’s banks, but it was very close.  The river is normally 5 feet lower than in this photo.


You can see the campsites to the right.  Those trees are not normally in the river.



We wondered if our lake was going to overflow, and if it did, was our site on the low end of the lake?

It as higher than normal, but it stayed within it’s banks.


I have been unable to resist all the beautiful Mums that are sold everywhere, so the deck was filled with flowers and fall decor.


After days and days of rain, with more on the way, we decided to bring some of our flowers in so they wouldn’t be ruined.  When Al went outside to cover and move them, it was only a light drizzle, but by the time he finished, it was coming down pretty hard.  Poor Al, got a little wet.

Rainy day in Georgia

(pictures taken from inside)

Rainy day in Georgia

Baxter and I stayed nice and dry documenting the progress.


The poor birds were starving but Al kept the bird feeders full and they seemed to have appreciated it.


Thanks Al!  The flowers and birds seem to have survived.

The entire area for hundreds of miles was inundated with rain so our fall foliage may not be nice this year.  We had very little wind, and most of the leaves are still on the trees, so hopefully we’ll get some decent color.

The rain finally stopped Sunday and we have enjoyed being back outside.

Last night on our evening happy hour/golf cart ride we saw quite a few deer. I think everyone was glad the rain quit.

I happened to zoom in and catch this poor deer trying to have a pee in private.  :)

deer taking a pee

After she finished, she did a little shake.

and shaking her tail afterwards

There are chipmunks in this area, but we had never seen one around our campsite, until this morning.  This guy was hanging out underneath the bird feeder catching what spilled.



I’ve been sanding and re-staining our kitchen chairs and Al has been cutting some wood and making new bear decorations.

My best friend that I met in the 7th grade is coming for a visit in a few weeks, so we have to get off our duffs and get our work done!


  1. Happy to hear the lake behaved itself and didn't drown you guys. Al, you really are a great guy to be out in that downpour rescuing plants and birds. I know how you feel about blogging. Some days I really don't want to do it anymore and yet I know there will be times in the future when I want to refer back to it.

  2. Glad to hear you didn't float away and that Al is recovering from his soaker.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Nice to hear fro you and glad all is well, even if a little wet.

  4. I doubt the deer minded but it is sure true that there is very little privacy left in the world:)

  5. Great update, Karen. We flew over the Smokies, then Asheville to Atlanta yesterday coming home from Dublin and even from 34000 feet I could see the angry brown river and breaching dams with the silt plumes extending downriver. Looked scary. One couple on our tour was from Columbia SC. Can't imagine what they are going home to

  6. We have "enjoyed" all the rain, too. Now that it has stopped, we are trying to figure out what that shiny bright round thing up in the sky is... :cD

  7. I'm surprised you had to use the AC in the Georgia Mountains, they must be lower or something than the Virginia Blue Ridge. We boondocked the entire summer in them and were never hot at all and almost never even worse shorts. Boy are you lucky to have Al to do your get soaked duty! :-)

  8. It finally stopped raining here in Kentucky. We got tired of walking home from Amazon in it! The days have been in the 80's still and sunny now. I wondered how all of you in GA and SC were faring.


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