Friday, June 05, 2015

An Answer to an Age Old Question


Wesley Chapel, Florida (high 92, low 76)


It’s still hot and humid and we’re still dreaming of heading to Blairsville to the temps that are consistently 15-18 degrees cooler.


We haven’t done much exciting, but the otters behind the motorhome have been quite entertaining.


The age old question is:

Does a bear  $hi% in the woods?


If there was another age old question regarding otters, I  never knew it existed until I was watching them, camera in hand and something interesting happened.

We’ve seen both otters come out on the bank every so often for a few minutes but I haven’t had my camera with me until today.

Today, I was watching them play in the water and apparently they were successful catching their breakfast.

The picture is a bit out of focus, but I think he has a fish.

otter with fish


Otter with fish


They have a pretty good set of teeth on them, don’t they?


As I watched, a Little Blue Heron and a juvenile Ibis were wandering around.



Little Blue Heron


I was patiently waiting for the otters to show themselves more and finally one approached the bank and started to walk out of the water.


He got out and appeared to be sniffing something.



He must have found the spot he was looking for because soon he was in the squatting position and going about his business.


I apologize if this is too much information for some of you, but I thought it was kind of interesting when I realized they apparently choose the same area for their “dumping grounds”.

How nice is it that they go to the woodsy side of the water and not to the RV side?

I’ve seen them in that same spot several times and they appeared to be frolicking around.

Apparently not.   Notice all those reddish brown spots?



Once he finished his business, he went back to the water in search of more food.


Anyway, the answer to the age old question on whether otters $hi# in the water…is  NO. They do not.  :)

They come out of the water, and use the same spot day after day.   So now you know.


This is our view from the back of the motorhome.  You can see it’s just a small drainage area but we’ve sure seen a lot of wild life there.



  1. Thanks for the observation, I wish the geese would follow the same rule.

  2. They really do have some chompers on them. Wouldn't want to be the fish.

  3. I hope you never change your header picture. I am SO envious of you being able to sit back in your patio lounge chair and watch a pair of otters, not to mention the birds. I can just picture it.

  4. You are in a great spot for wildlife viewing. I just assumed otters and others like them would sh*t in the water. I guess they've heard the old saying, Don't sh*t where you eat, huh? Very interesting. :)

  5. That was quite a lesson on the "wonders" of nature! :cD

  6. Thanks for taking the time to write such a wonderful blog. I just finished reading it from the start. Got some fantastic ideas from you guys. Travel safe.


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