Friday, February 13, 2015

Reluctantly, the Doctor Released Al to go to the Keys


Wesley Chapel, Florida (high 58, low 32)

Although we haven’t had any freezing weather, it seems it’s been consistently cooler than normal.    It’s even been much cooler in the Keys, which is usually around 80 in the day and 70 at night, but the Keys seem to be running about 10 degrees below normal.  

I just wanted to post a few of our “back yard” bird pictures.  We have always had a lot of wildlife in this site, from deer, to otters, and fox. We are sure are getting a crowd of Wood Storks and herons. We started with one, and now there are 6 of them that live here all the time.  I guess we’ll be gone before there are any babies.


There were a lot of reeds in the pond area behind our site and they were about to consume the pond.  They sprayed and killed the reeds. The birds sure have been attracted to the  water.  You can see from the picture above that it’s a long narrow strip of water.  The heron’s and wood storks use it like a runway.  You can frequently see them flying along the water like a plane on a runway.   It’s kind of cool, but I haven’t taken the time to get a picture.



Wood Storks have  faces similar to the buzzard and most people think they are ugly birds, but they have some very striking black coloring on the edges of their wings that is visible and very beautiful when they fly.  I’ve been trying to get a better photo of that, but so far haven’t been successful.

I like how the reflection of both birds shows up in the water on the next picture.

woodstork and great egret

Despite them spraying an herbicide to kill the reeds, there still appear to be plenty of fish in the pond.  This Great Blue Heron had to fight off another to keep his prized catch.


We had about 20 turkey earlier in the winter, but we’ve only seen 9 lately.



We’ve been taking Baxter out in his cage.  He enjoys it, but on this particular day, he kept meowing at me.  I caught him with his mouth wide open a few times. 

Baxter with meowing

Baxter meowing

Baxter meowing

We have a campfire and happy hour most nights with our friends Stephanie and Barry.  I need to remember to take a photo of them one night.   We sure do love our little propane fire pit that we bought at Lowes.  It provides a lot of heat and is so much easier than a wood fire.


The plan is to head down to the Everglades next week for 2 nights, and then on to the Keys.  We have reservations at Midway Campground, and campground reservations usually jinxes us, so we’re expecting a delay.   :) 


Al had appointment with his surgeon on Monday. The doctor preferred that Al stay here and continue the physical therapy with Bobby at Select Physical Therapy.  The doctor was concerned the therapist in the Keys wouldn’t be as qualified, and since Al had such a bad injury, he needs a therapist that is particularly skilled in shoulder rehab.   As it turns out Select Physical Therapy also has an office in Key West.  Bobby checked and found out that there are two therapists at their Key West location that are more than qualified to continue to rehab Al’s shoulder.  We trust Bobby and feel more comfortable heading south  south.  Al just started phase 2 of his therapy and finally is able to take off his arm sling.  Phase 2 is a critical stage in the rehab of his shoulder, so it’s imperative it’s done right.  He is still not supposed to lift anything heavy, so I’m having to do a lot of his normal pre trip chores.   :(

We’ve spent the week doing all the pre trip chores, like checking fluids and airing up the tires.  I’m doing as much as I can, and all the heavy lifting. 

Al has been driving since a few days after the surgery, so he doesn’t think driving the motorhome will be any problem for him.  We’re breaking up the 400 mile trip to the Keys with a stop in the Everglades, which is about half way. 

We’re still waiting for the guy to come back and put the trim around the new refrigerator.  Sure hope he doesn’t stand us up!  I’ll post pictures when it’s complete.  Right now, we have a pillow stuffed in the gap!

Hopefully, this time next week, we will be back in the Keys and enjoying the beautiful crystal clear water, and hopefully warmer temps.


Of course, Al can’t swim, pull the boat anchor, crank the winch to load the boat, or ride a bike… I guess I’ll be doing anchor duty!   It’s looking like we’ll be doing a lot of happy hours in Key West for awhile.  Al set up his pt for just before happy hour! 


Jimmy Buffet is doing a private performance on April 1st for a small group of people.  Tickets can only be won, and not purchased.  I just signed up. Wish us luck. Wouldn’t that be fun, attending a private concert by Jimmy Buffer, in Key West?    


  1. I know a few months in the Keys will help Al's rehab move along. I have forgotten, do you drive the motorhome? You should if you don't, it is really easy.

    1. I have, but I prefer not to. Al is a better driver and I'm a better navigator.

  2. "Jimmy Buffet is doing a private performance on April 1st for a small group of people." April first???????????????


    1. You made me wonder if I got the dates wrong, so I double checked.... yep...April first.

  3. Glad you found a therapist in the Keys so you guys can get down there and enjoy yourselves. Hope all continues to improve for Al's shoulder. I wondered about that April 1 date also.

  4. Good luck getting the tickets! That would be neat.

  5. How cool would that be to see JB live, especially in the Keys!

  6. Good luck getting the tickets! You asked about temps here in Mesa AZ... unseasonably warm with highs in low 80's overnight lows in the 50's - they say normal is low to mid 70's

  7. Good luck on the tickets and hope all goes well with the new therapist and the reservations!

  8. Al is lucky to have you, a nurse and a heavy lifter. He better get you something nice for Valentines Day (if he knows what's good for him). :cD

  9. Love your bird pictures. You have an amazing array of wildlife there at Quail Run. I'm surprised the herbicides don't build up in the fish and the birds. Wonder why they couldn't just pull them out? Sure hope Al's critical therapy goes well. That's scary.

  10. I would love to be in the Keys! Glad you are finally getting to go. Have a safe trip.

  11. Fingers crossed on the Buffet tics!- Glad Al got the go ahead

  12. Enjoy the Keys, always a great time there.

  13. Glad to hear that Al can finally head to the Keys.
    It does look like you'll be building those arm muscles though. Al will be thinking that he's on vacation.
    Good luck on the Jimmy Buffet tickets.
    Looking forward to visiting again next month.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  14. So nice if you can get down there and enjoy some Buffet tunes!!!!

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